How to Help Souls Cross Into the Light

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Figure walking through clouds toward light
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Figure walking through clouds toward light

Why would a soul not cross into the Light?

When someone dies, their soul still has Free Will. Most souls choose to go to the Light, and they find immediate peace, love, compassion, healing, and forgiveness.

However, some souls may choose to not cross to the Light. The most common reasons include:

  • They are concerned about leaving their loved ones behind.  They believe that if they “leave” (by going into the Light), then they will be unable to help and support them.
  • Souls who experience an unexpected and sudden death (e.g., murder, accident, sudden heart attack) can sometimes be disoriented or confused. You can think of this as similar to Patrick Swayze’s character in the movie Ghost; he didn’t know he was dead after he was murdered.
  • Souls who may have made questionable choices during their lifetime and were raised in a religious community that believed in a retributional God, hell, or purgatory. They may fear that they are going to be punished.
    • NOTE: My guides have repeatedly told me that these concepts and ideas were created by people in authority to control the behavior of others. There is ONLY love, forgiveness, and understanding in the Light. There is no punishment. No matter what choices a soul made during their lifetime, there is NOTHING to fear!

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How and why can we help them?

After a soul leaves their physical body, their guides continue to encourage them to cross to the Light. However, a soul can never be forced to cross into the Light. Due to the Law of Free Will, it always has to be their choice.

Most of the time, they will cross immediately or within a few days. Some remain long enough to see their family through the funeral/celebration of life and burial. Others choose to remain for weeks, months, and possibly forever.

However, many will cross more quickly if they are encouraged or assisted by someone on the Earth plane. Here are a few of the reasons why this can be helpful:

  • Some souls that have just left a physical body feel more of a kinship with or trust in those who are living than to those who are in spiritual form (e.g., guides, deceased loved ones). For example, spiritual entities don’t necessarily look like those on the earth plane. They may appear to be transparent, which can be frightening to someone who doesn’t understand spiritual matters.
  • They may be confused and need guidance regarding how to cross into the Light.
  • They may not understand that they have died and that it’s now time to go “home.”
  • Many souls that haven’t crossed into the Light are worried about leaving loved ones behind. They need permission and encouragement to leave this dimension and go “home” to the Light.

Notes about the following procedures

  • The following process is very simple and usually takes only a few minutes.
  • This can be done in groups or when alone. If done in a group, then it helps if one person “takes the lead” and verbally talks the soul through the steps.
  • You do not need to be a trained psychic, medium, or healer in order to assist a soul to the Light. In fact, sometimes a family member or close friend may have a more powerful impact on the soul than a stranger.
  • The following steps can be used if you feel the soul is located near you or if you think the soul is in a different location. Distance doesn’t matter when doing spiritual work.
  • There is no obligation that you assist a soul into the Light. (See end of this blog post for information about what to do if you’d prefer not to do this service.)

Directions for assisting souls into the Light

NOTE: There are actually MANY ways to help souls cross to the Light. The following directions are simply suggestions. If you have your own method, feel free to use it. It’s also fine if a specific soul needs you to go “off script” in order to assist them.


  1. Take a moment to quiet yourself.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Ask your guides to be present.  Ask for their help.
  3. Firmly tell your guides that you are only willing to connect with entities that are of the Light and with souls that haven’t yet crossed to the Light and that are ready to do so.
  4. Imagine a white Light above you that’s whiter and brighter than anything you’ve ever seen on the Earth plane. Pull that white Light down through your crown chakra (top of your head) and let it flow down through your body.
  5. Send a stream of that white Light out your 3rd eye, heart chakra, or palms of your hands.  Send it out in front of you.  Imagine it becoming a very bright ball of light. Or the ball of light might elongate until it becomes a column of bright Light.
  6. Here are two different scenarios:
    • General crossing: Aloud or silently to yourself, ask if there is anyone in the area who would like to go to the Light.  (BTW: You don’t need to wait for an answer . . . you are simply putting out a call to those who are ready.)
    • Specific crossing: If you know who the soul is who needs assistance and/or where the soul might be located, you can state this specifically. But this information is not necessary.
  7. Tell the soul(s) to look around for a little spot or column of bright Light.  Tell them that it can be any color . . . white, yellow, pink, purple, blue. 
  8. Tell them that if there are multiple lights, they should go toward the largest or brightest of these Lights or the one that feels right to them.
  9. Encourage them to start moving toward the Light.
  10. Reassure them that:
    • The Light is our home when we are no longer in a physical body.
    • There is nothing to fear in the Light and that there is ONLY love, healing, forgiveness, and compassion in the Light.
    • Once they have crossed to the Light, they may come back and visit at any time.
  11. Explain that as they move toward the Light, it will probably get larger and brighter.  
  12. Explain that they may or may not feel gently pulled toward the Light.  Reassure them that if they do feel this pulling sensation, it is nothing to be afraid of. It is just the other side calling them “home.”
  13. Explain that as they draw closer to the Light, they may see shadows or movement within the Light that will begin to take form into:
    • People or animals that they have known in the past. 
    • Their guide or guides.
    • A religious figure. 
  14. Ask them to notice that those in the Light look very happy to see them and are eager to welcome them “home.”
  15. If you feel that a soul is feeling reluctant, provide needed reassurance. This often involves either (a) providing reassurance that they can come back and visit their loved ones at any time or (b) that there is no punishment or retribution waiting for them if they cross into the Light.
  16. For psychics/mediums:
    • Clairsentients: You will often feel a “release” once the soul has crossed.  If you are crossing more than one soul, then you may feel multiple releases. 
    • Clairvoyants: You may see them cross into the Light. You may also see who is waiting for them (e.g., family members, guides).
    • Clairaudients: Don’t be surprised if you hear a “Thanks!” from those you have helped cross.
  17. When you feel the process is complete, start pulling the white Light back toward you.
  18. Thank your guide(s) for helping you with this process.
  19. Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and feel the appreciation that your guide(s) and this soul(s) are giving you for doing this service.

