Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Development, Mediumship, and How to Connect with Spirit


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Is Everyone Psychic?

Anne believes that everyone is born connected with Spirit.  It’s through our early childhood experiences that most of us “turn off” our psychic or intuitive abilities.  This most often happens due to fear . . . fear that is expressed from others (e.g., parents react to something with fear, media portrayals of psychic phenomena as fearful) or through our own fear (i.e., no one is around to explain what is happening).  For a blessed few, they are able to keep their psychic and intuitive abilities “turned on” throughout childhood.  For the majority, though, we need to re-learn how to communicate with Spirit.

Based on her many years of teaching psychic development classes, Anne has come to believe that everyone can develop their psychic abilities if they are determined to do so.  How quickly a student’s psychic skills develop is due to many factors, but most importantly, the student’s willingness to put in the time, energy, and effort required to turn on his or her psychic abilities.

For some students, the amount of time it takes to develop their psychic abilities is very short (e.g., 6-12 months).  Anne describes these students as “on the fast track.”  For others, it may take longer.  This could be due to several factors, including the following:

  • Life issues that slow down the student’s progress (e.g., family obligations, work responsibilities)
  • The student’s life script (e.g., it may not be time yet, the lesson of patience may be an issue)
  • As a soul, the person may be newer at developing the skill(s) that he or she is seeking to learn while incarnated on the Earth plane (e.g., mediumship, channeling)
  • The person has to work through personal issues that are blocking their growth (e.g., fear, religious beliefs)

However, if the person is willing to put in the time, energy, and effort required, then Anne sincerely believes that they will develop their psychic skills.  The process is one of self-discovery and self-development, which will enrich your life in innumerable ways!!!

NOTE:  You may find it helpful to review the testimonials from some of Anne’s psychic development students.


How Do I Develop My Psychic or Mediumship Abilities?

Although reading about the topic of psychic abilities and mediumship can be very helpful in the beginning, it is not enough.  Using an analogy might be helpful.  Let’s use the game of tennis. You can read all the books available about this topic, and you can even attend numerous tennis matches.  This will teach you a great deal about the game, including the history of the game, the rules, and the background of famous tennis players.  However, you will never truly learn how to play tennis until you get a racket in your hand, buy some tennis balls, and get out on the court to hit some balls.  All of this allows you to learn how to swing the racket and find “the sweet spot” so the ball will go in the direction that you want it to go.

With psychic development or mediumship, it is much the same.  It is very helpful to read books on these topics and attend readings or presentations by those who do this work.  For this reason, Anne provides a wide variety of psychic development and mediumship educational materials on her website (Store, FREE Publications).  Check back often because more topics are being added regularly.

However, it is unlikely that you will learn how to find your psychic “sweet spot” until you actually start using your psychic skills.  Anne strongly encourages everyone to find a teacher that you feel comfortable with who can provide you with a safe, supportive environment in which to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities.  As with a tennis coach, having a psychic development or mediumship teacher is helpful because they can provide you with information, guidance, and, most importantly, support as you learn your new skills.

For those in the Orange County/Southern California area, Anne teaches a number of psychic development classes and psychic development workshops at the Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center.

If you are outside the Southern California Area, then be sure to check out the products available in Dr. Anne’s Online Store.  For classes in your area, search online and ask Spirit to guide you to the teacher(s) that is “right” for you.

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Can Everyone Become a Healer?

Absolutely everyone is fully capable of gaining access to healing energy!  Many of those drawn to the psychic and healing arts have already lived many lifetimes before their present lifetime, and some of those lifetimes were spent doing metaphysical work, including healing.  This is why many people who take classes in the healing arts feel like it is a process of re-learning a skill that has been long forgotten.


How Do I Learn How to Be a Healer?

There are many different healing modalities available today.  Anne chooses to teach Reiki classes for several reasons:

  • Reiki is one of the most recognized of the healing arts being used today (e.g., Reiki is now offered in hospitals, is approved as continuing education units for nurses and other professionals, is offered in chiropractic offices)
  • Reiki cannot harm anyone or anything because the energy is coming from God
  • Reiki provides an excellent foundation upon which to add other healing modalities, if the person wishes to do so in the future

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Do I Need to Become Vegetarian or Vegan?

