How to Protect Yourself When Doing Spiritual Work – Tips and 9 Techniques

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Statue of Archangel Michael with protective sword
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Statue of Archangel Michael with protective sword
Archangel Michael

What is my role when it comes to teaching psychic protection?

The topic of psychic protection is very important in metaphysical and healing work.  I now believe that I chose to reincarnate during this important time in humanity’s history in order to help Lightworkers feel safe when doing this work. This has included teaching my students how to protect themselves from and how to deal with negative, toxic, or dark energy.

Why is psychic protection so important?

Here is the message that my guides want all of you to hear: You have nothing to fear as long as you understand the power that you have as a Lightworker. Darkness truly cannot exist where there is Light!

Those on the other side that are in the Light (e.g., angels, guides, deceased loved ones) are so eager to communicate with us. They want to provide guidance, encouragement, and proof that the other side exists.

Fear is the most common reason that holds some people back from doing spiritual work and connecting with spiritual entities. That fear can be problematic for several reasons, including:

  • You will very likely block some (or all) of the messages that are actually coming from Spirit because you are afraid they may be coming from a source that is not “of the Light.”
  • Due to the Law of Attraction, if you are feeling fearful, then you will attract more experiences that will cause you to be afraid.

How do we protect ourselves when doing spiritual work?

The good news is that there are many options for how to protect yourself when doing spiritual work. The bad news is that there are so many options that it would be impossible to cover all of them in a single Blog post.

I wish I could tell you that there is ONE RIGHT WAY to protect yourself. That would be so easy!

Unfortunately, after working with thousands of students, I can say with all certainty that there truly is no one “right” approach. What works for one person may not work for someone else.

Each person needs to experiment until they find the approach that works and feels right to them!

My Blog posts on psychic protection

This Blog post provides an overview of psychic protection techniques and various tips that many of my students have found helpful and effective. As you’ll see below, if I have written another article that expands on the the topic or technique, then I have included a link.

The articles I have written are typically brief. They are not meant to be an exhaustive discussion or a presentation of all possible approaches. However, it is my hope that they will provide you with some fresh ideas or new strategies to increase your feeling of safety.

9 psychic protection techniques

As stated above, the techniques mentioned below represent just a sample of the most commonly used psychic protection approaches. The list is not exhaustive. If you try something and it doesn’t work, try something else. Keep searching until you find the techniques that work for you!

NOTE: My students have requested that I add notes regarding which techniques I personally find helpful. You will see my comments in italics. As you’ll see, I use all 9 of the following techniques.

  • Clearing & Cleansing: It is important to regularly engage in actions designed to cleanse your space or your energetic body. Just as we need to physically clean our houses, we need to regularly clear out energy. If our energy is clear, we are much more capable of protecting ourselves (e.g., recognizing when energy around us isn’t coming from the Light). Various techniques are recommended in the following Blog post, including information for those who identity as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), clairsentient, and/or empath. (NOTE: Because I am an HSP, clairsentient, and empath, I clear and cleanse myself every morning and sometimes multiple times a day.)
  • Energy Shielding: Using energy shielding is a very common and effective way to protect yourself and your space from negative or toxic energy. It basically involves surrounding yourself with one or more layers of energy or Light. There are many different options for the type of shield you create, and they are discussed in the Blog post below. (NOTE: I shield myself and my home every morning, and sometimes multiple times a day.)
  • Energy Grids: Creating energy grids (with or without crystals) is a great way to protect and empower a specific location/space.  Directions are provided in the Blog post below, and I also provide answers to many of the mostly commonly asked questions about creating energy grids. (NOTE: I have my home gridded, and I reestablish the grid regularly.)
  • Prayer: Another suggestion is using prayer as a way to maintain and increase your spiritual energy, which protects you from lower vibrating energy. Here is a blog post that discusses many different aspects of praying, including why prayers sometimes aren’t answered. It also offers some prayers that many Lightworkers enjoy using (e.g., The Light Invocation). (NOTE: I pray all the time, and I love using The Light Invocation.)
  • Reiki: If you are trained in the healing modality of Reiki, you can use protective symbols and techniques. The following link will provide you with more information about Reiki. (NOTE: I use Reiki symbols regularly in my home and wherever I am teaching.)
  • Request “Spiritual Backup”: Ask your angels, guides, or ascended masters for help. Remember, due to the Law of Free Will, we do need to ask. You don’t need to ask for a specific entity, but some people find it empowering to call on Archangel Michael for this purpose. (NOTE: I ask for their help all the time!)  
  • Crystals & Stones: There are many different crystals and stones that are believed to have protective properties. You can wear them (e.g., pendant, bracelet) or place them in a room. (NOTE: I have crystals and stones throughout my home. I also wear them regularly. I even take them with me when I travel.) Although there are many options, some of the most popular crystals and stones include:
    • Black Stones – All black stones have protective qualities. However, I have found black tourmaline to work well in almost all situations. It is well-tolerated by most people, including those who are very sensitive to energy. Other black stones, though, can be helpful for specific purposes. For example, hematite is very effective at reflecting away negative energy.
    • Clear Quartz – This is a highly versatile stone that will simultaneously dispel or absorb negative energy while attracting positive energy and entities “of the Light” (e.g., angels, archangels, guides).
    • Many Others! – Have fun doing research on this topic.
  • Salt: This mineral has long been used to protect spaces because it is believed to absorb negative energy and holds onto it. It does need to be replaced periodically. You can put salt (a) anywhere in your home/office, (b) at the 4 corners of your home/office, and/or (c) on both sides of your doors. It does not need to be visible. Most people believe that any type of salt works equally as well, but you might have a preferences (e.g., sea salt, Himalayan pink salt). Although a bowl of table salt is fine, water softener tablets work well for this purpose.(NOTE: I have salt tablets scattered throughout my home. I swap them out with new tablets about once a month. I even take them when I travel.)
  • Feng Shui: According to Feng Shui, you can place a mirror opposite your front door to reflect back negative energy. (NOTE: I have this set up in my home.)

