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Anne, as a child, were you aware that you were psychic?

Unlike some professional psychics and mediums, I had no idea as a child that I had these abilities.  However, when I began taking psychic development classes in my early 40’s, I quickly began to realize that the skills had been there all along, although they weren’t fully developed yet.

What I do remember is that even as a child/adolescent, I repeatedly asked in prayer how I could better serve God.  Although my formal religious upbringing was liberal (i.e., Congregational Church), my world always seemed to be filled with spiritual issues, religion, and metaphysical topics.  For example, my maternal grandmother, Lillian McCombs McClay, was said to have read tea leaves.  Also, my siblings and I would play with tarot cards.

But I have to attribute much of my interest in metaphysics to my paternal grandmother, Marian Brown Reith, who was trained by the famous psychologist Carl Jung in Zurich, Switzerland.  She was one of the first practicing Jungian Analysts in the State of California.  Jung was very interested in religion, psychology, and astrology, and my grandmother was very open to talking about these issues with me, which we would do for hours.


In retrospect, what were the signs that you had psychic abilities?

As is true for so many of my students, I can now look back at my childhood and see very clear evidence of my psychic and mediumship abilities.  They were there, but I didn’t have anyone in my life to recognize them for what they truly were and explain how to develop or use them.  In fact, the skills I did exhibit were even described as “problems” by others.  For example:

  • I was often described as “sensitive,” “emotional,” or having a “nervous stomach,” all of which are very common in psychic children.  It’s interesting to note that I was often sick or had a “stomach ache” when something traumatic was about to happen in my family-of-origin.  I now understand that my stomach aches or sickness were a form of clairsentience or empathy.  I was “taking on” the emotions or energy of those around me, which was making me sick.
  • I was often described as a “know-it-all” in school or as an “old soul.”  I now understand that these are often labels used to describe children who are claircognizant (i.e., the ability to know something without being able to explain how this information is known).


When and how did your psychic skills begin to develop?

My first love in metaphysics has always been astrology.  I started reading about it when I was about 13-years-old.  However, when I was 16-years-old, I received a birthday gift of an astrological reading from a “Master Astrologer” by the name of Margaret Granger.  I was astounded at how accurately she described me!  I began studying astrology in earnest after that, and I still find this subject endlessly fascinating.

It wasn’t until the early 1980’s that I began to explore psychic issues.  While in a bookstore in Berkeley, California, my then-husband, Bob Banchero, asked if I’d ever heard of something called runes.  He suspected that I might enjoy using them because he knew of my lifelong interest in psychic phenomena.  He also pointed out that runes are believed to have Celtic origins, and I have a strong Irish/Scottish lineage (in this lifetime).

We ended up buying a set of runes, and we began to “play” with them at home.  I quickly fell in love with them.  I would “pull” a daily rune for myself, which I often found provided me with helpful guidance.

Eventually, Bob began to approach me with questions for “The Rune Mistress.”  Later, when I began to share my use of runes with close friends, they, too, would ask for readings.  However, during these experiences with my runes, I never thought of myself as “psychic.”  I would read the description in the “book” that was provided with the runes, and I would “go with” whatever the author said.  To me, this was just reading what the author had said and did not entail being psychic.

However, in retrospect, I can see that I was using psychic skills, but I didn’t know it (yet).  For example, when doing a “rune reading” for someone, I would read aloud the interpretation that the book provided.  After this oral recitation, the person would often ask something like, “Well, of all of that information, what do you think is most important?”  I always seemed to have an answer, and much to my surprise, my “opinion” often turned out to be correct.  Again, this experience would be a typical description of someone who is psychic but doesn’t know it (yet).

Additionally, I can now see that my psychic abilities were present during my work as a Psychologist — I just didn’t recognize what was going on at the time. For example:

  • Even as a beginning-level trainee, I quickly became a popular counselor (i.e., I had a wait list of future clients).  As someone who eventually ran several training programs for counselors-in-training, I can assure that this is not typical for beginning-level therapists.  I can now see that “the word got out” that there was a counselor on staff who often “knew things” that would help her clients heal or grow.  I thought all counselors could do what I was doing. It wasn’t until much later that I began to understand that I was doing something that was different from many of my peers.
  • One of my clinical specialties was the training and supervision of counselors-in-training. I would often be sitting with a beginning-level trainee and make a suggestion, such as, “Don’t be surprised if during your next session with your client, s/he (fill in the blank).”  Often, the trainee would come to our next supervision session and say, “How did you know that was going to happen?” As is true when we encounter something we don’t understand, I would rationalize why I thought I knew what was going to happen.  For example, I would often simply respond that “I’ve just been doing this longer than you have.”  That explanation seemed realistic, but I now understand that it wasn’t accurate.  I was unknowingly using “other skills” that would have been hard to explain to a trainee in a traditional counseling program . . . let alone explain to myself (yet)!


