What Does It Mean When You See Number Sequences (e.g., 11, 345, 777)?

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Number sequence 777 with golden light
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Number sequence 777 with golden light

Do you keep seeing special numbers and number sequences?

For example, have you ever looked at the clock at 3:33, and then soon thereafter ordered an item at a fast food restaurant and the total was $3.33?

Or have you ever seen your birthday or the birthday of someone special to you come up in various places? For example, if your deceased mother’s birthday was March 14, do you see the number combination 314 come up at certain times?

If so, it’s important to pay attention! Using numbers is one of Spirit’s favorite ways of getting our attention and conveying messages.

How do we use numbers and number sequences?

In order to use this method of spiritual communication, our job is twofold:

  • STEP #1 – Identification: Not all numbers are significant. The numbers that are significant to you might not be significant to someone else. Therefore, the first challenge is to begin to figure out which numbers or number sequences are messages for YOU from the other side. We will explore this shortly, but the identification process begins by paying attention to the numbers we see or hear. The bottom line is that if the same numbers repeatedly come up in your life, then it’s time to go to STEP #2.
  • STEP #2 – Meaning: If you begin to believe that a number or number sequence is important, then you have to figure out what it means. Later in the Blog post, I will present several different approaches to interpreting them.

Which numbers and number sequences are important?

Again, not all numbers are important. However with practice, everyone eventually figures out which numbers are being used by Spirit to get our attention.

When first starting the identification process, here are some categories of special numbers and number sequences that might be worth paying attention to:

  • Repeating Numbers (e.g., 1111, 44, 555, 777)
  • Ascending or Descending Number Sequences (e.g., 123, 765)
  • Significant Numbers (e.g., 329 if your birthday is March 29)

How Spirit uses clairvoyance and clairaudience

Although there are other ways this can happen, Spirit primarily uses two different methods for conveying numerical messages:

  • Clairvoyance: This is the most common method. Spirit uses clairvoyance to have us “see” special numbers or number sequences. For example, we may suddenly find our physical eyes looking at a license plate on a nearby car and see a number that is important.
  • Clairaudience: This is the second most common method. Spirit uses clairaudience to have us “hear” special numbers or number sequences. For example, we might be walking through a crowded mall, and our physical ears suddenly hear someone say a number that is important.

Where will you see and hear important numbers?

EVERYWHERE! Once you let your angels, guides, and deceased loved ones know that you are open to using numbers to receive messages, you will begin seeing and hearing numbers everywhere! They love using this form of communication!

Just a few of the possibilities include:

  • Anywhere you see numbers that represent the time (e.g., digital clocks, your smart phone, kitchen timers)
  • Anything that uses numbers to track or count (e.g., odometer on your car, pedometer, DVR’s, calculator)
  • When dealing with calculations of any kind (e.g., receipts, checkbook, bank statement)
  • Anything that you are reading (e.g., website, books, magazines)
  • License plates
  • Billboards and signs
  • Anything you are listening to (e.g., a podcast, television program, movie, walking through a store)

In other words, ANYWHERE that you might see or hear numbers is a viable option!

For example, yesterday morning, I saw the sequence of numbers that represent my brother’s birthday on a kitchen timer (127). About an hour later, I saw the same number when I stopped a recording on my DVR. At that point, I stopped, asked Spirit what this meant, and felt a need to call him. It ended up that he was about to call me to ask me an important question.

Different interpretive approaches

Once you have identified that a number or number sequence might be important, now you need to figure out what it means.

Although there are actually many different approaches and theories, here are 3 of the most commonly used approaches:

  • THEORY #1 – Specific Meanings: With this theory, each number and number sequence is believed to have a unique spiritual meaning. The meaning is determined by each author in consultation with their guides. There are books and websites that provide interpretations of numbers and numbers sequences. They usually start at 0 and go through 999.
    • Some people LOVE this approach and use it very effectively. A very psychic friend of mine used to use this method with license plates. When driving, she would ask her guides a question and then notice the numbers on the first license plate that her eyes focused on. She would then look up the number in a book that provided interpretations.
    • However, some people find this approach confusing because they consult many different sources and find conflicting interpretations. For example, I just did a Google search for “meaning of the number 387.” One source said it represents “a sign of wisdom,” but another site said it is “telling you to live your life to the fullest.”
    • TRICK: If you want to use this approach, I recommend that you use only one author/source for interpretations. If you state your intention to use this single source, then Spirit will use your chosen author/source to make sure you receive the correct message.
  • THEORY #2 – Using Numerology: This is the belief that numbers and number sequences can be interpreted using numerology. Keep in mind that in order to use this approach, you do need an understanding of numerology (e.g., the meaning of single digits, the meaning of “master numbers”) Although there are many different numerological approaches, here are two of the most common:
    • One approach is to reduce any number sequence down to either (a) a single digit or (b) a “master number.” The interpretation of the number sequence is based on the meaning of the single digit or the “master number.” For example, if you have been repeatedly seeing the number sequence 520, then you would reduce it to a single digit by adding the individual numbers together:  5 + 2 + 0 = 7.  The number 7 in numerology represents spiritual energy and often is a message to withdraw for contemplation. Often those using this approach do not reduce the “master numbers” of 11, 22, or 33 and sometimes even 44, 55, etc. For example, if you keep seeing the number 470, you would add the following numbers together: 4 + 7 + 0 = 11. The master number of 11 would not be reduced down further to 1 + 1 = 2.
    • Another approach is to look at only numbers that repeat (e.g., 44, 888). Regardless of the number of times the number is repeated (e.g., 22, 222, 2222), the interpretation is based on the meaning of the individual number (i.e., 2). For example, because the number 5 in numerology often represents change, then repeatedly noticing a clock at 5:55 might mean that you are currently going through (or about to go through) a change of some kind. With this approach, some people believe that the number of repetitions can add emphasis (e.g., 55 means change but 555 would mean a bigger or more important change).
  • THEORY #3 – Spirit Getting Our Attention: Although this approach is probably less common, it is much simpler. It doesn’t worry about the actual numbers involved. When we see a number or number sequence that we have identified as important, it is simply seen as a sign that Spirit wants us to know they are there and are supporting us. For example, here are some possibilities:
    • To simply let you know that an angel, guide, or deceased loved one is present and sending you loving energy.
    • To give you a sign that you are on the right path or making the right decision.
    • To get you to pause, take a deep breath, and receive a message using another method (e.g., pull a tarot card).

