Psychic protection – How to protect yourself and suggested protective actions

Psychic protection

The topic of psychic protection is very important in metaphysical and healing work.  I now believe that I chose to reincarnate during this important time in humanity’s evolution in order to help Lightworkers (i.e., those who chose to work with the light) feel safe doing this work. This has included teaching my students how to protect themselves from and how to deal with dark or negative energy.

To meet this need, I have written a series of short blog posts on topics related to psychic protection and cleansing ourselves and our spaces of negative energy.

NOTE: Links to blog posts and information related to psychic protection and energy clearing are listed at the bottom of this article.

These posts are brief and are not meant to be an exhaustive review of all approaches or beliefs. However, it is my hope that they will provide you with some fresh ideas or new strategies to increase your feelings of safety when doing spiritual work (e.g., readings, healing sessions, just going through life). 

The bottom line: You have nothing to fear as long as you understand the power that you have as a Lightworker. Darkness truly cannot exist where there is light!


Protective actions

Those on the other side (e.g., angels, guides) are so eager to share with us here on the Earth plane. It is essential that Lightworkers feel safe when doing readings, healings, or working with spiritual energy.

If you are feeling fearful, then:

  • You will very likely block some or all of the messages or energy because your are afraid it might be coming from a source that is not for the highest good of you or someone you love.
  • Due to the Law of Attraction, if you are feeling fearful, then you will attract more experiences that will cause you to be afraid.

The following is a very short list of possible actions you can take when doing metaphysical or healing work. There are so many options, and there truly is no one “right” approach. It’s important to keep experimenting until you find approaches that work and feel right to you!

NOTE: As is true with all-things-metaphysical, intent is everything; i.e., if you believe something will protect you, then it likely will. Why? Because it’s really Spirit that is doing the protecting. Your job is to ask!


Connecting ONLY with the light

  • Make the conscious, freewill decision to ONLY connect with entities that are from the light (e.g., angels, archangels, ascended masters, guides, deceased loved ones who have crossed to the light).
  • Make the conscious, freewill decision to NOT connect with any negative entities/energies (e.g., dark entities, fallen angels).
  • Firmly believe that “negative,” “dark,” or “evil” energy cannot harm you, because it truly can’t unless you let it.
  • If you sense a dark entity near you, do your best to not become frightened.  Instead, get angry!  Really angry! Dark energies feed off fear.  That’s their goal in contacting you. They hate when you feel angry, because the vibrational energy of anger is too powerful. Therefore, the angrier you can get the better!  FIRMLY tell whatever it is to go away.  If you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to raise your voice and use swear words. Due to the Law of Freewill, they must follow your direction and leave. (NOTE: Yes, you can use love instead of anger. However, for most people who are feeling fearful, it’s too great a “leap” to move from fear to love. The emotion of anger is easier to access.)
  • If the entity remains:
    • FIRMLY tell your spiritual helpers to remove it and protect you (e.g., guides, angels). For example, anyone can call on Archangel Michael to come with his protective sword simply by asking for his presence.  But due to the Law of Freewill, you must ask for their assistance.
    • If they are still hanging around, then check to see if you are feeling ambivalent about your directive that the entity leave. If you are giving “mixed messages,” then a dark entity will take that as permission to remain. This type of ambivalence is very common with those who are beginning on their spiritual path and are eager to connect with their spiritual helpers in the light. I can assure you that you can let go of any worries that you might be mistakenly sending away “something good” (e.g., your guide, an angel).  If the entity is “of the light,” then it will come back.  However, when they return, they will use a different approach that won’t frighten you.  They want you to feel only their love! (NOTE: This means that if you are doubting your perceptions, tell it to go away. Always err on the side of caution.)


Protective rituals

  • Create “energy grids” using crystals to protect and empower a specific space.  (NOTE: Click here to read a blog post that provides directions for creating energy grids.)
  • Use prayers that feel good to you. (NOTE: Click here to read a blog post that provides suggestions for prayers that may be helpful.)
  • Wear protective crystals and/or keep them in your environment (e.g., kyanite, onyx, hematite, black tourmaline, selenite).
  • Place turquoise by your bed. This will help strengthen and align your chakras while you sleep.
  • Place salt at the 4 corners of your home/office and/or on both sides of your doors. The salt does not need to be visible & can be located either inside or outside your home/office. Any type of salt is fine. Water softener tablets work well for this purpose.
  • Place a mirror opposite your front door to reflect back negative energy.
  • If you are trained in Reiki, you can use protective symbols and techniques.


Maintaining your spiritual energy

  • Increase your “vibrational rate” by regularly engaging in a spiritual practice. (NOTE: Click here to read a blog post that provides suggestions for creating a spiritual practice that is right for you.)
  • Meditate, if you find this helpful and calming.
  • Use “energy shielding.” (NOTE: Click here to read a blog post that provides directions and suggested techniques for using energy shielding.)
  • Take classes in psychic development, mediumship, and/or Reiki.
  • Keep your chakras clear and cleansed. (NOTE: Being trained in and/or receiving energy healings, such as Reiki, can assist with this.)
  • Keep yourself in the most positive environment and positive mindset possible.


Additional actions

Most of my students decide to contact Rev. Margaret McCormick ( Margaret works with a group of guides that remove any negative attachments to your aura. After these “removals” are complete, the guides will install “lifetime protection” against future attachments. Having this protection in place provides great peace of mind, and it also increases your ability to resist any influence of dark energy.


Blog posts and information related to psychic protection and energy clearing




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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.