Psychic protection – How to use energy shielding

Energy shielding for psychic protection Many people have heard about the technique of “surrounding yourself in white Light.” It’s a very common way to protect yourself from negative energy. Energy shielding is by far the simplest protective measure you can take. It only takes seconds to do, and it works! However, there is so much […]

What is prayer and some suggested prayers for Lightworkers

What is prayer? Before I provide some Suggested Prayers, let’s begin by talking about what prayer is.  Ultimately, prayer is simply a time when you are communicating something to God/Source/Spirit.  It could be an expression of gratitude and thanks, or it could be a request for assistance, guidance, or protection.  Contrary to some belief systems, […]

Psychic protection – How to protect yourself and suggested protective actions

Psychic protection The topic of psychic protection is very important in metaphysical and healing work.  I now believe that I chose to reincarnate during this important time in humanity’s evolution in order to help Lightworkers (i.e., those who chose to work with the light) feel safe doing this work. This has included teaching my students […]

How to create a spiritual practice that’s right for you

As with so many things, there is no “one right way” to integrate a “spiritual practice” into your life.  There’s only “the right way” for you.  Additionally, your “way” will likely change over time as you change. I know mine continues to evolve over time! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The goal of creating a spiritual practice The goal […]

Darkness cannot exist where there is light and advice for lightworkers

A channeled message from the Council of 12 Greetings!  We are Anne’s Council of 12, and we are a group of non-physical entities that work with Anne. We are here today to elaborate on a topic that we recently addressed when Anne was channeling in one of her Channeling classes.  Because of the amazing efforts […]

December 21, 2021 – Celebrate the next step in human evolution

NOTE: The following blog post was written in December 2012. The topic was the prophecies being promoted about December 21, 2012, and this date is now clearly in the past. This blog post is kept on my site because it does contain some information that relates to all prophecies, especially those that predict “doom and […]

8 characteristics of visitation dreams

Deceased loved ones who have crossed to the light can and do visit us in our dreams.  These types of dreams are often referred to as “visitation dreams,” and they can provide us with great comfort. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why do deceased loved ones come to us in our dreams? It is actually easier for spiritual entities […]

Ouija boards – 6 tips for using dowsing tools during psychic readings

There is a common belief that Ouija boards are particularly prone to bringing through dark or evil energies.  For this reason, people are reluctant to use them. Although I know there are conflicting beliefs about this within the metaphysical community, I believe that Ouija boards are no more dangerous than any other type of psychic […]