When did you start your formal training within the metaphysical field?

It wasn’t until my early 40’s that I began to feel “called” to learn how to be a psychic.  Around this time, a friend told me about a psychic who had been amazingly accurate during a reading with her on the phone. I set up an appointment, mostly out of curiosity.  Much to my surprise, this woman “nailed” all the issues that were going on my life at that time . . . even over the phone!  I was immediately intrigued and wanted to learn more about what she was doing.

I began reading everything I could find on the subject.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  I couldn’t get enough!  One of the first books I read was Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue.  Because Doreen had a background in psychology, like I do, I found that some of her work resonated with me.  I was very lucky to find someone who could be my first “teacher,” even though I wasn’t able to attend her classes due to where I was living at that time.

Even after reading many books by various authors, I didn’t consider myself a psychic, nor did I ever consider that I would one day be working within this field.  Far from it!  I loved my profession as a Psychologist and had no plans to leave it.

However, when I was going through a particularly difficult time personally, a friend suggested that I go to a psychic fair.  This is where I met Suzan, another psychic who “nailed” the issues that were going on in my life at that time.  She gave me an amazing reading and provided spiritual guidance to several pressing issues in my life.

At the end of this reading, Suzan asked me if I knew that I was psychic and that I would one day be doing what she was doing.  To be honest, I thought she was completely nuts!  She didn’t push.  She just said that when I was ready, I might want to come to the Psychic Development class that she was teaching at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, California.

I left there feeling totally unready to consider this option!  Me, a psychic?  I was a Psychologist, not a psychic!  But the idea would not leave my head, and I thought about it every day.

It took me only two months before I went to my first class with Suzan.  To be honest, I was scared to death as I walked into the Learning Light.  But Suzan welcomed me with open arms.  That was in April of 2002.

Although I loved working as a Psychologist, I began to sense that I’d found “a spiritual home” within the field of metaphysics.  And as was also predicted by Suzan during that initial reading two months earlier, my psychic skills developed extremely quickly.  Why?  Suzan explained that I’d already been using my psychic abilities my whole life (e.g., clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy, claircognizance), but I just didn’t know what I was doing.

I quickly discovered that in addition to being a psychic (i.e., the ability to receive messages from angels & guides), I was also a medium (i.e., the ability to talk to deceased loved ones). I was also a natural channel (i.e., allowing entities to communicate directly on the Earth plane by merging with me). During my time in Suzan’s class, I became ordained as a multi-denominational minister through the Universal Life Church.  I also served as Co-Director of a metaphysically-oriented spiritual group that was founded by Suzan called Illuminations 22.

As Suzan had predicted, I was on “the fast track” for my psychic development.  Although not typical of most students, my development was, indeed, fast and furious!  By October of 2002, I began doing professional readings and healings at the Learning Light Foundation’s Psychic Fairs.  Soon thereafter, I began seeing clients for private sessions and teaching my weekly “Psychic Development Mediumship, and Channeling” class at the Learning Light. I also began teaching weekend workshops in various subjects, including Reiki.


When did you become interested in mediumship?

Sadly, the early death of my mother when I was 17-years-old sparked my interest in mediumship.  I would often read about life after death experiences, which gave me great hope that my mother was happy and in a better place.  However, I never dreamed that I would one day work as a medium. To be honest, I felt it was be “too good to be true”!

My training as a medium began when I was in my psychic development class with Suzan. One evening, she had the class practice doing mediumship.  I was as shocked as my classmate when I clearly was able to connect with and describe my classmate’s grandfather.  I learned from this experience that you never know what you can (or can’t) do until you try it!  I continued my training in mediumship by taking courses and workshops with several other teachers.

Being a medium is one of my greatest joys!  I love being able to connect people with deceased loved ones and pets.  As a Psychologist, I specialized in grief and loss.  In that role, I might have to work with a client for several sessions to help him or her work through unresolved issues with someone who had died.  But with mediumship, often all those unresolved issues can be dealt with during one session.  Why?  Because the person is able to speak directly with the deceased loved one, which means that they can work out their unfinished business directly. The level of healing is often immediate and powerful.


When did you become interested in the healing arts?

