NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – Celestial support to become an eagle or perhaps even a phoenix (October 30, 2016)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 10:38 a.m. on Sunday, October 30.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 8° of Scorpio.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 8° of Scorpio in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons always offer us opportunities for new beginnings and new emotional starts in the areas associated with the sign involved.  This time, the focus is on Scorpio, which is a fixed water sign.  Water signs are all about emotions and relationships, and the fixed modality means . . . well . . . fixed (e.g., stubborn, resistant to change).  The Scorpio energy has a reputation of being resistant to change; but if you believe that, then you are underestimating the potential of this powerful sign.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto (yes, we astrologers still consider Pluto a planet), which is all about transformation, our subconscious, and how we use power.  As we discussed in the last Moon Update, there are several symbols associated with the Scorpio.  The most common one is the scorpion, with its stinger/tail that it uses for protection when it feels threatened.  But the other symbols show how the energy of Scorpio actually is very developmental in nature.  Yes, the scorpion can be damaging, harmful, and scary as it hides in the darkness below the surface (which is analogous to your subconscious); however, there’s also the horse, with its willingness to use its power to serve those who befriend it.  Then there’s the eagle that can fly above the surface of the Earth to gain perspective that leads to healing.  And finally, there is the phoenix.  After perspective is gained and the transformation has occurred, it bursts into flames and descends back down to Earth to be reborn and start the cycle again.

With the Moon in this powerful sign, we are being encouraged to go through this type of transformation.  But in order to make our way to the horse, eagle, and perhaps even the phoenix, we will likely need to go down into the world of the scorpion (i.e., our subconscious).  We need to dig deep within our psyches to find what is lurking in the shadows.  We all have parts of ourselves that have been rejected or denied.  Often these unacceptable parts were relegated to the darkness during childhood in order for us to feel safe within the family that we lived with.  It was a healthy coping mechanism when we were younger; but as adults, these disowned parts of ourselves can (and often do) wreak havoc in the form of anxiety, depression, overeating, substance abuse, relationship problems, etc.  Our goal is to use the opportunity of this New Moon in Scorpio to go down into the shadows, find what is there, and bring it up into the Light for healing and integration.

If the energy of Scorpio feels a little daunting, you aren’t alone.  And yet, without growth, we stagnate and waste the opportunities inherent in this lifetime for increased happiness, joy, and fulfillment.  This Scorpio New Moon is conjunct (0°) Mercury, which likely means we are able to express our feelings clearly.  Mercury could also serve as a catalyst to think through our emotions and explore the darker recesses of our minds.  Many of our thoughts are automatic and are running below the surface, below our awareness.  This is a good time to slow down and listen to what is going on in our minds.  Good questions to ask ourselves right now include, “Am I talking to myself with love or something else?”, “Are there any parts of myself that I find unacceptable that need to be healed and integrated?”, and “Does what I’m envisioning for my future match what I desire for myself.”  The Law of Attraction says that whatever we put our focus on will manifest in our lives, so be sure to “clean up” any negative thinking.  This is also a good time to ponder how we are using language with ourselves and with others.

Additionally, Neptune is closely trining (120°) the New Moon and Mercury.  This softens the energy of Scorpio by making us aware of the power inherent in compassion . . . compassion toward ourselves and others.  We may find that our intuitive abilities increase around the time of the New Moon.  Heart-centered thoughts and communication can be expressed gently now, which means we may be able to work on issues of forgiveness and acceptance.

Right before this New Moon (on Saturday, October 29), Venus forms a conjunction (0°) to Saturn.  This is worth mentioning because, due to the supportive influence of the New Moon on Sunday, this entire weekend could be a good time to have a serious conversation with someone about where a relationship is headed, both good or bad.  It will take energy and a commitment to have a mature conversation, but it could lead to important realizations for both parties.  For those who aren’t currently in a romantic relationship or who have relationships that are moving along smoothly, this could be an excellent time for some serious self-care.  This could also be a good time to face up to any financial issues that need to be addressed.

