Does Diet (e.g., Vegetarian, Vegan) Impact Your Spiritual Connection ?

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Variety of foods from all food groups
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Variety of foods from all food groups

Does a certain type of diet enhance the skills of psychics, mediums, and healers?

This is a hotly debated topic within the metaphysical field. In this post, I will address whether it important to (a) follow a specific diet (e.g., vegetarian, vegan), (b) restrict certain types of food, and/or (c) include certain types of foods in order to be an effective psychic, medium, or healer.


Diet as it relates to psychic, mediumship, or healing abilities

Metaphysical authors and teachers vary greatly in their opinions regarding the “best” diet for psychics, mediums, and healers.

Some of the most common opinions include:

  • You must follow a vegetarian diet
  • You must become vegan
  • You should eliminate all processed foods
  • You should eliminate certain foods or food groups (e.g., red meat, white sugar, gluten)
  • You should include certain foods because they will increase your abilities

I respectfully disagree with my colleagues who advocate for a “one size fits all” approach to dietary needs.  After years of working with thousands of very gifted psychics, mediums, and healers, I do not believe that there is one “appropriate” or “necessary” diet for psychics, mediums, or healers. I believe there is only what is right for you.

Whether or not to make dietary changes

When developing your skills as a psychic, medium, or healer, many people are guided to reduce or eliminate certain foods from their diet (e.g., red meat, alcohol, caffeine). Some even feel it’s appropriate to make more radical changes, such as becoming vegetarian or vegan after a lifetime of being a “meat eater.”

Why would anyone be guided to change their diet? As you develop your intuitive and healing abilities, this means that the cells within your body and the energy within your aura will vibrate at a faster level. As your vibrational levels increase, your physical body also changes. Consequently, your body may need to consume different foods.

Here’s what I have witnessed regarding dietary changes:

  • When someone is spiritually guided to make a dietary change, they often find it relatively easy to make the necessary adjustments. It’s like their body is saying, “Well, it’s about time!” Although some may experience a short “detox” period, these periods are often brief because their bodies support the dietary changes that have been made. They quickly adjust and feel healthier than ever before. Sometimes, these changes are temporary. For others, these may be lifelong adjustments.
  • On the other hand, when someone decides to make a change based on what “someone” has told them is the “best” or “right” way for psychics, mediums, or healers to eat, things often don’t go well. They usually struggle to maintain the changes, and sometimes they even become ill. It’s like their body is saying, “What are you doing?!” This happens because the change isn’t aligned with their body’s biochemical needs. They make the change based on the opinion of someone else and not on their own intuitive/spiritual guidance.

One size does NOT fit all

Again, I respectfully disagree with those who believe that there is a black-and-white, “one size fits all” approach to diet.  Certain dietary restrictions may benefit some people, but not everyone. And if the changes aren’t aligned with the body’s needs, it can actually be dangerous.  

After teaching thousands of students, I can say with all certainty that eating a particular diet is not what makes someone a good psychic, medium, or healer. I have seen excellent practitioners who eat meat, are vegetarian or vegan, consume alcohol, and every other dietary approach.

For example, I am a big animal rights person. Several times in my life, I have attempted to follow a vegetarian diet. Each time, I became quite ill. Those who are vegetarian often said I just needed to get through “the cleanse.” But after several valiant attempts with the same outcome, I finally realized that my body’s biochemistry required animal protein.

Has this been detrimental to my skill level? I do not believe so. I have been a professional psychic, medium, and healer since 2002, and I believe most of my clients and students would say that I am very capable at being a clear channel for Divine information and energy. However, I am very certain that I’ve been healthier when eating animal protein than when I didn’t.

I continually return to the compelling research that has been done showing that each blood type requires certain types of diets in order to remain healthy.  For example, Type A’s often flourish on a vegetarian or vegan diet, whereas Type O’s need a balanced diet that includes adequate amounts of lean animal protein. I am O-Positive, so that might explain why my body needs animal protein to be healthy.

The key is finding the right diet for YOU

I do believe that following a healthy diet (as defined by your body!) is an important part of being an effective psychic, medium, or healer.  Divine information and energy flows through your body, so your body is your tool when doing spiritual work. Just like chefs will sharpen their knives in order to cut food effectively, you need to take care of your tool (i.e., your body) for it to work most effectively.

The importance of listening to your body’s wisdom

The key is finding what the “right” diet is for you and your body. I firmly believe that when changes are needed, our body will tell you. Therefore, I encourage everyone to listen to their body’s wisdom rather than external opinions regarding what is “right”.” Consume whatever helps you feel healthy.

If someone outside of you does recommend something, then start by checking in with your inner guidance. If it feels “right” for you, then I still encourage you to approach the dietary change as an experiment. See if your body agrees with the adjustment you’ve made.

One final note: Our bodies change over time. These changes can be due to the natural aging process, medical conditions, and/or new levels of spiritual development. Be ready to make adjustments, as needed, throughout your lifetime. Once again, listen to your body; it will tell you what it needs.

IMPORTANT: Please use caution when changing your diet

Sadly, I have seen a few people experience serious medical consequences when they tried to follow a diet recommended by someone else. Their goal of becoming a better psychic, medium, or healer is commendable, but the consequences were pretty severe.  These were usually people with certain medical conditions that had certain special requirements (e.g., diabetes). 

Please use caution and common sense when making any changes to your diet.

NOTE: If you are dealing with a medical condition that requires dietary controls (e.g., diabetes), please be sure to follow sound medical advice!

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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