Summary of the Major Astrological Influences for 2024

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Astrological wheel with symbols and backlighting of brilliant white, pink, purple, and blues
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Astrological wheel with symbols and backlighting of brilliant white, pink, purple, and blues

2024 continues the theme of change that started last year.  Between 2023-2026, all 3 of the outer planets (i.e., Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) will be transitioning into new signs.  These outer planets are slow movers, and only change signs about every 7 to 20 years (depending on the planet involved).  Therefore, when they shift into a new sign, it’s a big deal.  But to have all 3 changing signs within a few years is extremely rare, which is why many astrologers are predicting that this time period will likely be the beginning of a “new era for humanity.” 

Because these 3 outer planets move so slowly and because they are in retrograde for about half of each year, their shift into a new sign often involves a 3-step process.  (NOTE:  Sometimes this is a 5-step process.)  The first time the planet tentatively steps into the new sign, we are often given a sneak peek at what might be coming in the future.  However, when the planet retrogrades back into the old sign, it is important.  It gives us a final opportunity to finish up any unfinished business related to that sign before making its next and usually final entry into the new sign.   

We will start our review with the planet furthest away from the Sun (i.e., Pluto) and work back toward Earth. 


  • What energy does Pluto represent:  Transformation, understanding the difference between the use of power versus force, destruction that leads to rebirth (e.g., the phoenix rising from the ashes), and deep healing. 
  • Planetary movement:  Back in 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn where it remained for 14-15 years.  Beginning in March 2023, it was the first of the 3 outer planets to begin the change-of-signs process when it tiptoed into Aquarius.  Because this planet is in retrograde 6-7 months each year, it didn’t stay very long in Aquarius before it backed up into Capricorn in June of 2023.  As of January 20, 2024, it will begin moving through Aquarius again.  This time, it will be there for a longer period of time (i.e., about 9 months).  However, during it’s annual retrograde phase this year, it backs up one more time into Capricorn between September 1-November 19, 2024.  After that, it will finish up this year in Aquarius, where it will remain for the next 20 years (thanks to the erratic orbit of Pluto). 
  • Interpretation:  While traveling through Capricorn, Pluto made its impact known on all of the structures in our lives, including business, government, and even the skeletal structure of the human body.  In retrospect, I think we can all agree that many of the structures in our personal and collective lives have transformed radically during this time.  Moving from Cap to Aquarius is a huge shift because these signs are very different.  For example, Capricorn focuses on the past, slow growth, predictability, stability, and controlling what can be experienced through our 5 senses.  Aquarius is basically the antithesis of this.  It is about the future, unlimited possibilities, doing the unexpected, and trusting what cannot be perceived through our 5 senses.  This air sign wants to make connections with others, especially if they serve a larger group or humanity as a whole.  All the structures that began to crumble while Pluto was in Capricorn will continue to shift.  But while Pluto is in Aquarius, outdated traditions, practices, institutions, and even leadership styles will experience radical, unexpected, and sometimes unpredictable alterations.  We are in the process of shaping a new and largely unknown future.  Breakthroughs will likely occur in the midst of what appears on the surface to be utter chaos.  We all need to trust that something new and powerful will rise from the ashes, and it will!  But it will take time.    


  • What energy does Neptune represent:  Spirituality, intuition, our ability to move out of fear and into faith, creativity, compassion, and possibly lack of clarity.
  • Planetary movement:  Neptune entered Pisces in 2011, and it will begin transitioning into Aries in April of 2025.  During 2024, it will be wrapping up its 14-year transit of Pisces.  Its retrograde phase this year will begin on July 2 and continue through early December. 
  • Interpretation:  While traveling through its home sign of Pisces, Neptune has been, and it will continue to be extra powerful.  If we are feeling floaty, confused, or can’t focus mentally, it’s important to take action to ground ourselves (e.g., go out in nature, do some gardening, hug a tree, engage in anything that brings us back into our body).  This is definitely a time when we are being urged to become increasingly compassionate, less judgmental, and more unifying in our approach to others.  The expression “We are all one” is key now.  Our spiritual practice is also extra important now, so we need to make sure we engage in any rituals that bring a feeling of connection with the Divine.  Meditation can be one of those, but there are many different options.  It’s the small, quiet moments that may be the most meaningful while Neptune is travelling through Pisces. 


  • What energy does Uranus represent:  Sudden/unexpected changes, innovation, originality, humanitarianism, and possibly rebelliousness.
  • Planetary movement:  During 2024, Uranus will continue its 7-year transit in earthy Taurus, which began back in 2018.  Its next retrograde phase will be from September 2024 through January 2025. 
  • Interpretation:  While traveling through Taurus, Uranus has been shaking up our personal and collective finances, values, and even our physical bodies.  Although we are advised to be conservative and cautious regarding our financial investments, patience will likely lead to slow growth and eventual success over time.  Uranus in Taurus is also helping many of us find new ways to take care of our bodies.  We should continue exploring what makes us as healthy as possible. 
  • NOTE:  One of the big astrological events of 2024 will occur when Uranus is conjunct (0 ) Jupiter in Taurus, which will be exact on April 20.  This could be a time when unexpected events take us on pleasurable detours that end up in surprising destinations.  This could also expand our opportunities to increase the amount of fun, play, joy, and love we have in our lives.  However, our greatest expansion will likely occur when we access the qualities of Taurus, such as resting, withdrawing to replenish our energy, and doing whatever we need to take care of our physical bodies.  Envisioning what we want in the future can be extra powerful around this time.  For example, this would be a good time to create a vision board. 


