NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN – Plus astrological and numerological forecasts for 2022 (January 2, 2022)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

AstrologyAs I do at the beginning of each year, I will be covering (1) the current Moon Update, (2) a summary of major astrological influences during 2022, and (3) a forecast for the year 2022 from a numerological perspective.

I hope that 2022 is a year filled with peace and magical new beginnings!  Happy 2022!!

New Moon in Capricorn

In the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 10:34 a.m. on Sunday, January 2.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun conjunct (0°) at 13° of Capricorn.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 13° of Capricorn in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons always provide us with an opportunity for a new emotional start in the areas associated with the sign.  This time, we are focused on Capricorn.  The higher expression of this sign includes being responsible, practical, disciplined, patient, hardworking, and organized.  The lower expression can include being critical or materialistic.  The symbol associated with Capricorn is the sea goat, which is a mythical creature that has the body of a goat and the tail of a fish.  It represents the ability to skillfully navigate both the emotional (sea) and material (goat) worlds.  However, if one side is overemphasized, then this can leave us out of balance or feeling split between two ways of approaching life.

This Capricorn New Moon is the perfect introduction to what will likely feel like a year that is somewhat reminiscent of but also very different from 2021.  (NOTE:  Read more about this in the section below providing the astrological and numerological forecasts for 2022.)  Capricorn is a cardinal sign, which means it prefers to take action and initiate new things.  Given this Cap New Moon is happening at the beginning of a new year, it’s likely that many will be feeling ready for some new beginnings!

Luckily, this is a sign that is not afraid to work hard, and the Cap energy will supply us with the ability to plan and organize.  Think of that image of a goat:  There is a determination to move forward, even when obstacles are encountered.  These are all good qualities to have when starting new projects and creating new structures in our lives.

Additionally, there are several aspects that support the need (perhaps even the drive) to move forward in new directions:

  • This New Moon in Capricorn is in a close trine (120°) with Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change. Because Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs, we may find innovative or inspirational ideas (Uranus) that help us move forward in very grounded, practical, and responsible ways (earth).  Although earth signs typically don’t enjoy being flexible, Uranus is telling us that changes are needed and that the key to successfully navigating them is to adapt and be open to any unconventional approaches.  Keywords for this trine between the New Moon and Uranus can include creativity, discoveries, new possibilities, and invention.  The trine also means that any changes made now could have very positive, long-term outcomes.
  • Chiron in Aries is squaring (90°) this Cap New Moon, which means that changes are needed and they could lead to significant healing. This is especially true in areas where we have been lacking self-confidence or feeling vulnerable.  Recently, we may have felt worn out by a series of struggles.  But with this New Moon, we may feel ready to “take the leap of faith,” because we know that one definition of insanity is to “do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.”  Although this aspect could mean that our feelings are more easily hurt than usual, having Chiron located in fiery Aries provides us with an extra dose of courage to make any needed changes.  That extra dose of courage is especially helpful because true healing may require that we do something radically different.
  • Luckily, we are also being given an extra dose of self-confidence at the time of the New Moon because Mars in Sagittarius will be in a sweet sextile (60°) to Saturn in Aquarius. Mars is about action, and when located in fiery Sag, this increases the urge to do something . . . now!  However, we shouldn’t rush.  Saturn’s involvement means that we may feel a great sense of responsibility and purpose when it comes to our decisions.  Saturn, which is the ruler of Capricorn, can also help us by lessening the tendency toward being impulsive or aggressive, which are possible lower expressions of Mars in Sag.  Saturn tells us to take our time, to get organized before making any major changes, and to tap into our inner wisdom to achieve our goals.  Interestingly, given that “past-focused” Saturn is located in “forward-thinking” Aquarius, we will likely find that the best course of action will include a blend of the old and the new.
  • This blending is further reinforced by the continuing effects of the third and final square (90°) between Saturn and Uranus. It was exact on December 23, but it will be impacting us for a few more weeks and, to a lesser extent, throughout the year to come.  (NOTE:  Read more about this in the section below providing the astrological forecast for 2022.)  As we have been discussing all year, this powerful and significant series of squares has resulted in changes to many of the structures in our lives (and in society), and these changes have required that we find new ways to integrate both innovation and traditional approaches.
  • This imperative to find a balance between the old and new is further emphasized by aspects to the Moon’s Nodes. At the time of the New Moon, (a) Jupiter will be squaring (90°) both Nodes and (b) Mercury will be in a trine (120°) to the North Node and a sextile (60°) to the South Node.  In a nutshell, it is likely that we will be thinking a lot (Mercury) about how to use what we have learned from the past (South Node) to pave the way into a new future (North Node).  However, given the planets and signs involved, in order to move forward, we may need to change some long-held beliefs and communicate with others honesty, ethically, and with integrity.
  • Given Mercury is currently conjunct (0°) Pluto, any mental exploration will likely be intense. Additionally, Pluto is still conjunct (0°) with Venus, which means that our mental focus around the time of the New Moon may be on our relationships, finances, or whatever we desire most in the world.  As we have discussed for the past few months, Pluto is very active right now.  This means that in order to move forward, we will need to continue the process of uncovering sometimes difficult truths and/or letting go of something that used to be very important to us but has outlived its usefulness in our lives.
  • Finally, on Saturday, January 1, Mercury moves out of the heavier energy of Capricorn and into progressive Aquarius. While in Capricorn, Mercury tends to think a great deal about the past.  Once in Aquarius, the mental focus shifts to the future.  We become very open to new and innovative ideas.  If we have been struggling with finding a solution to something, now may be the time when solutions appear “out of the blue” because we are more willing to “think outside the box.”  Because Mercury is about to experience its first retrograde period of 2022 (beginning on Friday, January 14), it will only be in Aquarius until January 27.  Although it will backtrack into Capricorn, Mercury will return to progressive, forward-thinking Aquarius in mid-February.

