Darkness cannot exist where there is light and advice for lightworkers

A channeled message from the Council of 12

Greetings!  We are Anne’s Council of 12, and we are a group of non-physical entities that work with Anne.

We are here today to elaborate on a topic that we recently addressed when Anne was channeling in one of her Channeling classes.  Because of the amazing efforts of the lightworkers who are present on Earth right now, there is an increasing amount of light shining.  As your vibrational rate increases (AKA you are “ascending”), each of you is becoming more and more of a “light being,” which means that your personal aura is shining brighter and brighter.

As your individual light and the collective light of humanity shines brighter on the Earth plane, you are all shedding light on areas of darkness.  This darkness begins to be exposed to the light.  Always remember, darkness cannot exist where there is light.  Consequently, as you shine your light on these areas that have been hidden in the shadows, they begin to emerge into the light and eventually disappear.  Light replaces the darkness.

However, it is often a messy process as the darkness is brought out of the shadows and into the light.  The darkness is being exposed for what it really is, and there is often a period of time when the darkness will fight for its very survival.  Therefore, things may seem to get worse before they get better.  But because darkness cannot exist in the presence of light, as soon as it is touched by the light, its power begins to dissipate.  With time, it is inevitable that it will be absorbed by the light and the light will predominate.

In your personal lives, this darkness can take many forms.  It may be that important issues within your psyche and/or within your interpersonal relationships are coming up to be healed.  Financial situations or medical issues that you have “put on the back burner” may now be demanding your attention.  In your work environments, you may be seeing injustices being brought to light.  All of these may be very difficult to deal with, and some may even require the intervention of trained professionals (e.g., counselors, doctors) and/or legal institutions in order to find resolution.

On a societal level, this darkness can, at times, be much more apparent because it impacts a far greater number of people.  You have all recently witnessed leaders of certain countries appearing to misuse their power.  You have also seen that social injustices are being exposed, such as inequalities due to gender, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, and much more.  The axiom that all members of humanity are all one is becoming more and more apparent. Social and political systems that support inequalities of any kind are being exposed to the light and are fading from existence.

What is your role as a lightworker at this important time in humanity’s history?  There is no one answer to this question.  You will each need to find the answer(s) that feels right to you.  For some, you will need to take an active role in fighting injustice or inequalities in order to feel you are fulfilling your life purpose at this time.  For others, your “action” may involve shining your light from the sidelines and thereby helping to bolster the light of those who are taking a more active role.  All roles are equally important!

Regardless of the role you play, we want you to hear one message very, very clearly.  The most important thing you ALL must do, regardless of the action you choose to take, is to keep your light shining as brightly as possible.  You need to monitor your vibrational rate (i.e., light) daily . . . sometimes hourly . . . to make sure that the choices you are making regarding what you are doing, thinking, saying, and being exposed to is not dimming your light.  Humanity needs your light more now than ever.

How do you maintain your light in the face of darkness?  Here are our suggestions:

  • Maintain your connection to Spirit. This is THE most important recommendation we can make to you, but we recognize that this can be difficult in the face of unsettling events.  How do you do this?  We recommend two things:  (1) maintain a daily spiritual practice (e.g., prayer, meditation, reading uplifting material) and (2) spend time with like-minded others (e.g., attending lectures or classes).
  • Maintain your current vibrational rate. When your natural compassionate nature leads to a desire to help, remember that to truly help, you do not need to join the person or group in their emotional state (e.g., fear, anger, despair, sadness).  Instead, the best way that lightworkers can help anyone who is in pain (whether an individual or a group) is through maintaining your current vibrational space.  By maintaining your higher vibrational state, you help shed more light on the darkness so it cannot exist, and you also serve as an “anchor” or “beacon” for those in turmoil.
  • Raise your current vibrational rate.  Regular participation in any of the activities listed above will do this (e.g., prayer, meditation, reading uplifting material).  Taking metaphysical and healing arts classes (e.g., psychic development, mediumship, Reiki) will also incrementally increase your vibrational rate.
  • Remain as detached as possible. Do your best to observe what is happening rather than becoming entangled in it.  And if you do become entangled, then get back to your centered space as quickly as possible.
  • Provide compassionate support. A few ways you can help others include saying kind words, taking compassionate action, smiling with a sincere heart, volunteering, making donations, and sending energy, prayers, and healing energy (e.g., Reiki).
  • Look for the lesson. Remember that with every event that occurs to an individual or to a group, there is a spiritual reason for it.  The greatest lessons often come from the most challenging events that you encounter during your lifetime on Earth.  You may not understand what the lessons are as the events are unfolding, but the lessons will become apparent in retrospect.
  • Work with the Law of Attraction. If you focus on what you want to see happen, then the chances increase that you will draw into your life what you are envisioning (e.g., resolution of a specific problem, a peaceful world).  One very simple tool that will quickly shift your point of focus comes from the spiritual-Earth authors Abraham-Hicks: Identify what you are concerned about and then ask yourself, “What do I want?”
  • Limit your contact with the media. Although you may want to stay informed, the media’s sensationalism can be both addictive and deceptive.  In order to stay in a positive place and effectively work with the Law of Attraction, stay informed but do your best to limit your exposure to written and broadcast media.

There is much darkness that needs to be exposed to the light, so these turbulent times are not yet over for humanity.  But by working with other lightworkers, you can do much to make sure that the light continues to shine brighter and brighter, both on the Earth plane and throughout the Universe.

Thank you for all you are doing for humanity at this critical time in its evolution.


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Channeled by Anne Reith, Ph.D.