NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN & SOLAR ECLIPSE – Setting the stage for the big event in two weeks (December 25, 2019)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 9:13 p.m. on Wednesday, December 25.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 5° of Capricorn.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 5° of Capricorn in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence. 

New Moons always provide us with opportunities for new emotional starts and setting new intentions in the areas associated with the sign.  Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, which means its actions (cardinal) need to be grounded in reality (earth).  The higher expression of Capricorn’s energy is being responsible, practical, disciplined, patient, and hardworking.  Capricorn is also the sign associated with leadership.  The lower expression includes being domineering, materialistic, status-seeking, and even critical.  The energy can also veer into being overly focused on the past, preferring “tried and true” methods over trying something new. 

These qualities of Capricorn are amplified big time right now.  Not only is this a New Moon in Capricorn, but it’s also a Solar Eclipse.  Additionally, the Sun and Moon are in a close conjunction (0°) with powerhouse Jupiter in Capricorn, (b) the South Node is in Capricorn, and (c) we also have the conjunction (0°) between Saturn and Pluto occurring in Capricorn, which is about to become exact around the time of the next Moon Update.  We always have a choice about how we express astrological energies, but it is certain that both the higher and lower expressions of Capricorn’s qualities are going to be swirling around us for at least the next month.

As mentioned in the last Moon Update, the good news is that all this Capricorn energy can mean a big payoff for those have been and continue to be willing to work hard and take responsibility.  We need to be patient, though, because whatever is being “built” now may take time, at least if we want it to be something that withstands the test of time.  But Cap is all about patience in building a solid foundation to something that practical implications; therefore, most of us will be ready to dig in, take our time, and enjoy watching something develop that will be a concrete and meaningful expression of who we are on this 3rd rock from the Sun. 

Luckily, the more “conventional” side of Capricorn should be softened a bit by a supportive trine (120°) between Uranus (the planet of change) and the conjunctions between the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter.  All 4 are located in grounded earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn, respectively).  This free-flowing trine will help us be more flexible than usual if the unexpected happens.  It will also support us in being more open to trying something different and not allowing ourselves to be caught in Cap’s tendency to prefer trusted approaches over something new and different.  We may even find ourselves willing to break free from our usual restrictions, responsibilities, and routines, especially if it will bring more freedom into our lives. 

However, any Solar Eclipse often means that we could have to deal with some emotional issues as the Moon blocks the Sun’s rays.  The Moon often represents our emotions and subconscious needs.  With the Moon being the dominant source of light during the eclipse, this could be a time when emotions, needs, and even memories that are usually hidden from view are allowed to come to the surface.  This is a good time to remember that whenever we have a strong emotional reaction to something outside of ourselves, this is often a reflection of what needs to be healed within us.  Therefore, if we find ourselves being triggered, this is a good time to clearly see what needs our attention so we can grow on a soul level. 

In addition to being an emotional time, the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all squaring (90°) Chiron.  Although it may not be a comfortable process, we may find that old insecurities and vulnerabilities come up for the purpose of healing.  We do need to work through these issues in order to move forward.  This is especially true given Jupiter is involved.  This big planet focuses on “the truth.”  First and foremost, we need to be truthful with ourselves, for only then can we truly heal. 

However, the solutions to some of our problems may not come to us in a logical way.  As mentioned above, the New Moon and Jupiter are in a trine (120°) to Uranus, which means that insights and ideas may come to us “out of the blue” or through unexpected changes in plans.  Uranus can be a highly intuitive planet, so consequently, our Jupiter-driven search for “the truth” may be hard to explain.  We need to “trust our gut” about what is true for us.  This may include needing to honor our feelings even if they cannot be easily explained to others. 

Neptune is in a sweet sextile (60°) to Saturn and Pluto right now.  Again, this indicates a highly intuitive time when it may be hard to express what is going on inside us.  Due to Neptune’s supportive energy, becoming involved in creative activities may help us sort out our options.  Also, anything that involves compassion (towards self or others) will also likely be helpful, as will meditating and trusting in Divine Order and Divine Timing.  This can be tough with so much earthy Capricorn energy right now, but this sextile to Neptune can soften Cap’s tendency to want to control what is happening. 

