How To Recognize and Deal with Dark Entities (or Any Entities That Are Not of the Light)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Figure sitting in meditation inside ring of bright white light
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Figure sitting in meditation inside ring of bright white light providing protection from dark entities

What is my role in dealing with dark entities?

I want to make it clear from the outset that I do NOT work with dark entities. I have never communicated with a dark entity, and I never plan to do so. I am definitely NOT a specialist in this topic.

When it comes to dark entities and dark energy in general, my role is twofold:

  1. To acknowledge that dark entities and dark energy do exist.
  2. More importantly, to provide education regarding how to protect yourself from dark entities/energy so you can feel completely safe when doing spiritual work.

Because one of my primary life purposes is to help people feel safe, I have written many Blog posts and an eBook focusing on the topic of psychic protection. Here are some links to additional resources:

What are dark entities?

Different authors and different religious groups use different terms to describe dark entities. Some of these include dark forces, dark force entities, dark beings, demons, the Devil, and Satan, just to name a few.

Additionally, there are many different theories about what dark entities are, what they are here to do, and where they came from. Trying to summarize them here is beyond the scope of this Blog post. But from what I have read, all sources agree that dark entities are no longer connected with God/Source/Spirit, and their intent is to do harm.

What my spiritual sources have told me is that one way to think of them is as “fallen angels.” They may have been “in the Light” at one point; however, they have chosen to move to a different dimension.

Do dark entities really exist?

I want to recognize that some people within the metaphysical field do not believe that dark entities exist. If you fall into this category, I always tell my students, “Take what you like and leave the rest.”

However, I also encourage my students (a) to always keep an open mind and (b) to avoid passing judgment on any topic until they have educated themselves first.

Actually, like some of you, I was initially a total non-believer. This was because I was raised in a very liberal Protestant church environment. Very little was taught about concepts such as the devil, hell, purgatory, etc.

However, once I entered the metaphysical world, my guides knew that part of my life purpose was to help people feel safe when doing spiritual work. Consequently, they had to create a series of events that would “prove” to me that dark energy and dark entities do, in fact, exist.

Let’s just say that they were very successful in their efforts. I’m now a believer.

Should we communicate with dark entities or with any entity that is not “of the Light”?

According to the Categories of Contact Table provided in the Blog post Which Spiritual Entities Should and Shouldn’t We Communicate With?, dark entities are classified as “Not of the Light.” Lightworkers usually don’t communicate with dark entities.

However, there are other entities included in the Categories of Contact Table that are classified as “Proceed with Caution.” These include:

When we initially connect with an entity, we don’t know what category they fall into. Therefore, we need to develop the skills necessary to determine if we are connecting with an entity that is “in the Light” or an entity that is not.

Why is this important? Because those that are NOT in the Light are not connected to God/Source/Spirit. Depending on the type of entity, here are just a few of the harmful messages that could be conveyed:

  • Inaccurate or misleading guidance or information
  • Encouragement to engage in harmful behavior (e.g., doing something to harm ourselves or others either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually)
  • Information or experiences (e.g., physical sensations) that are designed to create fear and results in stopping spiritual development in ourselves or others
  • Promises that they will provide us with something we long for (e.g., money, health, relationship) but only if we help them share their messages with the world

Messages from entities that are “in the Light” (e.g., angels, guides) will always be helpful, loving, and healing. Messages from entities that are NOT in the Light can be harmful. Therefore, Lightworkers should avoid sharing information that is coming from dark entities or any entity that is NOT in the Light.

How to recognize dark entities

Recognizing dark entities begins by understanding their goal: They want to stop your spiritual development. They do this by creating fear in you or having you share information that will frighten those around you.

Why would dark entities want you to feel afraid? Because when you are fearful, your spiritual energy or vibrational rate decreases. You also feel reluctant to move forward on your spiritual path. Consequently, it’s very likely that you won’t choose to take actions that support your spiritual growth (e.g., attend classes, read spiritually uplifting material, pray, connect with your guides).

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be challenging to recognize when you are connecting with a dark entity. They can be very tricky.  Here are some examples:

  • They will determine what you need and then make promises that they will help you if you help them “spread the word.”
  • If you are clairvoyant, they may take a form that initially feels comforting to you (e.g., an angel, a deceased loved one).
  • They may say all the “right” things, such as telling you that they are “of the Light,” that you are a powerful spiritual being, that you are loved greatly, that they are there to help you grow spiritually, etc.

