Channeled message from St. Theresa about humanity’s changes (as channeled by Rev. Margaret McCormick)

About Rev. Margaret McCormick

Rev. Margaret McCormick

Rev. Margaret McCormick first came to my classes in 2004.  She was already very skilled in channeling, but she always channeled only when she was alone. 

Her guides told her that she needed to find a teacher who could help her learn how to channel in public.  Margaret began attending my Psychic Development, Mediumship, and Channeling class.  She now channels beautifully before groups of any size!

Margaret receives a great deal of channeled information.  When she shared the following channeled message with me, I asked if I could post it on the blog on my website.  It is a very powerful message about the changes that humanity is currently undergoing and the part we all play, as Lightworkers, in these changes.

Thank you, Margaret, for being a clear and perfect channel . . . and for being a good friend!

ONE FINAL COMMENT:  I strongly support Margaret’s healing work, which involves the removal of negative energy that is attached to your aura.  I encourage you to visit Margaret’s website to learn more about her services.  She also conducts amazingly effective house clearings and can assist deceased souls to cross to the Light.



Message from St. Theresa

As Channeled by Rev. Margaret McCormick

All things that happen have reason and purpose.  You and your planet are at a very special pivotal time.  A time the likes of which have never been seen on your planet before.

If you will, visualize with me for a moment a path stretching before you.  This path stretches for some distance on fairly flat ground and then comes to a “Y.”  As you look at this junction, you notice the path on the right travels up the hill to the very top.  The path to the left goes ahead but stays at the same level.

It was humanity’s choice to choose the path on the right leading up the hill to the very top.  You have chosen. You have now reached “the tipping point.”  You are headed straight up that hill.

As you continue to view this path, also notice this path has some obstacles.  There are some large boulders and rocks almost obstructing the path forward in some areas.  It will take help to move these so that all who choose this path can continue.  But at the same time, you realize that these boulders can be moved with a group having this purpose in mind.  All their strength together can move these obstructions.

This, my dear ones, is similar to the path and journey you are on at the present time.  You are headed up that hill to the very top, but there will be some obstacles in the way.  Helping, healing, and sending love will help remove those obstacles so that you may continue along this path.  Each time an obstacle is removed, you gather momentum in your journey.

The key factor to realize here is that you are each one separate but still part of the whole.  What each and every one of you does affects the others in some way.  I know you have heard this many times before, but today, while you visualize this path, realize and take in fully that this is humanity’s path.  As obstacles are encountered, there are many who rush in to help move the obstacles. Together it can be accomplished.  This is how it was meant to be.

Events are now accelerating and happening at a very fast pace; and some things that happen may seem negative at first, but don’t jump to conclusions.  If you look behind the event and beyond it, you will see and realize its importance in the whole scheme of things.  Sometimes unrest is necessary to create change.

Humanity has chosen that path upwards toward the top of that hill; and when you get there, you can then look out over the whole scene, seeing the path you have traveled to get there.  This will be an enlightened moment as you have never experienced before.  You will see how everything that happened along that path had meaning and purpose bringing you to that very moment.

Dear ones, you have accomplished so much.  You have chosen to help at this critical time on your planet by sending out Light and healing energy to all those in need and to all those who need to change.  This is what it takes to change your world and bring about what we call “the time of peace” or “the time of radiance.” It is now!

We wish to communicate our love and gratitude to you for all that you do and who you are.  We are here supporting you, helping you, loving you – we are all as one.  Together we are making it happen!!


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