Understanding Grief: How to Assist Those Who Are Grieving

Instructor:  Anne Reith, Ph.D.





Anne always says, “This class should be mandatory for every high school student.”

Because we are human, life will involve the eventual loss of someone or something that is important to us. During her many years working as a Psychologist, Dr. Anne specialized in the grief and loss process. She created this Understanding Grief class as a way to provide everyone with information that will help you better understand this process for yourself and for those around you.

During this workshop, you will learn about the stages of grief, factors that alter the process of “healthy” grieving, and how to be an effective “helper” (e.g., what to say, what not to say). 

Various special topics will be covered including:

  • “Anticipatory” grief
  • Children who have lost a parent
  • “Complicated” grief
  • Dealing with “special days”
  • “Delayed” grief
  • Differences due to age, gender, culture, and religious beliefs
  • Differences due to type of loss (e.g., loss of a spouse, parent, child, accidental death, prolonged illness, suicide, homicide, pet)
  • Helping those who are dying
  • Supporting the elderly and those in “hospice”
  • 8 characteristics of visitation dreams


Workshop objectives for Understanding Grief

  • Learn how to support yourself and others through the grieving process
  • Prepare “helping professionals” (e.g., mediums, psychics, healers, nurses, hypnotherapists, the clergy) to compassionately bear witness to someone during one of the most vulnerable points in most people’s lives . . . grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Explore different types of grief and different ways of grieving
  • Teach effective communication skills with those who are going through a loss of any kind


What is included in the Understanding Grief workshop

  • An extensive 59-page manual with reference material
  • 6 hours of instruction with time for questions
  • Information on the typical stages of grief
  • Discussion about how to best support someone who is grieving (e.g., what to say, what not to say)
  • Information about the typical reactions to different type of losses (e.g., loss of a pet, expected versus unexpected deaths, losses due to suicide/homicide)
  • Insight into complicated grief reactions (e.g., what is “normal” and what isn’t)
  • Tips for how to take care of ourselves if we are in the role of a caregiver
  • Questionnaire designed to help you explore your personal beliefs and attitudes about death and dying (not completed in class but is designed for private exploration)


How to repeat the Understanding Grief workshop FREE

Students who have previously taken (i.e., paid for) this workshop with Anne are welcome to attend for FREE.  We will need to confirm your attendance in our database.  Once confirmed, you must let us know that you plan to attend, and you will be responsible for using the manual originally provided to you. (NOTE:  If you need a new manual, there may be a minimal fee.)


Here’s what students are saying about Dr. Anne’s Understanding Grief workshop

“Anne is an excellent teacher and has a knack for broaching a tough subject with grace and practical examples.  I feel more equipped to assist those who are grieving now that I have taken this class.”  (L.M., Orange, California)  5 stars

“I always appreciate Anne’s professionalism and experience; especially with such a taboo topic as death.  I feel better equipped now to heal mankind.”  (K.R., Carson, California)  5 stars

“I really learned a lot about grieving, especially complicated grief.  I liked the way that Anne took the time to explain each step in the grieving process, bringing in practical examples on each topic she was discussing.  An excellent workshop, very informative.  I’d recommend it for everybody-lots of material to reflect and digest.  Great job!”  (K.V., Pasadena, CA)  5 stars

“I liked the explicit teaching with examples.  I also appreciate the opportunities for students to comment because those personal experiences help me to make connections to the new material.”  (L.H., Irvine, California)  5 stars


Understanding Grief inquiry form

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Registration information for the Understanding Grief workshop

  • NOTE (as of Fall 2022):  Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that required the closure of our center, this workshop will either be:
    • Offered ONLINE as a Zoom webinar
    • Converted into a product that will be available through our online Store
    • Taught in-person once the pandemic is behind us and we can find a new location to offer classes
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TIME:  Noon-6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Click here for time zone converter)


REGISTRATION:  Preregistration is required for this course!  To preregister, contact us at Anne@AnneReith.com or call (714) 599-0017 or fill out the form above.


  • $140
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    • 2 payments of $75
    • 3 payments of $55

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  • This class is appropriate for EVERYONE, but it is strongly recommended for ALL students of psychic development, mediumship, and the healing arts.
  • This workshop may become available as a home-study course.  Be sure to join Anne’s Online Community in order to receive the latest announcements regarding in-person and home-study courses!
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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.