NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – An opportunity to heal and transform through unexpected events (October 27, 2019)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 8:38 p.m. on Sunday, October 27.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 5° of Scorpio.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 5° of Scorpio in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence. 

New Moons always provide us with opportunities for new emotional starts and setting new intentions in the areas associated with the sign.  Scorpio’s energy is intense, determined, and passionate.  It’s determined to dig deep to understand the root cause of anything that falls within its focus.  Because it is ruled by Pluto, Scorpio also relates to healing, transformation, and how we use (or misuse) power. 

As we have discussed many times, Scorpio is one of the more complicated signs.  The overarching symbol for this sign is a phoenix, which is destined to die and be reborn.  But the process of the phoenix’s transformation comes in stages that we can either work with or block. 

  1. The scorpion is the first phase; this is when we are hiding out underground, feeling defensive, and ready to use our stinger if we feel threatened.
  2. The second phase is the horse, which moves out of the shadows and into the light. Depending on what is needed, it can stand still, walk, or run.  It’s a tall animal, so it has some perspective of the ground it is traversing. 
  3. Some astrologers say the next symbol is the eagle, while others say a dove. But it is a bird that is flying above the earth and has even greater perspective than the horse.  The ability to fly comes from healing whatever issues kept it either underground (scorpion) or on the ground (horse). 

We all have the option to progress through these stages many times in our lives.  At the time of the Scorpio New Moon, we are encouraged to use this powerful opportunity to help us move forward toward transformation and healing.   But the process many not be a pleasant one.  In order to heal, we may have to uncover some issues that have been hidden in the darker parts of our psyches . . . or in the psyches of others or society.  Some of us will be willing to do this.  Some will get stuck underground, fearful and guarded.  But those who are brave enough to move into the shadows to shed light on the truth will become the horse and then eventually the eagle/dove.  If we are truly successful, then the process will start all over again when the phoenix bursts into flames and is reborn. 

But this Scorpio New Moon has a twist to it.  The Sun and Moon in Scorpio are in an exact opposition (180° with only a 0°11’ orb) to Uranus.  Uranus is the planet of sudden changes.  As I’ve written about many times, the energy of Uranus is not something to be feared.  It orchestrates spiritually ordained events that are meant to help us break with routine and move in a new direction.  But we humans don’t usually like change, especially unexpected change.  This means we may want to resist Uranus’s influence.  However, Uranus is only problematic if we resist.  If we can flow with the changes, we will see that it’s taking us in a new direction that is actually better than where we’ve been stuck (often stuck for a long, long time). 

The Sun, Moon, and Uranus are all either in sextiles (60°) or trines (120°) to the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn.  These are supportive aspects that may give us some insights into how to deal with those unexpected events when/if they occur.  It will be important for us to use the lessons we have learned in the past (South Node) to deal with everyone in a compassionate way (North Node).  One astrologer mentioned that this would be a very good time to remember that humanity is one big family that needs to work out its problems so it can live harmoniously on Mother Earth.  This interpretation would be very consistent with the “mother energy” of the North Node in Cancer. 

Further, this Scorpio New Moon really is determined to help us heal due to a fairly strong inconjunct (150°) to Chiron.  However, Chiron is the wounded healer; so, in order to heal we may, once again, have to dredge up some painful stuff that leaves us feeling vulnerable.  Unfortunately, inconjuncts mean that we may not be able to find comfortable solutions or even acceptable compromises.  Inconjuncts often require us to make some difficult choices or adjustments.  But given the powerful healing influence of the Scorpio New Moon combined with Chiron being in Aries, that will give us added courage and energy to do this healing work, if we are willing. 

Also, at the time of this New Moon, Mars is in an exact square (90° with an orb of only 0°15’) to Saturn and a wider square (90°) to Pluto and the South Node.  The influence of Pluto (the ruler of this Scorpio New Moon) increases the likelihood that we will be dealing with the use or misuse of power.  Saturn means we all need to take responsibility for our choices, slow down a bit, use patience, and work through obstacles to create a firmer foundation.  Due to Mars squaring this threesome in Capricorn, the New Moon would be a good time to work on any tasks that require sustained effort.  Normally, a square between Mars and Pluto would mean an increase in aggression is possible.  However, Mars is in Libra, which means that Mars will want to use its energy to be diplomatic and find points of compromise rather than waging war.  Additionally, Mars is in a very close inconjunct (150°) to dreamy Neptune, which may drain off a bit of Mars’s usual instinct to fight. 

Finally, there is a fairly close conjunct (0°) between Mercury and Venus at the time of the New Moon.  This meeting between the planets of communication and love, respectively, typically bring a lighthearted and cooperative energy to our relationships.  However, this conjunction is occurring in Scorpio; therefore, it’s more likely that we may feel a need to deepen our connections through intimate dialogue.  But powerful healing is actually supported within our relationships by a sweet sextile (60°) between Mercury/Venus and Pluto. 

On Thursday, October 31 (Halloween in the USA), Mercury will begin its final retrograde period of 2019.  This will occur in the sign of Scorpio and will continue through November 19.  This is a time when our thoughts will turn inward in order to investigate and probe the depths of our subconscious worlds.  When we can pull ourselves out of our self-analysis long enough to have a conversation with others, we will want those contacts to be equally as intense, probing, and deep.  Additionally, both with ourselves and others, we may find that secrets are revealed.  This may entail having to face some scary stuff.  I will help to remember that when we can’t see what is located “in the shadows,” that is when we are most afraid because we imagine the worst.  When we face our fears, they often are found to be very manageable or they may even dissolve into nothingness.  

The next day (Friday, November 1), Venus moves into Sagittarius, where it will remain until November 27.  With Venus in Sag, we are ready to explore new horizons, especially within our relationships and possibly even our finances.  For example, we might be drawn to people from other cultures or backgrounds, or this could be a good time for a romantic adventure.  It’s to our advantage and disadvantage that our communication during November will likely be blunt and straightforward.  Given Mercury will be in retrograde, that makes us less aware of how others might be feeling.  Therefore, we should try to choose our words carefully and understand that what we say may have more impact than we intended.  A sincere apology will go a long way!  Finally, with Venus in Sagittarius, this will very likely be a time when we are concerned about our personal truth, morals, and integrity, as we define them.  We would all be well-advised to remember that what we think of as “truth” may not match what others see as their “truth.”  Tolerance, patience, and acceptance will be key.    

Overall, this Scorpio New Moon is giving us an opportunity to transform and heal some area of our lives . . . and perhaps more than one.  But with the New Moon being in opposition to Uranus, in order to move forward on our healing path, we will likely have to deal with some unexpected events that will help us see things differently.  This may cause some of us to want to fight in order to regain a sense of control over others and/or ourselves.  However, if we can navigate and flow with Uranus’s energy, we could find that we experience a new start in which we see ourselves and others more clearly.  When taken as a whole, perhaps one of the best ways to spend the time around the Scorpio New Moon is to dig deep into a project that needs sustained energy and intense focus.  That project may not be directly related to what needs to be healed in our lives, but often if we spend some time away from a problem, we often gain objectivity and a new perspective, which moves us into the stages of the horse or eagle/dove. 


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New Moon at 5° of Scorpio

  • Sunday, October 27, 2019, 8:38 p.m. PDT
  • Sunday, October 27, 2019, 11:38 p.m. EDT
  • Monday, October 28, 2019, 3:38 a.m. GMT

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