Psychic protection – How to cleanse yourself or your space of negative or toxic energy

The Importance of Cleansing Your Energy and the Energy in Your Environment

If you are an empath or Lightworker, it is very likely that you are sensitive to energy. It’s also highly likely that there will be times when you will need to:

  • Cleanse your energy system (e.g., aura, chakras).
  • Clear the space around you (e.g., after a negative or toxic event or person has been around you).

In other blog posts, I present many techniques that you can use to protect yourself and your environment for negative energy. These techniques will definitely help. However, even though I personally use many actions to protect myself, there are still times when I absorb negative or toxic energy. Also, there are times when I have no control over what type of energy that might be in the space I’m about to be in (e.g., hotel rooms, offices).

This is why I engage in regular cleansing rituals. It helps me maintain a clean and clear energy system and environment.

NOTE: Links to blog posts and information related to psychic protection and energy clearing are listed at the bottom of this article.

Important Note for Emphaths and Clairsentients

If you do have a tendency to absorb the energy, emotions, or physical pain of others, you have a special gift. And yes, it is a gift, although it often doesn’t feel like it.

YOU DO HAVE CONTROL OVER THIS GIFT! Accepting this may be the hardest and most important lesson you need to learn.

If the energy/emotions/pain that you have “taken on” is not yours, then you need to come to understand that you are consciously or unconsciously choosing to take it on. It’s a freewill choice.

You make the choice because of your huge heart. You want to help, and you have the ability to siphon off someone’s pain. It’s become a habit. One you aren’t even conscious of anymore.

But as someone who is extremely empathic, I can assure you that you don’t need to take on someone’s pain. You need to learn that it is not your responsibility. We each have enough of our own “stuff.”

And believe me, if I can learn how to control this gift (and it IS a gift), then you can too. But it takes accepting that you aren’t responsible for taking away the pain of others before you will be able to control this ability. It’s a learning process, but you can do it!


  • If you read that section and are arguing with me in your head or breaking out in a cold sweat, then you might benefit from working with a spiritual coach. It’s OK to ask for help!
  • Be sure to see the special technique for empaths and clairsentients (and everyone!) that is described toward the end of this blog post.

Suggestions for Cleansing Yourself or Your Environment

Cleansing your personal energy system and/or the energy in the space around you can be done using any of the following technique.  The suggestions provided below include just a few of the many methods available to you. The list is not exhaustive, and you will find many options and more detailed directions on other websites.

Overall, I strongly recommend that you experiment with different techniques until you find the approach(es) that feels “right” for you. 

NOTE: As is true with all-things-metaphysical, intent is everything; i.e., if you believe something will cleanse you, then it likely will. Why? Because it’s really Spirit that is doing the cleansing. Your job is to ask!

  • Use crystals that absorb negative energy. These can be worn or placed in an environment. Commonly used crystals include kyanite and selenite. Both will absorb negative energy and automatically transmute it into positive energy. (NOTE: Kyanite never needs to be cleared or cleansed. Selenite does need to be cleansed in order to continue working effectively. Just be careful not to put it into water because it will eventually dissolve.)
  • Take a long shower.  Water absorbs negative energy.  If you feel guided to do so, you can stand under the water and ask your guides to remove any negative energy.  You can also imagine the water that is running over your body is changing colors.  The colors can be those associated with the primary chakras (i.e., red, orange, yellow, and so forth).  As the colored water flows over you, set the intention that the color will cleanse the associated chakra.  Some people report that it is very cleansing to wash their hair — sometimes using shampoo more than once during a cleansing shower.  
  • Similarly, use the cleansing power of water by taking a bath.. With a bath, you can add salt because salt extracts negative energy, holds onto it, and then can be sent down the drain once you are done with your bath.  (NOTE: If you aren’t a bath person but you like the idea of using salt, then you can use a salt scrub or soap with salt in it.)
  • Smudge yourself or the area using sage or sweet grass.  There are many ways to do this, including the following method.  First, you will need to ignite the smudging stick and then blow out the flame.  The smudging stick should be emitting smoke.  Then, CAREFULLY circle your body 3 times around your head, 3 times around your torso, and 3 times around your legs.  With each circle repeat the phrase, “I cleanse myself of any negative energy.”  (NOTE:  Be very careful when using this technique.  The smudging stick is smoldering; this means that it is very hot. It can ignite loose clothes if touched, or it can burn other surfaces if dropped.  Ash that falls off of the smudging stick is also hot and can ignite fabric or burn a surface.)  You can use the same smudging technique to cleanse the area in which the healing was conducted and/or to cleanse any tools that were used during the healing session. 
  • If you are trained in an energetic healing modality (e.g., Reiki), use that to remove negative energy and cleanse yourself.
  • If you are trained in how to energetically balance your chakras, this can also be very cleansing.
  • Sit in the sunshine or moonshine. (NOTE: Some people find sunshine more cleansing and moonshine more soothing.)
  • Take a walk in nature. Sit on the ground or “hug a tree.” Ask Mother Nature to absorb any negative energy.
  • Use sound to clear a space (e.g., crystal bowls, tuning forks, drumming).
  • Ask your guide(s) to cleanse you of negative energy.  They are there to help! 

An Incredibly Effective Technique for Empaths and Clairsentients

I have been teaching the following technique for years, and I cannot tell you have many times I’ve been told that it has changed someone’s life. I know it changed mine!

As mentioned above, some people have a natural tendency to absorb or “take on” the emotions (i.e., empaths) and/or body sensations (i.e., clairsentients) of others.  If you have a tendency to do this, then it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between what might be your body sensation or your emotion from those around you. 

Here’s a simple but often highly effective technique that (a) can help you determine if what you are experiencing is yours or someone else’s and (b) cleanse you of energy that is not yours.  Try it! It works!

DIRECTIONS: As soon as you begin to feel or experience something that you aren’t sure is yours (or even if you already know that it isn’t yours), then repeat the following phrase firmly (several times if it makes you feel better):

“If this is not mine, please take it away!”

Due to the Law of Freewill, if the energy is not yours and you tell your guides/spiritual helpers that you do not want to experience this body sensation or emotion any longer, then they will take it away. 

If it does not go away after a period of time, then either:

  • It is likely your body sensation or emotion.
  • You may consciously or subconsciously believe that it is your duty or responsibility to take on the pain of others. This is how I define co-dependency. I know this disorder well because I am a recovering co-dependent and I specialize in treating co-dependency when I was working as a Psychologist. If you believe you might be (or know you are) co-dependent, then I encourage you to take any action necessary to heal. However, I have found that true healing from co-dependency often requires working with a coach or counselor. It’s a very difficult issue to self-treat because everyone around you will want you to continue being co-dependent. We are wonderful people. We are dedicated (often to our detriment) to take care of others. Who wouldn’t want to be around a co-dependent?! Consequently, those around you may not want you to heal. This makes healing very challenging without outside, professional support. You deserve to heal! Your life will get so much better if you do, and you’ll actually be better able to effectively help others if you heal yourself first!


Blog Posts and Information Related to Psychic Protection and Energy Clearing


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.