IMPORTANT TIP #1: Connecting ONLY with the Light

Due to the Law of Free Will, we all have the right to choose which entities we connect with AND which we don’t. Entities that are “of the Light” are coming from a place of only love. They cannot harm us, and they are only present in our lives to support and guide us. They are safe. I lovingly refer to them as “our peeps.”

Choosing to ONLY connect with entities of the Light is one the best ways to protect yourself and stay safe. Therefore:

IMPORTANT TIP #2: Maintaining and strengthening your spiritual energy (AKA life force energy, auric field)

If you are reading this Blog post, then I will assume that you have a physical body. Lightworkers believe that the body is what houses our soul. There are many different terms used to describe this part of us, including our spiritual body, astral body, subtle body, etheric body, and many others.

Our physical body is made up of atoms that are moving so slowly that they take the form of a solid physical shape. Our spiritual body, on the other hand, is made up of energy that is moving very rapidly and doesn’t have a shape. In the field of Reiki, this energy is referred to as our “life force energy.”

Just as our physical body (e.g., muscles, tendons) can become tired when overworked, our spiritual body can become depleted by experiences in our lives that drain us of our spiritual energy (e.g., excessive stress, negative emotional experiences, negative thinking). (NOTE: Also see next section about energetic attachments.)

Maintaining and strengthening our spiritual energy is one of the most important skills we can engage in when it comes to psychic protection. When our spiritual energy is high, then we are more capable of defending ourselves against lower vibrating energies. When our pool of life force energy is diminished, we become more vulnerable to outside forces.

This topic is so important that some of my guides had me channel a message about this topic. I won’t repeat all of their suggestions in this post, but you can read the Blog post here:

One of the suggestions provided in the Blog post above is the creation of a spiritual practice. Here is a Blog post that provides suggestions about how to do this:

IMPORTANT TIP #3: Energy attachments

One of the ways in which our spiritual energy can become diminished (see last section) is by what are called “energy attachments.” These are described in different ways by different authors. In basic terms, they consist of something that attaches to our aura or spiritual body and drains us of our life force energy. Although not everyone agrees that this happens, I have come to believe it’s true.

Most people have attachments, but they are not aware of them. For this reason, I believe everyone should consult a professional who specializes in this type of assessment in order to determine if they have any energy attachments that are draining them of energy. Although we all need our life force energy, this is particularly important if someone is sick; they need all of their energy to heal.

I do not do this work, but I know someone who does. The professional who I have referred to for many years is Rev. Margaret McCormick. Here is some basic information about her work, but you can learn much more on her website at

  • Margaret works with a group of guides that remove any negative attachments to your aura. The most common attachments are called negative entities, but they also remove anything that is coming to you from outside sources (e.g., cords, curses, dark entities).
  • After these “removals” are complete, the guides install “lifetime protection” against future attachments. Having this protection in place provides great peace of mind. However, it also raises your vibrational rate, which (a) often increases your intuitive abilities and (b) helps you become more resistant to any influence from negative or toxic energy.
  • All the work is done from a distance, so it can be ordered regardless of your geographic location.
  • Margaret only communicates through email, but she does provide you with detailed information about the process and a full report. Among other things, the report will tell you how many attachments you have, where they are located on your aura, and how long they have been attached to you.
  • You can order this work for yourself or for others. If ordered for someone else, the person does not need to know that the work is being done. The guides that Margaret works with will ask permission at the Soul level to make sure the person is willing to have this work done. But the Soul wants to heal, so it never says “no.”

NOTE: There are many professionals who claim to remove negative attachments. Please be cautious. Although most of them are “of the Light,” there are those who are not. What I have found is that those who may NOT be coming from a place of integrity include those who:

  • Motivate you with fear (e.g., “If you don’t get this work done with me, then . . .”.
  • Charge exorbitant amounts.
  • Insist that you will need to come back over and over again.
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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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