However, dark entities will ALWAYS “trip up.” Remember, their goal is to make you afraid. If they continue saying and doing all the “right things,” then you won’t feel fearful. That’s why understanding their goal is so important. They cannot sustain the charade of being “of the Light” and achieve their goal of having you feel frightened. If you pay attention, they will eventually “show their hand.”

Another way to think of this is that fear is like food to dark entities. Fear is a very low vibration. Although we feel disempowered when we are feeling afraid, dark entities gain strength when our vibration matches their lower vibration. Therefore, you can think of fear as their food; it sustains them.

Therefore, if you start to feel afraid or uncomfortable when connecting with ANY entity, then there is a chance that this could be a dark entity. Also, if you enter a room or walk into a geographic area and you get the “heebie-jeebies,” then there may be one or more dark entities in that area. It’s time to take action!

How to deal with dark entities or any entity that isn’t “of the Light”

NOTE: MUCH more information about how to protect yourself is provided in my eBook Psychic Protection 101.

I have two secrets that dark entities don’t want you to know:

  1. We are more powerful than they are. It’s true!
  2. It’s actually relatively easy to deal with dark entities. Again, it’s true!

Here are the basics that I teach all my students:

  • First, whenever you are connecting with a spiritual entity or doing spiritual work of any kind, pay careful attention to how you are feeling. If you are feeling uncomfortable in ANY WAY, take action! This could include feeling fearful, uneasy, wary, unsettled, disoriented, angry, or confused.
  • Now, to paraphrase a verse from the Bible: “Darkness cannot exist where there is Light”? Guess what? This is true! They REALLY don’t want you to know that the Light is much more powerful than the dark. Dark entities HATE the Light. The Light is vibrating too high for them. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to them. When they are in the presence of Light, they want to pull away. They want to leave.
  • Therefore, you need to do things that will increase your Light (i.e., your vibration). They want you to feel afraid, but your job is to move out of fear. There are many ways to do this. You could read spiritually uplifting material, pray, dance, laugh, send them love, and basically do anything that makes you feel positive, uplifting emotions.
  • However, I know that when I’m feeling afraid, it’s hard for me to shift from fear to feeling happiness, joy, love, etc. It’s “too big a leap.” If you can do it, great! However, for most of us, there’s an easier solution:
    • Get angry. Although it doesn’t feel good to be angry, anger is a much higher vibrating emotion than fear. It isn’t a big leap to go from fear to anger.
    • And when I say get angry, I mean get really, REALLY angry. Think about it: You HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY. How dare they try to frighten you! How dare they violate your space and your boundaries! You should be angry! Feel that anger!
    • But don’t just feel angry; express that anger. Either silently or aloud, tell the entity to go away. You have my permission to use every swear word in the dictionary.
    • Also, don’t just express anger, make sure you tell the entity to go away. Be VERY FIRM when you do this.  Due to the Law of Free Will, even dark entities must go away.  It is the Law! But with dark entities, you usually have to be VERY firm with them. If you show any hesitancy, they will take that as permission to stay. Therefore, be VERY clear that you want them out…NOW! 
    • And of course, feel free to call for help from any spiritual beings that are “in the Light.” For example, you can call on your angels, your guides, Jesus, or God. Many faiths believe that Archangel Michael is particularly helpful when we are in need of protection. Don’t hesitate to ask for “spiritual back-up”!

Will the dark entity come back?

Unfortunately, sending one dark entity away isn’t going to stop their attempts to connect with you. It is likely that you will be contacted again. For this reason, all Lightworkers need to “keep their guard up” and make sure to evaluate ALL entities to make sure they are “of the Light.”

However, if you consistently take the approach described above, dark entities will eventually stop coming around. I know this is true because I seldom am contacted by dark entities anymore.

Why would they leave me alone? Because they know that I’m not going to give them what they want: fear. Their goal is to make me afraid. Instead, I get angry…really angry! I’m not giving them the food that they need in order to feel powerful.

Eventually, the word gets out in the dark entity community that you aren’t willing to play their game. They stop coming around because you aren’t any fun for them! They will go find someone else to “feed their need” for fear.

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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