Overall, this Capricorn New Moon is a wonderful entry-point into 2022, which will feel very different from 2021 in many ways.  Many of us will have a growing sense of new possibilities, which these can be both exciting and a little scary.  Even though new beginnings can bring in new energy, it is important that we remember that Capricorn is a serious sign.  Consequently, the energy swirling around us during the first few weeks of 2022 may feel a bit heavy because we want to make responsible choices.  But there are many indicators that this New Moon marks a turning point in one or more areas of our lives.  Many of us have gone through major changes over the past two years.  Some of these weren’t a surprise, but some have felt beyond our control.  It’s now time for us to take over the helm and decide where the ship is headed.  There may still be obstacles to overcome as we adjust to the impact of all these changes, and there will be periods of time when we will need to retreat for period of introspection.  But the days around the New Moon are a good time to plan and get organized for the year ahead.  We should monitor our thinking carefully, focus on what we want (and not on what we don’t want), and allow ourselves to feel excited about the new possibilities coming our way!


Major Astrological Influences during 2022

As the new year begins, I always do my best to summarize the astrological influences for the coming year.  Here’s my annual sneak peek:

By now, I think we are all well-aware that the dominating astrological influence of 2021 was a series of squares (90°) between Saturn and Uranus.  Squares between Saturn and Uranus only occur every 22.5 years, so this has been a very big deal.  Historically, Saturn-Uranus squares have correlated with challenging times, and I think we can all agree that the events of 2021 fit this description.  Many of us have gone through an incredible amount of change related to the basic structures in our lives, such as our careers, relationships, relocating, finances, health, and so many others.

Change isn’t easy for most people, but recent changes have been more challenging than usual because they were often catalyzed by unexpected events that felt beyond our control.  Additionally, solutions weren’t always easy to find, because they often required thinking outside the box and finding innovative approaches.

Frankly, it’s understandable that many of us are entering 2022 feeling pretty tired.  Although things will definitely be settling down, I wish I could say that we were completely leaving the Saturn-Uranus squares behind us as we enter 2022.  There are two reasons why their impact will linger into 2022:

  • Given the magnitude of the changes we have experienced, it’s understandable that the fall-out will continue into 2022. We need time to process what has happened to us personally and collectively.  We also need to continue making necessary adjustments to the structures in our lives that have been impacted and altered by the events of the past two years.
  • Additionally, Saturn and Uranus are actually still doing a “dance” in the sky above us. This year, the maximum distance that will be achieved between Saturn and Uranus will only be 5°.  Then, due to both planets going retrograde mid-year, these planets will move back within 1°-2° of each other during the latter part of the year.

What does this mean?  Although things will be improving during 2022, the impact of the Saturn-Uranus squares will remain with us until Saturn moves further away from Uranus in 2023.

  • On a personal level, adjustments will be needed as we let the dust settle with all of the changes we have experienced.
  • On a societal level, we will also need time to adjust, and there will very likely continue to be clashes between conservative and progressive ideologies. As was true during 2021, our goal will be to find compromises and peaceful resolutions.

