Do you need to eat a certain diet to be a psychic, medium, or healer (e.g., vegetarian, vegan)?

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In this post, I will address a question that is perhaps even more hotly debated in the metaphysical field than the topics above. Namely, does someone need to become a vegetarian/vegan or restrict certain types of food/substances in order to be an effective psychic, medium, or even healer? 


Diet as it relates to psychic, mediumship, or healing abilities

In addition to the belief that psychics, mediums, and healers need to become vegetarian or vegan, other dietary recommendations have been presented by various metaphysical authors and teachers. Some of the most common beliefs include not eating processed foods, red meat, or white sugar.

I am often asked by new metaphysical students about my beliefs regarding food consumption.  As I have stated in the two blog posts listed above, I tend to disagree with metaphysical teachers who advocate for an all-or-nothing position regarding dietary choices.  For example, there are some who are adamant that becoming a vegetarian or vegan is essential to becoming an effective psychic, medium, or healer. 

I respectfully disagree with my colleagues.  I do not believe that there is one “appropriate” or “necessary” diet for psychics, mediums, or healers. I believe there is only what is right for you.


Whether or not to make dietary changes

Yes, there are some people who will benefit greatly from making certain dietary changes as they enter the metaphysical world. These could be for health reasons and/or as an aide in their metaphysical development.  For these folks, becoming vegetarian or vegan does appear to improve their psychic abilities and/or healing skills. 

What I have witnessed, though, is that when these individuals decide to change their diet, they often find it relatively easy to make the necessary changes. It’s like their bodies are saying, “Well, it’s about time!” Although some may experience a short “detox” period, these periods are often brief because their bodies support the dietary changes that have been made.  They quickly adjust and feel healthier than ever before.

However, other people try to force a change that is not aligned with their body’s needs. I will use myself as an example. Even before I began my work in the metaphysical field, I tried on numerous occasions to become vegetarian and even vegan.  Sadly, the result was never positive. 

As described in the paragraph above, some people experience a short “cleansing” period. For me, this “cleansing” period never ended and the dietary changes resulted in feeling less healthy, even when these dietary changes were made under the guidance of certified nutritionists.  At times, experienced vegetarians will tell me to “just hang on a little bit longer” so I could reap the benefits.  But “a little bit longer” never resulted in feeling better . . . only worse.

Consequently, I repeatedly returned to a “balanced” diet, which included lean animal protein.  I feel so much healthier when I eat in this way. 

NOTE: I think my students and clients will affirm that my psychic, mediumship, channeling, and healing abilities have remained strong even when I’m not vegetarian or vegan.


The importance of using caution when changing your diet

Sadly, I have personally witnessed some of my students following the guidance of an author or teacher. Their goal is admirable: To become better at being a psychic, medium, or healer.

However, I have seen some serious medical consequences of trying, for example, to become vegetarian or vegan in an effort to become more psychic or a clearer channel for spiritual energy.  These were usually people with certain medical conditions (e.g., diabetes).  What I have repeatedly seen is that after returning to a diet that is better suited to their body’s needs, some of these students have blossomed into incredibly gifted psychics, mediums, and healers.

NOTE: If you are dealing with a medical condition that requires dietary controls (e.g., diabetes), please be sure to follow sound medical advice!


One size does NOT fit all

Therefore, because of my personal experience and what I have witnessed with some of my students, I have to disagree with the “one size fits all” approach to diet.  Certain dietary restrictions may benefit some people, but not everyone. 

In my effort to find answers over the past few years about this topic, I continually return to the compelling research that has been done showing that each blood type requires certain types of diets in order to remain healthy.  For example, Type A’s often flourish on a vegetarian or vegan diet, whereas Type O’s (like myself) need a balanced diet that includes adequate amounts of lean animal protein.


The key is finding the right diet for YOU

A healthy diet (as defined by your body!) is an important part of doing psychic, medium, or healing work.  I am not recommending that you eat whatever you want.  The research also supports that we all need to consume a moderate amount of calories.  Additionally, these calories should come from a variety of healthy food sources (e.g., protein, carbohydrates, healthy sources of fat) in order to get adequate fuel, vitamins, minerals, roughage, etc. 

If you think about it, you can probably remember a time when you consumed either too much food or food that was not good for you.  You probably felt pretty rotten!  When you feel rotten, it is not conducive to effective metaphysical work and should be avoided, particularly when you know you will be conducting readings or healings with others.


The importance of listening to your body’s wisdom

When developing your skills as a psychic, medium, or healer, it is very common to feel a need to change your diet. Some people find that they can no longer tolerate eating read meat. Others find that they cannot drink as much alcohol. Sometimes these changes are temporary; sometimes permanent.

I firmly believe that it is essential for each person to determine for him or herself what a healthy diet will be.  If you have been unable to convert to a vegetarian or vegan diet, it should not be viewed as either a failure or as detrimental to your spiritual journey. 

When changes are needed, our body will tell you. Listen to your body’s wisdom, and consume whatever helps you feel healthy. I don’t care how famous the person is, don’t follow the guidance of someone outside of yourself, unless your inner guidance and body agrees with what you are reading or healing.


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  • If you are dealing with a medical condition that requires dietary restrictions (e.g., diabetes), please be sure to follow sound medical advice!
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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.