NOTE:  To read more about this topic, please visit Anne’s blog post entitled, Do you need to eat a certain diet to be a psychic, medium, or healer (e.g., vegetarian, vegan)?

Anne is often asked this question, and it is a very controversial topic.  Although there are some very wonderful metaphysicians and teachers who believe that this is true, Anne respectfully disagrees.  She does not believe that this is necessary for everyone.

Anne has found that some people MAY find that dietary restrictions do improve their psychic, mediumship, or healing abilities.  When this is the case, then these individuals will find it very easy to make restrictions in their diet.  When they change their diet, some of them may experience a short “detox” period; but these periods are brief because their bodies support the dietary changes that have been made.  They quickly adjust and feel healthier than ever before.

However, Anne has personally not had this experience.  Due to being a very strong proponent of animal rights, she has tried on numerous occasions to become vegetarian or vegan.  The result has never been positive, and she has repeatedly returned to a “balanced” diet, which includes lean animal protein.  When she eats in this way, she feels healthier.  Additionally, her psychic, mediumship, channeling, and healing abilities remain strong as long as she’s on a diety that suits the needs of her body.  Anne as seen that the same thing is true for many of her students.

Based on her own experiences, the experiences of her students, and her communication with Spirit about this topic, Anne now firmly believes that each person MUST determine for themselves what a healthy diet will be for them.  The inability to become vegetarian or vegan in a healthy way may be due to a number of factors, including blood type or genetics.  Regardless, you should listen carefully to your body and eat what makes you feel the healthiest.


Do I need to stop smoking cigarettes, drinking caffeine, drinking alcohol, etc.?

NOTE:  To read more about this topic, please visit Anne’s blog post entitled, Can I be a psychic, a medium, or a healer if I consume caffeine or if I use cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs?  You may also be interested in her blog post entitled, Antidepressants (or antianxiety) medication and your psychic connection 101.

This is another question that Anne is often asked, and this topic is another one that is debated within the metaphysical community.  As with the discussion of diet above, Anne believes the answer will be different for each person.  For example, one person might find that their psychic, mediumship, or healing abilities do not change depending on abstinence from alcohol or moderate drinking habits.  But another person might find that their abilities to connect with spiritual energy are enhanced by abstaining from or limiting their use of alcohol.

However, Anne does believe that psychic readings should not be conducted at the time when the psychic or medium has consumed a mood altering substance, such as alcohol or other drugs.  This substance can impair the ability to be a clear channel, and all readers should always strive to “do no harm,” which can occur if spiritual information is misinterpreted by the reader.


What Does It Mean When I Keep Seeing Repetitive Numbers Like 111, 222, and 333?

NOTE:  To read more about this topic, please visit Anne’s blog posts entitled, (1) Psychic Meaning of Number Sequences and (2) Psychic Meaning of Number Sequence 11:11.  

This is one of the most common questions that Anne is asked.  Seeing repetitive numbers or finding certain objects is Spirit‘s way of communicating with you.  Typical examples include:

  • Looking up at the clock, and it is 11:11. And the next time you look at the clock it is 1:11 or 2:22.
  • Seeing a license plate with a number that is meaningful to you (e.g., your birth date)
  • Finding 3 feathers on the same day as your father passed 5 years ago

There are differences of opinion in the metaphysical field about the meaning of these events. Some people believe that a specific number sequence has a specific message.  For example, in the field of numerology, the number 1 often is associated with new beginnings, so seeing the number sequence 11, 111, or 1111 might mean that a new beginning is coming.

However, what Anne and many of her students have found is that that these events are simply Spirit’s very efficient and effective way of getting your attention.  Just a few of the possible meanings include:

  • Your guide wants you to know you are on the right path
  • An angel or archangel is nearby and just wants you to know that it is there to support you
  • A deceased loved one wants you to know that you are loved

When you notice something like this, Anne recommends that you (a) say “Thank you” (even if you don’t know who or what is there) and (b) immediately ask if there is a message that they want to convey to you.  If you get an immediate impression of a message, do your best to trust whatever came to you.  If you don’t receive a message, don’t worry about it.  Spirit is very likely sending you love, support, and encouragement.


Do angels and archangels really have wings?

NOTE:  Anne’s workshop Connecting with Your Angels and Guides answers many questions about angels and archangels.  You may also want to review her blog post entitled, What are angels and archangels, and do they really have wings?