Combining approaches – An example

Many people do what I do: We use a combination of approaches rather than just one.  Here are some examples:

(NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is my system and your approach may be different!)

  • I have a background in numerology, so Spirit will often use numbers to send me messages. However, I don’t tend to reduce the numbers by adding them together (see description in the last section). For me, when I see double, triple, and quadruple numbers, then I know this is a message from Spirit, especially if I see the same numbers within a short period of time. Some examples from the perspective of numerology:
    • If I see 11, 111, or 1111, then this is a message of new beginnings.
    • If I see 44, 444, or 4444, then this is a message that I need to work on foundational issues.
    • If I see 55, 555, or 5555, then this is a message that change is coming.
    • If i see 88, 888, or 8888, then this is a message about prosperity or abundance.
  • Other times, I will see specific numbers or number sequences when the other side (a) is trying to get my attention, (b) is sending me a message, or (c) is providing encouragement. Here are just a couple of examples:
    • When I see the number sequence 123, this often is my guides telling me that I’m on the right path and to continue moving forward. However, when I see 321, then that often is their way of suggesting that I slow down and reconsider something.
    • Many people find that Spirit will use the numbers representing their birthday to send a message. I was actually surprised that this never happened to me given how much attention I place on numerical messages from Spirit. However, within 24 hours of my father’s passing in 2017, I began seeing my birthday multiple times every day. My father and I had a challenging earthly relationship, and he was notorious for not remembering anyone’s birthday, which could be hurtful. I quickly realized that my father was using my birthday as a way to say “I’m sorry” and “I get it now.” Since that time, he still sends me my birthday numbers whenever he wants to provide me with encouragement or a “spiritual hug.”

Which interpretive approach is “right” for you?

After working with thousands of students and clients, I can say with all certainty that:

  • You will need to identify for yourself which numbers are important for you.
  • You will need to determine how to interpret numbers and number sequences.  There isn’t one “right way” . . . there is only the “right way for you.” 
  • You WILL figure out a system that works for you. Everyone does!

What if you choose the wrong approach?

It is very common for those new to metaphysics to worry that they are making a wrong choice. You needn’t worry about making the “wrong” decision.

Once you make a decision about which special numbers or number sequences are important and how you will interpret them, then Spirit will work within that approach to bring you the messages that they want you to receive. 

For example, if you want to look up the proposed meanings of number sequences using an online or published source (i.e., THEORY #1 above), then Spirit will use that approach. OR if you decide to use a numerological approach (i.e., THEORY #2 above), then Spirit will use that approach.

Their goal is to clearly communicate messages. They do not want to confuse you. Once you decide on a system, then they will be consistent in using that approach.

Always remember to thank Spirit for the message and ask follow-up questions

Whenever you see or hear a special number or number sequence that feels significant to you (even if you don’t understand the meaning at that moment), then I recommend that you do the following:

  • Say “Thank you.”
    • I do recommend that you thank them for their effort to communicate with you. Even if you don’t know which entity sent the message (e.g., angel, guide, deceased loved one) and/or what the message means, the more you acknowledge that you noticed and appreciate their effort, the more the other side will use numbers as a method of communication with you.
  • Ask follow up questions. You may not get answers, but it’s worth asking. For example:
    • “Who is sending the message?”
    • “Is there a message that the other side would like to convey to me?”

Keep the following in mind when asking follow up questions:

  • If you get an immediate impression of which entity is sending the message or what the message is, do your best to trust whatever came to you.  Many people intuitively “know” the answers. Trust yourself!
  • If you don’t receive a specific message, don’t worry about it.  It is likely that Spirit is simply sending you love, support, and encouragement. Or perhaps the answer(s) will come to you later.

IMPORTANT: Some final thoughts

  • What I have observed is that the more you acknowledge the presence of special numbers or number sequences, the more often those on the other side will use this form of communication.
  • Much of the information above (e.g., STEP #1 – Identification, STEP #2 – Meaning) also applies to:
    • Special letter sequences (e.g., your initials, the initials of a deceased loved one).
    • The appearance of certain objects (e.g., finding a penny or a feather).
  • Remember to have fun with this. Those on the other side love it when we have fun.
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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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