Entities From Other Worlds or Other Dimensions

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Silhouette of human figure with arms outstretch surrounded by brilliant multicolored aura
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Silhouette of human figure with arms outstretch surrounded by brilliant multicolored aura that could be from other worlds

What is meant by entities from other worlds or dimensions?

My goal in this article is to provide some general information about 2 groups of entities that are not “on the other side,” as would be the case with angels, archangels, or guides. Instead, they are living lifetimes similar to what we are living here on Earth.

These 2 groups include:

  • Entities that come from other planets
    • This can include planets that we know of (e.g., Sirius, Pleiades) or planets that are yet to be discovered.
    • They actually have communicated that they aren’t very fond of the terms Extraterrestials or ET’s. They prefer the term Star People.
  • Entities that come from other dimensions
    • These entities do not live on a planet but exist in a higher vibrational form.
    • They can also be referred to as extra-dimensional, intra-dimensional, inter-dimensional, or other-dimensional beings.

Some are humanoid in appearance, but some are not. Some are just energy. And yes, some of them are Lightworkers, just as some of us are.

Based on my experience, the vast majority of these groups of beings are benevolent and loving. Connecting with them is an honor! However, not all of them are “of the light.”

NOTE: A full discussion of this topic is beyond the scope of this Blog post. Although I have communicated with entities from both groups, I admit that this topic is not my specialty. If this topic is particularly interesting to you, there are many other authors that are much better versed in these subjects.

Should we communicate with entities from other worlds or dimensions?

According to the Categories of Contact Table provided in the Blog post Which Spiritual Entities Should and Shouldn’t We Communicate With?, entities from other worlds or dimension are classified as “Proceed with Caution.”

At the present time, more and more entities from other worlds and other dimensions are contacting humans. Why now? They want to support humanity during this important stage in our spiritual evolution. Many of these groups have already made the shift that we are currently going through, and they want to provide encouragement and guidance based on their experiences.

However, there are some groups that aren’t benevolent, and this is why we need to be cautious. Some groups seek to slow down or stop humanity’s spiritual evolution. Their reasons for wanting to do this are, again, beyond the scope of this blog post. The bottom line is that they see our development as a threat.

How to recognize entities that are NOT “working with the Light” and how to deal with them

Luckily, it is easy to recognize when we are connecting with an entity or group of entities that does not have our best interest or humanity’s best interest as their goal. Although they may initially seem loving, supportive, or encouraging, they will eventually need to communicate something that will cause fear. As with dark entities, their goal is to slow down or stop your spiritual progress, so they have to do something that will frighten us. They will always “show their hand,” as the saying goes.

If you are contacted by an entity or group that is not “working with the Light,” then deal with them exactly as you would a dark entity. However, you probably won’t need to get as angry. It’s usually enough to just tell them to leave.

The following two Blog posts will provide you with much more information about (a) how to differentiate between those entities that are benevolent and those that are not and (b) how to deal with those that aren’t “working with the Light.”

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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