Psychic meaning of number sequences (e.g., 111, 222, 333)

Have you ever wondered whether there is a psychic meaning when you see certain numbers or number sequences? 

The short answer: ABSOLUTELY! 


Which number sequences are important?

Many psychics, mediums, and healers often report seeing number sequences. Not all of them are significant. But as you learn more about them, you’ll begin to know which ones are important.

Some examples of common number sequences include:

  • Repeated numbers (e.g., 1111, 44, 555)
  • Number sequences (e.g., 1212, 123)
  • Significant numbers (e.g., 329 if your birthday is on March 29)

NOTE: Click here for a separate blog post that answers questions about the “special” number sequence of 1111 or 11:11.


Where will you see important number sequences?

The short answer: ANYWHERE!

You may see these number sequences on a clock, on a license plate, or when dealing with calculations of any kind (e.g., receipts, checkbook). Just today, I saw one of my significant number sequences when I looked at the number on a timer. I saw the same number about an hour later when I stopped a recording on my DVR and noticed that the number/time was the same significant number sequence. Anywhere you see numbers is a viable option!


What do specific number sequences mean?

As with so many topics in the metaphysical field, there are different beliefs regarding the meaning of number sequences. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Some believe that each sequence has a specific meaning.  For example, I just did a Google search for “meaning of the number 387.” It came up with “A sign of wisdom.” Or, some people believe that the number 11:11 is representative of an “awakening” for many lightworkers (e.g., increased interest in taking classes in psychic development, mediumship, healing arts).  (NOTE: See supplemental blog post about the number sequence 11:11.)
  • Others approach these number sequences from a numerological perspective:
    • One approach is to look at only numbers that repeat (e.g., 44, 888) and interpret their significance based on the meaning of the individual numbers that you are seeing.  For example, because the number 1 in numerology often represents new beginnings, then repeatedly noticing a clock at 1:11 or 11:11 might mean that you are currently going through (or about to go through) a new beginning.
    • Another approach is to take each number sequence and reduce it down to a single digit and then interpret the single digit using numerology.  For example, if you have been repeatedly seeing the number sequence 520, then you could take the number 520 and reduce it to a single digit by adding the individual numbers together:  5 + 2 + 0 = 7.  The number 7 in numerology represents spiritual energy and often a need to withdraw for contemplation.
  • And still others find that seeing number sequences that are significant to you is simply a sign from Spirit (regardless of the actual numbers involved).  For example, Spirit might want to get your attention:
    • To give you a sign that you are on the right path or making the right decision.
    • To get you to pause, take a deep breath, and receive a message that they would like to give you.


Combining approaches – An example

Many people actually use a combination of approaches rather than just one. 

For example, I actually use a combination of both of the techniques mentioned above. (NOTE: Please keep mind that this is my system and your approach may be different!)

  • I have a background in numerology, so Spirit will often use numbers to send me messages. I don’t tend to reduce the numbers by adding them together (see description above), but I often will see double, triple, and quadruple numbers when Spirit wants to tell me something. Some examples from the perspective of numerology:
    • If I see 11, 111, or 1111, then this is a message of new beginnings.
    • If I see 44, 444, or 4444, then this is a message that I need to work on foundational issues.
    • If I see 55, 555, or 5555, then this is a message that change is coming.
    • If i see 88, 888, or 8888, then this is a message about prosperity or abundance.
  • Other times, I will see specific number sequences or special number sequences when the other side is trying to get my attention, given me a message, or provide encouragement. Just a couple of examples:
    • When I see the number sequence 123, that often is my guides telling me that I’m on the right path. But when I see 321, then that sometimes is their message to slow down and reconsider something.
    • Another important number sequence for me is either 124 or 159. My birthday is January 24, 1959. Within a day or two of my father’s passing, I began seeing these number multiple times every day. Up until that point in time, I had never seen numbers associated with my birthday. My father and I had a challenging earthly relationship, and he was notorious for not remembering anyone’s birthday. I quickly realized that my father was using my birthday as a way to say “I’m sorry.” Since that time, he still will send me these number sequences whenever he wants to provide me with encouragement or an energetic hug.


Which interpretive approach is “right” for you?

After working with thousands of students and clients, I can say with all certainty that you will need to determine for yourself how to interpret number sequences.  There isn’t one “right way” . . . there is only the “right way for you.” 

I can also say with all certainty that you WILL figure out a system that works for you. Everyone does. Ask Spirit to help you determine an approach that works for you and for them.


What if you choose the wrong approach?

Don’t worry about making the “wrong” decision. Once you make a decision about the meaning of number sequences, then Spirit will work within that approach to bring you the messages that they want you to receive. 

So for example, if you decide to use a numerological approach, then Spirit will use that approach. If you want to look up the proposed meanings of number sequences using an online or published source, then Spirit will use that approach.

Their goal is to connect and communicate. They do not want to confuse you by using random systems. Once you decide on a system, they will use that approach.


Always remember to ask questions and to thank Spirit for the message

Whenever you observe a number sequence that feels significant to you (even if you don’t understand the meaning at that moment), then I recommend that you do the following:

  • Say “Thank you” (even if you don’t know which entity is sending the message or what it means).
  • Ask who is sending the message
  • Ask if there is a message that the other side would like to convey to you

You may not get answers to the last two questions, but it’s worth asking. If you get an immediate impression of a message, do your best to trust whatever came to you.  If you don’t receive a message, don’t worry about it.  Spirit is very likely sending you love, support, and encouragement simply by providing you with number sequences that have a psychic or spiritual meaning(s) to you.

However, keep in mind that many people intuitively “know” who the message is from and and what the message is. Trust that!

Regardless of your method of interpretation, I do recommend that you thank them for their effort to communicate with you. Even if you don’t know which entity sent the message (e.g., angel, guide, deceased loved one), the more you acknowledge it and express appreciation for it, the more the other side will use that as a method of communication with you. 


Final notes

  • What I have observed is that the more you acknowledge the presence of number sequences, the more they will occur.
    • This is also true of letter sequences (e.g., your initials, the initials of a deceased loved one) or the appearance of certain objects (e.g., finding a penny or a feather).
  • Remember to have fun with this. Those on the other side love it when we have fun.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.