But, don’t get me wrong!  The current influx of Capricorn energy will be very helpful to so many of us!  For example, without Cap’s influence, those Uranian and Neptunian insights and intuitive hits could just be floating in and out of our lives without being acted upon.  But Capricorn can help us take those ideas, organize the information, and develop a viable plan for implementation.  Talk about a beautiful win-win situation!

It is worth noting that around the time of the New Moon, we may also feel uncertain about some of our relationships and/or financial decisions due to a square (90°) between Venus and Uranus.  This could be particularly bad timing given it’s occurring on the days leading up to the Christmas/Hanukkah holidays, which is when social events (relationships) and gift giving (finances) are often important.  Within our relationships, we may experience conflict when it comes to a difference in values and preferences, and this could put a damper on group activities if we become focused on trying to convince others that our truth is “the truth.”  This is a good time to agree to disagree and, instead, focus on finding fun (Venus) and different (Uranus) ways to be together.  Impulsive spending should definitely be avoided as much as possible during this time.  In general, hold off on any decisions regarding both relationships and material purchases or investments for a few days. 

On Saturday, December 28, Mercury moves out of fun-loving Sagittarius and into responsible Capricorn, where it will remain until January 17.  This will add even more Capricorn energy to our already Cap-laden environment.  But this will be a helpful location for Mercury.  While in Capricorn, our thinking becomes more methodical and practical.  Mercury will help us in the process of taking some of those Uranus/Neptune intuitive ideas that came to us a few days ago, think them through, and come up with a game plan.  During this 3-week period, even our conversations with others will be more realistic, logical, focused, and organized.  This is a good time to sort out the difference between what is practical and what isn’t.  The only caution:  Avoid becoming overly rigid or pessimistic. 

Then on Friday, January 3, Mars will move out of intense Scorpio and into fun-loving Sagittarius, where it will remain until February 17.  This placement will also be very supportive of all the Capricorn energy.  While in Sag, Mars likes its actions to be motivated by our ideals.  We are willing to go on an adventure and take risks that we might not normally be willing to take.  But when combined with all the Capricorn energy, it’s likely those actions will be responsible, determined, focused, grounded, and organized.  However, we need to consciously use the Capricorn energy.  For example, we may feel ready to start a new project, but we need to use all this Cap energy to be patient and not jump into something so quickly that it’s not well thought out and, consequently, quickly abandoned.  Capricorn is the dominating feature right now, and we need to make sure we are building and creating something that will last! 

Overall, this Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse is setting the stage for the “big event” in about two weeks.  During that time, we will all be experiencing the paradigm-shifting conjunction (0°) between Saturn and Pluto, which has been building for many months.  The upcoming Full Moon on Friday, January 10, will be extra powerful because it’s a Lunar Eclipse and is occurring during the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  Additionally, we will have the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and the South Node in Capricorn.  Many of us have already been feeling the impact of this Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and we will talk about it more in the next Moon Update.  It’s an exciting time, and we can start tapping into all of this now by using the energy of Uranus to stay flexible, the influence of Neptune to receive intuitive guidance, the nudging of Jupiter to find our truth, and the urging of Chiron to heal whatever needs to be healed.  All of this is done in a sea of Capricorn energy, which will provide us with the ability to sort it all out and create something that expresses our true essence in new and exciting ways!

NOTE:  My next Moon Update will include astrological and numerological information about the upcoming year 2020.  That Update will be published on Tuesday, January 7.  Until then, Happy Holidays to one and all!  Thanks for reading!!


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New Moon at 5° of Capricorn

  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 9:13 p.m. PST
  • Thursday, December 26, 2019, 12:13 a.m. EST
  • Thursday, December 26, 2019, 5:13 a.m. GMT

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