Which Spiritual Entities Should and Shouldn’t We Communicate With?

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Numerous spiritual beings in field of white and blue light
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Numerous spiritual beings in field of white and blue light

Why is learning discernment important for psychics and mediums?

Discernment is the skill of accurately differentiating between messages that are coming from Divine sources (i.e., true guidance) and messages that are not (i.e., false guidance). Without the ability to tell the difference between these two types of messages, psychics and mediums could be connecting with entities that are not “of the Light.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Discernment is such an important topic that it is covered in a separate Blog post: True Guidance Versus False Guidance – The Skill of Discernment. I do recommend that you read that article first and then return to this one.

Categories of contact – Summary Table

I have observed that when learning the skill of discernment, it is helpful to educating yourself about:

  • Which spiritual beings are safe to connect with
  • Which groups should be connected with cautiously
  • Which entities should be avoided by most Lightworkers

The following table provides a summary:

Categories of Contact Table

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Which spiritual entities ARE safe to connect with?

The first column of the Categories of Contact Table indicates which spiritual beings are “safe” when it comes to receiving Divine guidance. They provide us with true guidance.

For Lightworkers, here is a basic list of “our peeps”:

  • God/Source/Spirit/All-That-Is/Yahweh/Allah/Mother-Father-God
  • Archangels (e.g., Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, hundreds more)
  • Angels (i.e., there are billions of angels)
  • Ascended Masters (e.g., Jesus, Buddha, the saints/apostles, Mother Mary, Krishna)
  • Guides (AKA Primary Guides or Guardian Angels)
  • Deceased loved ones (but ONLY those who have crossed to the Light)
  • Higher Self (NOTE: Your Higher and Lower Self will eventually be defined and discussed in another Blog post. For now, you can think of your Higher Self as the part of your Soul that is left behind in the spiritual world.)

I lovingly refer to this group of spiritual entities as “our peeps.” They are our target audience because they are “of the Light” and are “plugged into Spirit.” Therefore, they provide loving messages of support and true guidance to those of us on the Earth plane.

NOTE: There are other categories that are “in the Light.” Some psychics communicate with them regularly (e.g., earth spirits like fairies or animal guides), but other spiritual entities seldom have contact with humans (e.g., Dominions, Principalities, Cherubs).

Which entities MAY NOT be safe or ARE NOT safe to connect with?

Sadly, all of the other columns in the Categories of Contact Table include entities that either MAY NOT or ARE NOT safe to communicate with.

Why? Although some of these groups might be “of the Light” (e.g., entities from other worlds or dimensions), some are not (e.g., dark entities). When an entity is not “of the Light,” that means that they may be providing false guidance.

There are three primary categories of entities that MAY NOT or ARE NOT “safe” to connect with. Much more detailed information about each category is provided in the links below.

  • Entities from other worlds or dimensions
    • AKA “Star People,” extraterrestrials, ET, inter-dimensional beings, multidimensional entities
    • Some of these entities are wonderful to work with! They often come here to assist humanity to spiritually evolve. However, there are certain groups that are not “of the Light.” They come to the earth plane with the goal of frightening us and discouraging our spiritual development.
    • Click here for more information about Entities from Other Worlds and Dimensions
  • Souls that haven’t gone into the Light
  • Dark entities
    • I want to acknowledge that this is a controversial subject. Some people believe that dark entities exist; others do not. I encourage you to educate yourself before deciding either way.
    • My role in this lifetime is to help people feel safe when doing spiritual work. Part of that role involves helping people recognize when they have contact with a dark entity and to know what to do when this happens.
    • If you do have contact with a dark entity, then it’s very important to NOT communicate with them. Their goal is to create fear. They want you to become so frightened that you (a) stop your spiritual development and/or (b) you share your experiences with others and frighten them in the process.
    • Click here to read more about How to Recognize and Deal With Dark Entities

How to recognize if you have connected with an entity that is not “of the Light”

Once you learn the skills of discernment, it is actually relatively easy to recognize “the signs” when you are connecting with an entity that isn’t “of the Light.”

I don’t want to repeat information over and over again in different Blog posts. Therefore, I refer you to one or both of the following resources. Each of these can provide you with information regarding how to recognize entities that aren’t “of the Light”:

These sources will explain in more detail the many ways in which you can tell the difference between entities that are in the Light and those that are not. But here is a very basic “trick”:

  • Entities that are “of the Light”: Their messages will feel loving, hopeful, and encouraging. They make you feel good. Even if they are conveying a warning, it’s done with love.
  • Entities that are NOT “of the Light”: Their messages will make you feel uncomfortable, cold inside, and usually fearful. For example:
    • Souls who haven’t crossed to the Light often express very strong, negative emotions (e.g., anger, fear). They may also repeat information about their death experience over and over. They are stuck in a negative emotional state.
    • Dark entities may begin their communication by saying all the right things, but their messages will eventually “take a turn” because their goal is to get you to be afraid and stop your spiritual development.

What is most important is that you pay attention to how you are feeling whenever you are communicating with ANY entity. If you are feeling uncomfortable in any way, TRUST THAT!.

What do you do if you connect with an entity that you think might not be “of the Light”?

Again, I don’t want to repeat information, so I refer to you to the Blog posts and eBook that were mentioned in the last section of this article. They provide more detailed information about how to deal with entities that are not “of the Light.”

However, here’s the “bottom line”: When you encounter an entity that you think is not “of the Light,” you need to send them away. Due to the Law of Free Will, you have the power and right to send away any spiritual entity. They must comply with your request.

A simple request is usually all that is needed with a soul that hasn’t gone to the Light. Entities that come from other worlds or dimensions may comply with a simple request or may need a firmer approach.

With dark entities, you will have to be very firm. You can begin by telling them firmly to “Go away.” However, they usually will not comply. They do not follow spiritual laws, so they “push the boundaries.” Because their goal is to have you be afraid, your job is to not be afraid.

This is, of course, easier said than done! For me, I have found that they will leave when I get angry. Remember, they want you to feel afraid. Anger is too powerful. So, get really angry! Use any swear words you want to tell them to get out! (NOTE: Again, this is explained in much more detail in the Blog post How to Recognize and Deal With Dark Entities.)

FINAL REASSURANCE: Don’t worry about sending away an entity that is “of the Light”

This is (by far) the most common reason someone will NOT send an entity away. Especially those who are new to spiritual work often worry that they will make a mistake and send away an entity that is “of the Light” (e.g., angel, guide, deceased loved one who has crossed into the Light). They are afraid that if they send them away, they won’t come back.

Luckily, there is nothing to worry about. If you do happen to make a mistake and tell an entity that is “of the Light” to go away, it will come back. Trust me, it will come back!

For example, let’s say that Archangel Michael comes to you in the middle of the night. You awaken to see a very tall figure at the foot of your bed. If you are frightened, tell the figure to go away! Michael will go away. He will evaluate what happened and determine what he did that caused you to become frightened. When he approaches you the next time, he will do so in a way that allows you to feel safe. Entities “of the Light” always want you to feel safe!

Therefore, if you start to even suspect that something is not “of the Light,” take action! Tell it to go away. Better to err on the side of caution than to make a mistake and communicate with something that isn’t coming from the Light.

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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