Reincarnation, past lives, life between lives, and future lives – Useful definitions

When talking about reincarnation or past lives, other terms (e.g., futures lives, lives between lives, life scripts) often come up.  What I have found is that different authors may use different definitions for these terms, so I thought I should explain what I mean by these terms when I use them in my blogs, ebooks, and audio recordings.

NOTE:  Because different definitions do exist, I encourage you to always seek out the definition that feels “right” to you.

  • Reincarnation – I define reincarnation as the belief (a) that our soul has lived lifetimes before this one and (b) that after our physical death in our present lifetime, our soul will very likely be “reborn” into a new life experience.  There are many theories regarding how this occurs and what these experiences are like, which can vary depending on religious upbringing and/or the author writing about this topic.  However, it is believed by most metaphysicians that each lifetime provides different life experiences that are designed to help us advance and learn as souls (e.g., we are born with different genders, physical characteristics/conditions, socioeconomic group, religious/spiritual beliefs).
  • Past Lives – I define past lives as the lifetimes that our soul has lived previous to our present lifetime.  Different theories exist regarding how many lifetimes each soul will experience, ranging from just a few to many hundred.  Some people believe that some of our lifetimes may be lived on Earth but that some souls choose to be born on other planets or into other dimensions.
  • Lives Between Lives – In between each of our incarnations, we exist on a plane of existence that is sometimes referred to as “the other side” or “the other side of the veil.”  This is a non-physical realm of existence.  During our time between lifetimes, it is believed by some that we have an entirely separate life than when we are incarnated (e.g., roles, responsibilities, relationships with other souls).  It is my belief, and the belief of many metaphysicians, that it is during our time between lives that we review and study our past lives in order to learn lessons and then make plans for our next lifetime so we can learn lessons that we are ready to learn.
  • Future Lives – Through hypnotic regression, some people can gain access to information about possible scenarios regarding one or more of our future lives.  This glimpse into a possible future is given in order to clarify what might happen if a specific choice(s) is made in the present lifetime (i.e., what will our future life look like if we choose one particular course of action).  However, these glimpses into future lives are believed to be very tentative because you, as a soul, haven’t yet finished the present lifetime and your choices in this lifetime may impact this possible future life.

In upcoming posts, I will discuss each of these topics in much more detail, and related topics, such as soul groups, life scripts, karma, and fate. If you would like to explore the definitions of other terms, please click here to download my FREE ebook Basic Definitions of Terms for Psychics, Mediums, and Healers.