My mother was a nurse and one of my brothers is a Physician’s Assistant.  I have always lived in a “medical family.”  Western medicine was often discussed within my family, and I briefly considered becoming a nurse.

However, once in college, I found that my interests were primary in healing the mind and not the body, which is why I majored in Psychology.  Because I was raised solely around those working within Western medicine, I truly didn’t even know that there were healing techniques outside of Western medicine, such as Reiki.

It wasn’t until I was in my psychic development course that I heard about Reiki and other energy healing techniques.  Suzan encouraged all of her psychic development students to learn the spiritually-based energy healing technique called Reiki, because she said it would “jump start” our psychic abilities. Given my enthusiasm to learn as much as I possibly could and to learn it as quickly as possible, I was very willing to take her next Reiki I class. (NOTE: And she was right about it increasing my psychic and mediumship skills!)

Although I initially took Reiki to increase my psychic abilities, I quickly recognized that I loved doing healings. Additionally, I also intuitively sensed that I was eventually going to teach Reiki.  I have been teaching Reiki classes since 2002, and I love passing on this amazing knowledge and ability to others. I also taught Karuna Reiki® for over 10 years, although I am currently not offering those classes as part of my curriculum.


Why are you currently not conducting private readings and healings?

This was a difficult decision on my part.  However, this it was a choice was based on three factors:

  1. As a teacher, I strongly believe in helping my students connect with their own angels, guides, and deceased loved ones.  I want to teach my students how to fish (i.e., learn how to connect directly with Spirit) rather than fishing for them (i.e., being the one to connect for them).
  2. I’m very blessed to have been a teacher of psychic development classes and Reiki classes for so long (since 2002!) that I am proud to say that I now have a number of my students working professionally as psychics, mediums, healers, and spiritual coaches.  Although I am no longer able to offer my IMPART Certification Programs for Psychics, Mediums, and Healers, many students completed these programs and are now working professionally. I am proud to list some of them on my online Directory of IMPART Certified Practitioners.  It includes each practitioners picture and a short bio listing their specialties.  I love being able to refer clients to my students for readings, healings, and spiritual coaching.  In this way, I feel that those clients are receiving a part of me through my students.  And many of these practitioners work over the phone and/or provide distance healings, which means that you can work with them even if you aren’t in the Southern California area.
  3. I am currently being guided to focus on teaching and creating educational products, and this takes time!


When you were conducting psychic readings and mediumship, what was your approach?

Although I don’t do private one-on-one appointments, I actually still do readings in my classes all the time.  Whenever I’m working with someone, I consider all of my work, with both clients and students, to be sacred and an immense honor.  Overall, my approach is very eclectic, and no two psychic readings or mediumship sessions are ever alike!  I see myself as a tool for Spirit, which means that I allow Spirit to guide me regarding what someone needs in order to heal and grow.

When doing psychic work and mediumship, I have been blessed with the ability to use a variety of psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and my strongest skill, claircognizance.  During psychic readings, I also sometimes use various metaphysical tools (e.g., runes, tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums).


When you were conducting healing sessions, what is your approach?

When I was conducting healing sessions, I was very eclectic, just like during my psychic and mediumship readings.  I am trained in a large number of techniques, including Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, muscle testing, pendulums, Emotional Freedom Techniques (AKA: meridian tapping, EFT), Sai Maa Diksha, DivinePeaceHealing®, guided visualizations (e.g., inner child work), spiritual coaching, and hypnosis. 

As with my psychic and mediumship readings, I always allowed Spirit to guide me. However, once my hands were in someone’s aura (whether in person or when done from a distance), I often received spiritual messages for my client. Consequently, my clients often would receive both a healing and a reading.


What was your background and training before entering the metaphysical field?

Believe it or not, I entered college as a business major.  After struggling with the required economics classes, I began pursuing other academic options and found the behavioral sciences.  I eventually earned my B.A. from the California State University, Chico. My major was Psychology, but I also completed minors in Religious Studies, Sociology, and Family Relations.

I remained at Chico State for my M.A. in Counseling Psychology.  I then went on to earn a doctorate in Counseling & Clinical Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  Although my licenses are currently inactive, I was licensed as a Psychologist in Indiana and then in California.

Although I have done private practice work, the majority of my professional work experience was in academic settings.  I worked for almost 30 years at several major universities in a variety of capacities, including academic advising, career counseling, personal counseling, and teaching.  Before leaving academia to pursue metaphysical work full-time, I was a tenured faculty member in the California State University System and was working primarily with students who had learning and attentional disorders.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.