However, there is good news for 2022!  Many astrologers are saying that this is a year when we are being “given a break.”  I agree.  Overall, I think this year will feel less intense than the past two years.  Here are some of the specific reasons for this prediction:

  • On Tuesday, January 18, Uranus ends its annual retrograde cycle and goes direct. Since going retrograde in August 2021, we may have been seriously considering what changes might have been needed in our life in order to provide us with more freedom and independence.  Once Uranus begins its forward motion in January, the call to actually start something new will likely be more pronounced and possibly even inescapable.  The momentum is clearly building toward important changes on a personal and societal level.
  • Another indicator of change occurs in mid-February when the Moon’s Nodes will change signs. (NOTE:  Some astrologers believe that this shift has already occurred based on differing ways in which the location of the Nodes is determined.)  Over the past 18 months, the North and South Nodes have been located in Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively.  This has been a time when we’ve been finding ways of integrating the wisdom gained from the past (South Node) into new ways of thinking and communicating (North Node).  Once the North Node moves into Taurus and the South Node moves into Scorpio, our attention shifts to healing past issues and old wounds (Scorpio) by getting grounded, seeking peace, avoiding of drama, listening to our bodies, keeping things simple, and using patience and determination to reach new goals (Taurus).  This shift in the Nodal axis to Taurus-Scorpio means that many of us are ready to do the inner work needed to go through a recovery process.  This may require digging deep into our emotional issues and then honestly expressing ourselves within our close relationships.  However, if we do this right over the next 18 months, it can lead to true healing, peace, and serenity.
  • As we have been discussing, Pluto will continue to play an important role through at least March of 2022, during which time it will continue its “dance” with Venus. This means that we will all need to let go of anything that has outlived its usefulness, especially when it comes to relationships, finances, or anything that we have desired in the past but that has outlived its purpose in our life.  The process of “purging” may happen because information previously concealed is revealed.  We need to trust that if something is meant to last, it will be fortified by this examination process.  However, anything that needs to go must go.  Luckily, having Venus involved may make that process easier than it might be at other times.
  • Perhaps the most significant astrological event of 2022 is the dance that will be occurring between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. On April 12, they will be in an exact conjunction (0°), which is an aspect that only happens every 13-14 years.  However, they will be moving together and impacting us to a certain extent for the entire year.  In a nutshell, this is a magical aspect.  It is all about increased generosity, spiritual growth, tolerance of differences, opening our minds to new ways of thinking, humanitarian goals, and increased faith, humility, idealism, and creativity.  All of that is pretty good stuff!!!  However, there is a risk that we could become too idealistic.  We do need to be realistic when it comes to issues such as finances, legal matters, and practical affairs.  We may feel like anything is possible, but there are limits to what we can achieve and we shouldn’t take foolish risks.  But overall, the entire year, and especially the time of the exact conjunction, may feel like there is magic in the air.
  • As described in the last Moon Update, Jupiter is located in Pisces as we begin 2022. This is often a time when spirituality, compassion, and creativity is heightened, and it will beautifully support and amplify the impact of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction described above.  However, on May 11, Jupiter will temporarily leave Pisces and move into Aries.  (NOTE:  It will return to Pisces at the end of October.)  During the time Jupiter is traveling through Aries (i.e., May 11 through October), many of us will likely see any plans will accelerate and exciting new things coming into our lives.  Having Jupiter in Aries means we will have the energy and courage needed to break down anything that is blocking us from getting what we want.  Although impatience and impulsivity are possible downsides of having Jupiter in Aries, our focus is on the future, and we are ready to let go of any beliefs that are holding us back.  On a societal level, this could actually be a time when we see increased tolerance for different values, ideologies, and religious/spiritual beliefs.  Let’s all help manifest that!
  • At the end of October, Mars will be going retrograde. Unlike Mercury, which typically goes retrograde three times each year, Mars only goes retrograde every 2 years.  This means that it’s always a big deal.  Additionally, Mars usually only remains in a sign for two months.  However, this time Mars will enter Gemini on August 20 and will remain in this sign until March of 2023 (i.e., 7 months!).  What does this all mean?  We’ll talk much more about it when the time comes, but when Mars is in Gemini, our minds are often working on overdrive.  However, it’s also a time when many of us will feel more mentally scattered than usual.  It should be mentioned that a possible lower expression of Mars in Mercury is the use of words as weapons.  Unfortunately, Mars will be in Gemini during the time of the 2022 mid-term elections here in the United States.  But the good news is that Gemini often softens the warrior nature of Mars.  This could help us to be more flexible than usual and to think before speaking or acting.

