Which deceased loved ones come through during mediumship sessions?

When seeing a medium (or sometimes known as a psychic medium), often clients will have one “longed for” deceased loved one that they want to connect with.  And during most mediumship sessions, this deceased loved one will come through.  When I am conducing a mediumship session, I always tell my client to take a little time before the session begins to mentally invite that deceased person to be present during the reading.  Those on the other side tell me that they appreciate the invitation, and they will do their best to comply.

However, after spending many years doing mediumship sessions with hundreds of clients, I have learned that those on the other side of the veil may have other plans.  The “longed for” connection may not happen for several reasons:

  • The “longed for” person may come through later, but he or she may NOT be the first person to come through.  When I am doing a mediumship reading, it is very common for the first deceased loved to be someone who was very loving and nurturing with the client when they were alive.  This is especially true if the person has never received a mediumship reading before.  It’s as if the “special” deceased loved one prepares the way (a) by allowing the client time to get used to receiving a mediumship reading and (b) by giving the client time to trust that what is happening is “real.”  At some point later in the reading, the “longed for” deceased loved one may appear.
  • The person’s guides may be aware that someone other than the “longed for” person needs to be given priority.  This could be a deceased loved one or a guide, and there is often a sense of “urgency” when this happens..  The reason for this urgency almost always becomes clear during the reading.  It may be that the guide or deceased loved one that is coming through has an important message that needs to be conveyed to the client or to someone who the client knows.  I will experience a pressured feeling . . . like the entity can’t wait to connect with me so I can convey the message to the client.  Often, this entity has been waiting for an opportunity to speak and can’t wait patiently in line for his or her turn.  Once the message is conveyed, they may remain for a while or they may leave, but the feeling of urgency definitely leaves.
  • When souls have lived a very difficult lifetime and/or died in a very traumatic way (e.g., violence, accident, suicide), they often need time on the other side to heal.  They need this time to recover their energy so they have the energy to communicate.  But they also need assistance from their guides to gain objectivity regarding what they went through so they can convey messages of love and healing to those who were left behind.  I will write more about this topic in a future blog post, but I include it here because it is one of the reasons why a “longed for” deceased loved one may not be present during a reading.
  • No matter how much the client wants to hear from someone from the other side of the veil, sometimes the “longed for” deceased loved one chooses not to come through during a specific reading.  This may happen for a variety of reasons.  Just a few of these reasons include:
    • They may have recently come through during another reading, and they step aside because they know that another deceased loved one needs an opportunity to connect with the client.
    • They may have recently come through during another reading, and they are concerned that the client is spending too much time focusing on the person who is gone and not living their life fully on the Earth plane.
    • They may know that the client is too emotionally raw.  They can see that to connect at this time would be too overwhelming and cause major disruption in the person’s life.  They never want to make the person’s life more unmanageable.
    • They may know that the specific medium involved wouldn’t be able to convey their message accurately, so they will wait for another opportunity.

Overall, as a medium, I have learned to trust that Spirit always knows best who needs to come through during a reading with a specific medium.  They also know the best order in which deceased loved ones should appear.  I have learned to trust that the person’s guides are very wise and ALWAYS have the client’s best interest at heart!  It’s all about learning to trust that Spirit really does know best!

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