Ouija boards – 6 tips for using dowsing tools during psychic readings

There is a common belief that Ouija boards are particularly prone to bringing through dark or evil energies.  For this reason, people are reluctant to use them.

Although I know there are conflicting beliefs about this within the metaphysical community, I believe that Ouija boards are no more dangerous than any other type of psychic tool. It’s simply a tool. It’s how the tool is used that is important.

However, Ouija boards do fall into a category of psychic tools called dowsing, and all forms of dowsing do require training and a certain amount of caution.


Why do Ouija boards get such a bad rap?

There are several reasons why some people believe Ouija boards should not be used for psychic readings. Here are some of the more common issues:

  • The belief that Ouija boards were “portals to the Devil” was initially propagated by the Catholic church. This was done in an effort to scare people away from using them.
  • Unfortunately, Hollywood took that idea and “ran with it.” Ouija Boards are often depicted in negative ways in horror movies and television programs.
  • All forms of dowsing can provide inaccurate results if the user isn’t trained in how to use them properly. (NOTE: See more on this below.)
  • All psychic tools (even angel cards!) can bring through dark energy if not used properly. (NOTE: Many of the 6 tips provided below apply to safely using any psychic tool.)
  • Perhaps most importantly, Ouija boards are sold in the children’s department of many stores. It’s seen as a toy, and children play with them without knowing (a) how to protect themselves and make sure that only entities of the light come through and (b) how to differentiate between messages that are coming form the light and those coming from dark sources. Therefore, when Ouija boards are used, there is often an increased chance that messages will not be coming from the light. But it’s not because of the inherent nature of the tool itself; it’s due to the lack of training of the user.


What are Ouija boards?

Ouija boards (also known as spirit boards or talking boards) have been used and available for purchase for well over 100 years. They are used to receive messages from Spirit.

Typical boards include the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, and sometimes complete words, such as “yes” or “no.” Participants place their fingers lightly on a device called a planchette. After a question is asked, then Spirit will move the planchette around the board to spell out or provide numeric answers.

Spirit boards were originally used to connect with deceased loved ones. However, as is true with all psychic tools, it is now understood that the messages can come from any source (e.g., angels, guides, dark energy).


What is dowsing and the challenge when using any dowsing tool

Ouija boards fall into the category of tools called “dowsing.” Other dowsing tools include pendulums and dowsing rods. 

Dowsing has been around since at least the 1500’s, so a complete discussion of dowsing is beyond the scope of this blog post. Although orgiinally used to find underground water or minerals, its use has expanded into the metaphysical field.

The challenge with all forms of dowsing is that the dowsing tool has the potential to:

  • Bring through dark energy if the user doesn’t know how to protect him or herself.
  • Be influenced by your conscious or unconscious thoughts or beliefs. For example, if you want the answer to be “yes,” then you will get a “yes.” If you want a “no,” then you will get a “no.”

If the user is properly trained in using a dowsing tool, then they can be amazingly effective.  Personally, I use a pendulum for everything from psychic readings to picking out which fruit is ripe at the grocery store (yes, I do get some strange looks).

However, all types of dowsing tools take training and practice before you can rely on the results you are receiving. 


6 tips for using Ouija boards and all dowsing tools

Here are 6 tips for safely and effectively using any dowsing tool:

  1. Protection yourself. You should ALWAYS start any psychic work with a prayer or intention.  Any prayer will do, but you definitely need to tell your guides and angels that, “I only want to communicate with beings of the Light and of the highest good” (or something like that). You should make this very firm statement before using any psychic tool, including Ouija boards or other dowsing instruments. (NOTE: See the end of this blog post for articles related to psychic protection.)
  2. Training is a good idea: If possible, take a class in how to use dowsing tools so you can learn from an expert how to use the tool safely and how to make this tool work effectively so you will receive accurate and consistent answers. This is why I have been teaching a class called Pendulums 101 twice a year for almost 20 years. Proper training is essential with dowsing tools!
  3. Practice, practice, practice.  Once trained, you need to practice a lot! Although this is true with all psychic tools, it is particularly important with dowsing tools in order to receive accurate information. Yes, there are a few people who can pick up a pendulum and use it accurately the first time.  But that is rare.
  4. An attitude of detachment: When using any dowsing tool, it’s critically important that you train yourself to be totally detached from the outcome.  Remember, if you want a “yes,” then a dowsing tool will get a “yes,” even if your desire is unconscious. If you have a strong feeling about the topic that you will be asking about, then using a dowsing tool is not recommended. It is best to either (a) use a different psychic tool (e.g., angel or tarot cards, runes) or (b) find someone to do the dowsing work for you (see Tip #5 below).
  5. Dowsing tools are much easier to use for someone else: Due to Tip #4, dowsing tools are MUCH easier to use when you are using them for someone else and not for yourself.  This is particularly true if you know that you are emotionally connected with a specific answer (e.g., you want a “yes”). But even when you aren’t emotionally connected to the answer, doing dowsing work for others is always easier than doing it for yourself.
  6. Dealing with inconsistent answers: If you get inconsistent answers, “step away from the dowsing tool” and find another way to explore this issue (see suggestions in Tip #4).  There are many reasons why this might occur, but the bottom line is that you should always receive the same answer when you ask the question. In fact, I always recommend “checking” your answers to make sure the answer remains the same. If the answers change within a reasonable amount of time (e.g., a few hours, a day or two), then it’s likely you are influencing the outcome. However, it could also be that Spirit is telling you that (a) this is the wrong tool or (b) they can’t provide you with the answer due to the Law of Free Will.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.