Finally, there are several additional astrological events during 2022 that are worth mentioning:

  • This year is one of the relatively rare years when Mercury will go retrograde four times rather than three. The first occurs on January 14 (Aquarius), the second on May 10 (Gemini), and the third on September 9 (Libra).  All of those will occur in air signs, so we should examine our thinking and make efforts to change any negative thought patterns.  The final retrograde phase begins at the very end of the 2022 (on December 29).  It will occur in earthy Capricorn, so this will be a time when we will want to review our thinking to make sure we have made responsible choices.
  • Another rather unique occurrence in 2022 involves retrogrades. As we begin the year, (a) Uranus will only be in retrograde through January 18, (b) Venus ends its retrograde phase on January 28, and (c) Mercury will begin moving direct on February 3.  Then between February 3 and April 29 (when Pluto goes retrograde), no planets will be in retrograde.  This means that for almost 3 months, we are all being give a HUGE green light.  Both individually and collectively, this may be when we see progress on many fronts.


Forecast According to Numerology in the Year 2022

For those interested in numerology, the year 2022 is a 6 Universal Year (i.e., 2022 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6).  Everyone on the planet is influenced by the energy of the Universal Year number, so it is a subtle, collective experience.  I once heard it described as the “landscape” through which we are all driving.  In numerology, the influence of the Universal Year number is believed to fade during the last three months of the year (i.e., October through December).  Therefore, by January 1, 2022, many of us may have already started to experience the waning influence of 2021’s 5 Universal Year and are beginning to feel the energy of a 6 Universal Year.

First, here’s a brief review of 2021’s 5 Universal Year:  5 Universal Years are often times of unexpected changes and profound transformations.  The number 5 in numerology is often associated with change, and I think we would all agree that 2021 has been a year filled with changes, some of which have been profound and changed the course of our life.  Many of us has been asked to explore new ideas, take risks, fearlessly push past boundaries as we seek more freedom, and try things we never dreamed we would attempt.  This 5 Universal Year has resulted in dramatic shifts, both personally and on a societal level.

There is good news!  The upcoming 6 Universal Year is a time when we can individually and collectively catch our breath and process all of these recent changes.  Most often, 6 Universal Years feel a like a warm hug.  Yes, there will still be a need for adjustments, but our focus will be on integrating these changes and creating stable foundations.

One of those foundations will include our relationships.  We are encouraged to spend time with and express love and/or appreciation to those close to us.  This is generally a socially-conscious, generous, service-oriented year, but it can come with increased responsibility.

It’s also a year when it’s critically important that we focus on giving ourselves the unconditional love that we often freely give to others but seldom direct toward ourselves.  Our goal should be to do what is needed to “fill our well,” because this will enable us to give more to others.

Another foundational focus will be making sure our physical home is our sanctuary.  Changes may be needed in order to ensure that it is a safe place . . . emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  We may also find ourselves suddenly interested in beautifying our home environment.  This could play out in a number of different ways, including relocating, renovations, redecorating, landscaping, or simply organizing our home space and clearing out any clutter.

Although it may sound like 6 Universal Years are a time when only love is expressed, this actually isn’t a time to ignore relationships that aren’t going smoothly.  The energy this year provides support to face any difficult relationship issues.  This could lead to healing rifts, when healing is possible.  However, it could also mean facing the reality that it’s time to move on.  For some of us, it can be helpful now to remember that family we create is sometimes more important than the family we were born into.  This is the year to create the type of relationships and home environment that will feed us and to move away from whatever might be draining us.

6 Universal Years can also be very creative times, and it is a great year to learn a new hobby.  However, there is a caveat.  Unlike 3 Universal Years when creativity of all kinds is supported, 6 Universal Years are more about creating something that is functional or utilitarian.  For example, if our goal is to learn how to knit or crochet, then we should learn how to create blankets or items of clothing that you can either use in our home, give as gifts, or donate to a charitable cause.

In sum, keywords for 6 Universal Years include family, relationships, responsibility, service, balance, harmony, nurturing, warmth, love, and healing.  It’s usually a time when we get to hunker down and adjust to all the changes that came into our lives during the previous 5 Universal Year.  In retrospect, some of us may eventually say that 2022 was be a year when we reinvented ourselves and our relationships.  Regardless, it will definitely be a year of healing, especially within our relationships with others and ourselves.



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Full Moon at 13° of Capricorn

  • Sunday, January 2, 2022, 10:34 a.m. PST
  • Sunday, January 2, 2022, 1:34 p.m. EST
  • Sunday, January 2, 2022, 6:34 p.m. GMT

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