  • What energy does it represent:  Structure, order, discipline, responsibilities, control, leadership, and life lessons.
  • Movement:  Saturn entered Pisces in March of 2023, and it will continue to move through Pisces for all of 2024.  Its annual retrograde phase will occur mid-June through mid-November.  It will move into Aries in early 2025. 
  • Significance:  As I mentioned last year when Saturn began its sojourn through Pisces, Saturn isn’t comfortable in this sign.  Where Saturn wants limits and boundaries, Pisces wants no limits and permeable boundaries.  Consequently, navigating this 2.5-year transit through Pisces can be tricky for Saturn.  If done successfully, Saturn can actually help us learn to trust our intuition and be patient with “the process.”  It can also support us in creating that spiritual routine mentioned in the previous section on Neptune.  We can find strength in simplicity and the maturity needed to let go of any limiting beliefs, judgements, or resentments.  Being quiet and listening goes a long way.  One thing that Saturn and Pisces do have in common is a focus on endings.  Therefore, wrapping up any unfinished business is important this year; because when Saturn enters Aries in 2025, our focus will shift to creating new structures in our lives.    


  • What energy does Jupiter represent:  Expansion, growth, good fortune, travel, wisdom, religion, ethics, higher education, and possibly going to excess. 
  • Planetary movement:  Jupiter begins the year in Taurus and then will transition into Gemini on May 25, 2024.  Its annual retrograde phase will begin in October, and it will remain in Gemini during this time. 
  • Interpretation:  Jupiter will be finishing up its transit in Taurus during the first 5 months of the year, and this is a good time for financial growth . . . with one caveat.  Jupiter is about expansion, but its lower expression can include going to excess.  Any financial investments should be practical and based on realistic assessments.  They should not be made based on hearsay, speculation, or wishful thinking.  This is one of those times when we need to trust that “slow and steady wins the race.”  Once Jupiter moves into Gemini on May 25, things (especially our thoughts and communication) will speed up.  We may feel more optimistic and generous.  Our curiosity will be heightened, especially around topics related to faith, philosophy, ethics, and beliefs.  We want to expand our minds by taking classes; and if we can do so with others, all the better.  


  • What energy does Mars represent:  Energy, action, assertiveness, courage, sexuality, impulsivity, and aggression. 
  • Planetary movement:  Mars travels through several signs during 2024.  The important event occurs in December when it will turn retrograde in Leo and then backtrack into Cancer during the early part of 2025. 
  • Interpretation:  We will talk more about this retrograde phase as 2024 draws to a close.  However, Mars only goes retrograde every 2 years, so it’s a pretty big deal.  It is a time when we will be asking ourselves to reflect on and review our creative endeavors, financial decisions, and relationships. 


  • What energy does Venus represent:  What we desire/want/love, values, finances, relationships, partnerships, artistic expression, beauty, and sensuality.
  • Planetary movement:  Similar to Mars, Venus travels through many different signs during 2024.  It will remain direct all year.   
  • Interpretation:  We will talk about Venus’s transits through each sign when they occur. 


  • What energy does it represent:  Thinking, communication, and logic. 
  • Movement:  Mercury typically retrogrades 3 times each year.  This year they will occur between (1) April 1-25 in Aries, (2) August 5-28 in Virgo, and (3) November 25-December 15 in Sagittarius.   
  • Significance:  We will talk more about each retrograde phase when they occur, but in order of each time period named above, (1) we will be asked to reflect on our recent actions and make sure our ego isn’t ruling our decisions, (2) this will be an important time to reevaluate our creative endeavors and make sure they are coming from a heart-centered place and not from our ego’s need for attention, and (3) we are being given an opportunity to review our belief systems and make any needed adjustments. 


  • What energy do the Nodes represent:  The North Node represents our area of greatest growth, and life lessons.  It is what we tend to avoid when under stress.  The South Node is symbolic of the gifts/talents/abilities we have brought into this lifetime from past lifetimes.  It is what we may revert or regress to when under stress. 
  • Movement:  This year, the North and South Nodes will continue moving through Aries and Libra, respectively.  The Nodes will shift to the Pisces/Virgo axis in January 2025.  (NOTE:  The Nodes move backwards through the astrological signs.) 
  • Significance:  The Aries/Libra axis is encouraging us to learn how to assert our individual identity in healthy ways within our relationships.  We may feel a greater sense of self-confidence or have a willingness to explore new ways to enjoy life.  We could also have people from our past come back into our lives, possibly to start something new or it could be that we need to finalize an ending. 


Overall, 2024 continues the theme of change and humanity’s transition into a new era.  Many times, the energy may appear to be chaotic, but it will eventually lead to new, evolutionary advances.  On a personal level, this is a year of intentional actions that are guided by time spent in spiritual reflection and taking care of our bodies.  Balance will be key here.  And above all, don’t forget to use the Law of Attraction because thoughts have power.  We need to keep clarifying for ourselves what we want, ask the Universe for it, and then surrender while the fairies of the Universe devise the best possible way to bring us what we asked for . . . or something even better. 

Best wishes for a spiritually-fulfilling 2024! 

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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