This is another question that Anne is often asked, and once again, the answer depends on who you talk to.  There are those who believe that angels and archangels actually do have wings; however, the more common belief is that what is being seen clairvoyantly are not wings but the very wide and vibrant aura that surrounds angels and archangels.  However, it is important to understand that entities from the other side will appear to you in a form that is recognizable to you.  Therefore, if you believe that angels have wings, then they will appear in this form.

In actuality, all entities from the other side are actually formless/shapeless.  They are simply energy, although they often joke with Anne that they are “nebulous gas.”  All entities, including deceased loved ones, will assume a form that is recognizable to you, which means that the entity may or may not assume a similar appearance with someone else.  For example, Archangel Michael might appear in one way to one person but another way to someone else.


How Can I Receive Messages from Spirit?

Anne believes that everyone can receive messages from Spirit at any time.  The challenge is learning how to differentiate or discern when a message is coming from your own thoughts and opinion versus from Spirit.  Learning how to do that is a process called discernment, and Anne encourages everyone to find a psychic development or mediumship class with a teacher who can support you in learning this very important skill.

However, everyone can receive messages, and one of the easiest ways to make sure you are not impressing your thoughts or opinions into a message is to use a tool, such as angel cards, tarot, runes, etc.  For beginners, Anne recommends using angel cards, such as Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue.  This is a very user-friendly deck of angel cards that provides an easy way to receive messages from the angelic and spiritual realms.  All the cards contain positive messages that will provide you with comforting feelings of support from the other side.

Be sure to browse through Dr. Anne’s various ebooks and audio downloads at our online metaphysical store.  All of Anne’s products are designed to help you develop a meaningful connection with Spirit, yourself, and others (whether they are here on the Earth plane or on the other side).  All products are instant downloads, so you can get started today!  And be sure to Join Anne’s Online Community so you will receive announcements about new products when they become available.

NOTE:  Anne’s workshop Psychic Development 101:  “The Clairs” teaches you about the “language” of Spirit.


What is Channeling?

For much more information on channeling, you are invited to preview Anne’s ebook called Channeling 101.

When conducting a psychic reading, the psychic receives information from spiritual entities in the form of visual impressions (clairvoyance), sounds/words (clairaudience), body sensations (clairsentience), smells (clairolfaction), tastes (clairgustation), emotions (empathy), and/or thoughts (claircognizance or intuition).  The information is sent, in essence, from “outside” of the psychic.  So, for example, if a psychic was connecting with Aunt Sally, she might appear in a favorite dress and might tell the psychic that she loves her niece very much.

With channeling, the entity actually joins with the channeler to speak directly on the Earth plane.  So, if a channeler was connecting with Aunt Sally, the channeler’s soul would “step aside” in order to make room for Aunt Sally.  Then, Aunt Sally would say to the person directly, “Hi Honey, I’m here and I love you very much.”

If you can’t get to Anne’s in-person Channeling class, the best way to learn how to channel is through Dr. Anne’s “Channeling 101” ebook.  Also, be sure to browse through Dr. Anne’s various ebooks and audio downloads at our online metaphysical store.   All of Anne’s products are designed to help you develop a meaningful connection with Spirit, yourself, and others (whether they are here on the Earth plane or on the other side).  All products are instant downloads, so you can get started today!  And be sure to Join Anne’s Online Community so you will receive announcements about new products when they become available.

NOTE:  See Anne’s Calendar for the list of rotating topics that are taught during her Psychic Development, Mediumship, and Channeling class in Orange County, California.


What Books Does Anne Recommend?

We live at an amazing time!  Unlike the past, there are currently many books available on the topics of psychic development, mediumship, channeling, astrology, and the healing arts.

However, Dr. Anne rarely will recommend specific books.  She has found that everyone is different and, therefore, has differing needs.  She has come to trust that students will be guided to the “right” books, website, teachers, events, and/or classes by their spiritual helpers, but only when the time is right.  It’s a processing of learning how to trust in Divine Order and Divine Timing.

If you feel guided to do so, be sure to check out Dr. Anne’s  ebooks and audio recordings on the topics of Psychic Development, Channeling, Psychic Protection, and more.  All of Dr. Anne’s products are instant downloads, so you get started today.  Click here to go to IMPART’s Online Store .

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.