Ouija Boards-6 Tips for Improving Psychic Skills and Readings

I’ve recently been asked by two different students if they “should” use Ouija boards for psychic readings.  They both had heard that this psychic tool could connect you with dark or evil energies.  One person had heard that in order to use it, you had to put out salt or water nearby to protect the users.

The idea that Ouija boards are inherently more dangerous than any other type of psychic tool is a fallacy.  However, Ouija boards do need to be used with a certain amount of caution.

Ouija boards fall into the category of “dowsing.” Pendulums and dowsing rods also fall into this category.  Without trying to cram a 2-hour lecture on dowsing into a blog, the bottom line is that all answers received through dowsing tools have the potential to be influenced by your mind.  If you want a “yes,” then you will get a “yes.”  If you want a “no,” then you will get a “no.”

That is not to say that dowsing tools can’t be amazingly effective psychic tools.  They can be!  I love using my pendulum for everything from psychic readings to picking out which fruit is ripe at the grocery store (yes, I do get some strange looks).

But all types of dowsing tools take training and practice before you can rely on the results you are receiving.  Here are 6 tips for effectively using any dowsing tool:

  1. You should ALWAYS start any psychic work with a prayer or intention.  Tell your guides and angels that, “I only want to communicate with beings of the Light and of the highest good.”  (Or something like that)
  2. Practice, practice, practice.  You need to know your tool inside and out in order to use it effectively.  Yes, there are a few people who can pick up a pendulum and use it accurately the first time.  But that is rare.  It usually take a lot of practice because . . .
  3. Most importantly, you have to train yourself to be totally detached from the outcome.  Remember, if you want a yes, then you will get a “yes,” even if your desire is unconscious.
  4. Due to Tip #3, dowsing tools are MUCH easier to use when you are using them for someone else and not for yourself.  If you know that you are emotionally connected with a specific answer (e.g., you want a “yes”), then it is best to either (a) find someone to do the dowsing work for you or (b) use a different psychic tool (e.g., angel or tarot cards, runes)
  5. If you get inconsistent answers, “step away from the dowsing tool” and find another way to explore this issue.  There are many reasons why this might occur, but the bottom line is that you should always receive the same answer when you ask the questions, and if you don’t, then don’t use that tool.
  6. If possible, take a class in how to use dowsing tools so you can learn from an expert how to make this tool work effectively and give you accurate and consistent answers.

With regard to the idea of putting out water or salt . . . if you believe that this will protect you from dark energy and help you connect only with entities that are “of the Light,” then do so!  What you believe is of the utmost importance when selecting a ritual for psychic protection.