What is prayer and some suggested prayers for Lightworkers

What is prayer?

Before I provide some Suggested Prayers, let’s begin by talking about what prayer is. 

Ultimately, prayer is simply a time when you are communicating something to God/Source/Spirit.  It could be an expression of gratitude and thanks, or it could be a request for assistance, guidance, or protection. 

Contrary to some belief systems, Spirit has repeatedly told me that there are no rules about how to pray.  For example:

  • Prayers can be done aloud, silently, or written down.
  • You don’t have to word your prayer in a specific way.
  • You don’t have to use any specific words in order for the prayer to be effective.
  • Your prayers doesn’t have to be directed to the “right” entity in order for it to be heard or acted on.

Just pray! Those on the other side love hearing from us . . . and they want to hear from us often!

However, due to the Law of Freewill, they can’t provide assistance unless you ask for it.  So ask! 

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Also due to the same Law of Freewill, those on the other side can’t provide us with what we ask for if it will interfere with your ability to make certain choices that are part of your life script.  But they will always provide you with their love and support in whatever way they can. 


Suggested prayers

Some of my students enjoy using “ritualistic prayers,” but they no longer feel comfortable with the prayers that they learned as children through organized religion (e.g., The Lord’s Prayer in Christianity). 

That’s not to say that prayers like The Lord’s Prayer (and others like it) are “wrong” or shouldn’t be used.  John Edward, for example, still uses The Lord’s Prayer before doing all of his mediumship readings. 

Remember, there are no rules for praying.  Therefore, if you enjoy using prayers that you already know, then use them!  It’s all about finding what feels “right” to you. 

NOTE: The following prayers are simply suggestions for those who feel guided to use a “ritualistic prayer” when speaking to God/Source/Spirit and would like some alternatives. These suggestions aren’t meant to be an exhaustive list.  Many others are available. Above all, if something doesn’t feel “right” to you, keep searching; and be sure to ask your guides to help you find what will match your needs. 


The Light Invocation

The Light Invocation exists in many languages around the world. It is often used for protection, but it can also be used whenever you feel a need to connect with God/Source/Spirit.  Here is one of the most common versions:

I invoke the light of the Christ within.
I am a clear and perfect channel.
Light is my guide.

The Light Invocation is very versatile.  You can alter it by replacing the pronoun “I” with “you,” “she,” “John,” “we,” etc.  So for example, a group of people who are meeting together could use this version:

We invoke the light of the Christ within.
We are clear and perfect channels.
Light is our guide.

Within The Light Invocation, the word “Christ” simply represents “Godlike energy” and is used because it works well with the meter of the Invocation.  However, if desired, you can certainly replace the word “Christ” with a word or phrase that is more comfortable to you (“Source,” ‘Divine,” “the light within me”).  Other words within the Invocation can also be replaced if you feel more comfortable.  For example, here’s another version:

I invoke the light and love of the Universe.
I am a clear and perfect conduit.
Light and love are my guides.


Prayers requesting Divine support & guidance

There are many prayers that can be used when asking for spiritual support or guidance.  Here is a possible prayer to use if you were raised in a Christian/Catholic faith but are in the process of integrating metaphysical beliefs into your life:

Father, Mother, God,
Lord Jesus,
Blessed Mother,
Holy Spirit,
All Beings of Light in the Universe for all good,
All hierarchies of angels of light, love, healing, and forgiveness,
Please be present.

Before starting an activity, you might want to ask for Divine assistance with the following prayer:

I ask for your help to do the work that is before me to do.
Be with me always, and allow only positive energy that is for my highest good to flow in, around, and through me.


Ending prayer

Because there are no rules to prayer, you don’t have to say anything at the end of a prayer to let God/Source,/Spirit know that you are finished.  But if you feel guided to do so, here are some alternatives:

  • Amen (translation = so be it)
  • With gratitude and thanks
  • Sending you my love and gratitude
  • And so it is, let it be so


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.