If you do NOT feel comfortable assisting souls to the Light

As mentioned above, no one is EVER expected to provide this service! Some people are comfortable doing this, and some are not.

If a soul seeks your help and you do not feel comfortable assisting them, then simply tell the soul to go away. Due to the Law of Free Will, they MUST abide by your wishes.

If you are concerned about a specific soul and you don’t feel comfortable helping souls cross (or if you feel they didn’t cross when you were trying to assist them which can happen), then you can seek the assistance of someone who specializes in doing this. Often mediums are comfortable assisting souls to the Light.

In the meantime:

  • Gently tell the soul that you are unable to help them at this time.
  • Reassure them that you will get them the help that they need.
  • Explain that until they go into the Light, you cannot share messages with their loved one.
  • Then, gently but firmly tell them that they need to leave. You usually do not need to get angry. A firm message is usually enough. But if they persist in “hanging around,” you may need to become more insistent and firm with them. It’s OK! You have a right to protect your space. And again, due to the Law of Free Will, if you choose to send them away, they must leave. Again, it is the Law!


Although there are exceptions, those who did something to “contribute to their own passing” almost always cross immediately. Why? Because they wanted to die. They have no hesitation with continuing their “spiritual journey.”

However, one of my life missions is to help survivors of suicide. I want you to know that once they die, they do cross into the Light and they do find peace.

Here is what I’ve been repeatedly told by my guides and by the souls of those who have contributed to their own passing:

  • These souls are handled with extreme love and care by those on the other side.
  • They are often met by guides who are specially trained in how to help them process what has happened and support them in their recovery.
  • These special guides usually take them to the equivalent of a “hospital setting” where the soul can heal.
  • During this time, it may be harder for a medium to connect with your loved one. However, once they have time to recover, they will be ready to communicate.

If you have lost someone through suicide, please believe me when I say that there is no retribution or punishment. I know there are some authors who disagree, but I have spoken to hundreds of souls on the other side who have contributed to their own passing. EVERY SINGLE SOUL has reported that they were met with ONLY love and understanding.


Regardless of their size or species, all animals have souls. And just as with humans, they have guides that will meet them when their physical body dies, and the guides will invite them to cross into the Light. But they also have Free Will and can choose whether or not to go into the Light.

However, unlike humans, I have been repeatedly told that it is exceedingly rare for an animal to not cross to the Light. Most go into the Light immediately.

My guides have explained that there are two primary reasons why they so easily go into the Light:

  • Animals do not have the large frontal lobe that human beings have. This part of the brain manages higher level functions, including planning, decision making, and determining action plans to achieve a goal. Because the frontal lobe is so small in animals, they don’t have the capacity to “think” about whether or not they should go to the Light. They just go!
  • While alive, animals maintain their connection to Spirit much more than humans do. Because they are still connected with the other side, they instinctively know the way home.

Although there are many theories about animals who cross into the Light, it is believed that they, too, will be met with only love. I have done a lot of animal mediumship over the years, and all animals convey that they are at peace and actually enjoying themselves immensely.

For more information about losing a pet and what life is like for animals on the other side, please refer to my Blog post Saying Goodbye to Our Beloved Pets – The Rainbow Bridge & Waiting at the Door.

SPECIAL NOTE: Dark entities

Although you may think you are connecting with a soul that hasn’t crossed into the Light, there is always the chance that you are connecting with a dark entity.

The easiest and most accurate way to know if this happens is to monitor your feelings. If you start the process described above and you begin to feel uncomfortable in anyway (e.g., fearful, anxious, apprehensive), then stop IMMEDIATELY. Tell the entity to go away. Because of the Law of Free Will, they must go away. You can then reach out to someone who specializes in assisting souls to the Light.

NOTE: For more information about discerning between energy that is of the Light and dark energy, see the following Blog posts:

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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