On Tuesday, November 1, the Sun will exactly trine (120°) Neptune.  The influence of this aspect will last for several days before (including the time of the New Moon) and several days after the exact aspect.  We may find we feel increasingly secure in our ability to tap into and use our intuition.  This increased psychic connection could mean that we are in the right place at the right time.  We may find ourselves feeling more charitable than usual, more accepting of differences, and/or more open to starting self-improvement regimes.

A square (90°) between Venus and Chiron could make Friday, November 4, a day when we feel more insecure than usual within one or more of our relationships.  Although difficult, this may be a day when we have to face that healing within a relationship is needed, and it may involve facing something within us that blocks them or us (or both) from being intimate.  Some of us may feel pressed to speak up because we haven’t felt valued by someone or by a group.  But later that same day, Venus will trine (120°) Uranus, which will provide us with the courage we need to take risks and embrace something new and something perhaps even a bit unusual.  In both relationships and finances, we may find that we are ready to experiment.  However, given the influence of Neptune this entire week, this is probably not a good time to make decisions.  But if we allow it, the supportive trine between Venus and Uranus could produce a fun-filled evening with some unexpected twists and turns.

On Monday, November 7, the Sun will sextile (60°) Pluto.  Sextiles are always subtle and need to be consciously acted on.  If not, it’s a missed opportunity.  This one provides us with support to make important personal changes, and these may require doing some research before we take any actions.  Being strategic is important now, and it might be best to keep our plans to ourselves until we are sure we have worked out all the details.

Toward the end of this 2-week period (before the Full Moon on Monday, November 14), several planets move into new signs.  This upcoming Full Moon is a very powerful SuperMoon, and these planetary changes are very likely setting the stage for some important movement in our lives.

  • On Tuesday, November 8 (Election Day in the USA so be sure to vote!), Mars moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, where it will remain until December 19. After the responsible action that was required while Mars was in Cap, this movement into Aquarius will likely feel like a breath of fresh air (which sounds wonderful following the election).  However, Mars in Aquarius is usually a rather erratic energy.  We may find that other’s actions leave us wondering, “What just happened?!”  And even our own efforts could be “hit or miss” proposition.  We are definitely focused on being a team-player, and we will prefer maintaining an intellectual and detached perspective.  We may also find ourselves considering new and even unconventional ways to achieve our goals.
  • On Friday, November 11, Venus replaces Mars in the sign of Capricorn. Venus will stay in Cap until December 8.  We are likely going to need to get serious about one or more relationships and/or our finances.  We could find it easier than usual to work with others (e.g., co-workers, business partners).  We will likely be able to “keep our cool” in relationships, and we are only interested in connections with others that are reliable, responsible, and committed.
  • Finally, Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, November 12, remaining there until December 3. Whenever Mercury is in Sag, we need to be mindful that our words carry weight and to remember that being “brutally honest” is different than being “honest.”  Mentally, we are ready for adventure and welcome big ideas.  We may suddenly find ourselves interested in learning about a lot of different topics.  How this manifests will vary from person to person.  We could feel drawn to literally plan a vacation or adventure, or it could manifest as a desire to read a book or take a course that expands the mind.

Overall, aspects to this New Moon in Scorpio are providing us with very positive support for exploring our psyches.  It’s up to each one of us to take advantage of this.  Although we may need to go “underground” to explore what needs to change, it will then be important to bring whatever we find in the shadows up to a conscious level.  We can use the positive aspects of the sign of Scorpio to help heal and move toward integration, including being passionate, resourceful, focused, perceptive, and transformative.  It also includes using power and not force to resolve issues in our psyches and in our lives. So we should each make time to go inward to find those parts of ourselves that need expression, then take them up into the Light for healing and transmutation into positive energy.  Important changes can be made now, but keeping our thoughts positive and using our intuition are keys to success.  And remember, “Don’t place your mistakes on your head, their weight may crush you. Instead, put them under your feet and use them as a platform to view your horizons.” (Unknown)


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New Moon at 8° of Scorpio

  • Sunday, October 30, 10:38 a.m. PDT
  • Sunday, October 30, 1:38 p.m. EDT
  • Sunday, October 30, 5:38 p.m. GMT

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