NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN – Plus a sneak peek at 2017 according to astrology and numerology (December 28, 2016)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonI hope that 2017 is a year filled with
peace, love, and laughter for all of us!
Happy New Year!!

As I do at the beginning of each year, I will cover (1) the current Moon Update, (2) an overview of any major events that are coming up astrologically in 2017, and (3) the year 2017 from a numerological perspective.

New Moon in Capricorn

In the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 10:53 p.m. on Wednesday, December 28.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 8° of Capricorn.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 8° of Capricorn in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons always represent new beginnings in the areas associated with the sign.  This New Moon puts a very bright spotlight on the sign of Capricorn because the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are all located within 10° of each other in Capricorn.  This forms an astrological configuration called a stellium, which means that all of these planets are working together as a team, and it’s difficult to single out the influence of any single planet.  A stellilum where all the planets fall in the same sign (like this one) means that the expression of the sign is very strong.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, which means it wants to take action (cardinal) toward concrete goals (earth).  Key words associated with Capricorn include responsibility, practicality, discipline, and patience.  With Capricorn energy, we aren’t afraid to work hard, and we are even willing to take on a leadership role, when needed.  We want to accomplish a lot!  The energy does mean that we do appreciate a traditional or conventional approach, and we need to be careful not to become so narrow minded that we don’t see that a different approach might be more effective (see below for more on that).

In addition to the stellium in Capricorn, there are a number of other important influences that will modify the expression of the New Moon’s energy:

  • During the New Moon, we will still be under the influence of an opposition (180°) between Jupiter and Uranus, which could mean sudden gains that come through change and innovation. Although the strong Capricorn influence tells us to keep to what has worked in the past, this aspect reminds us that sometimes trying something new can lead to surprising results.  Innovation and expressing our values in an authentic manner are emphasized.
  • Additionally, Uranus ends its 5-month retrograde period the day after the New Moon (Thursday, December 29). While in retrograde, we may have experienced an “awakening” in one or more areas of our lives, and many of the changes impacted us at a deep, internal level.  Our new awareness likely was related to something (or several things) that were blocking us from expressing our unique essence in the world.  As Uranus slowly picks up speed over the next few weeks, we will likely see where external changes are needed to match who we have become internally.  For many, we already feel very different than before Uranus went retrograde on July 29.  Those changes will now become apparent to others.
  • Due to its recent retrograde motion, Uranus has moved back into a square (90°) to Pluto, which has been influencing us through December and will continue through January. This is reactivating the transit that influenced our lives very dramatically during 2012-2015.  So once again, change (Uranus) and transformation (Pluto) are likely to occur on a personal, social, and global level.  With this powerful aspect, it is important to remember that breakdowns often lead to breakthroughs, and sudden changes can help us to see the issues underlying long-standing problems.  It can be helpful now to ask “What do I need to face or admit to myself?”  In order to determine where change is needed, it might be beneficial to explore where we feel we are losing control over something in our life.
  • Another influence on this New Moon is the first of three squares (90°) between Saturn and Chiron, which is exact on Wednesday, December 28. (The other squares will occur on April 30 and November 2, 2017.)  This can be a healing time, as long as we are willing to let go of regrets, deal with any hurt feelings, and face our part in any conflicts.  We need to bravely explore our recent challenging experiences and relationships to discover the lessons embedded within each one.  It will help to adopt a humble attitude and seek a greater sense of purpose.  And given that Chiron is in Pisces, as are Neptune and Mars, we are best advised to surrender to the Divine Plan and use the energy of Pisces to intuitively understand what limiting beliefs we need to let go of as we continue on our spiritual journey.

And if all of that weren’t enough, there are several other aspects that could play a role in how this New Moon in Capricorn is expressed in our lives:

  • Mars will be conjunct (0°) the South Node (and therefore in opposition to the North Node), which may bring up past issues that we have been ignoring or denying.
  • A conjunction (0°) between the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn is likely to make any conversations take on a serious tone and focus on responsibilities.
  • Luckily, a sextile (60°) between Mercury and Neptune will mean that it will be easier than usual to infuse our thoughts and words with compassion and understanding.
  • Mercury is also sextile (60°) Mars. With Mars being located in compassionate Pisces, this will further support us in having conversations where we listen, speak, and act compassionately.

On Friday, December 30, retrograde Mercury will trine (120°) the North Node (and is therefore in sextile [60°] to the South Node).  This free-flowing energy will support us in identifying what issues from the past (South Node) need to be released so we can move toward new, spiritually-aligned goals (North Node) during 2017.  Given the strong Capricorn influence still in effect, whatever we aspire to or want to accomplish will need to be practical.  On the same day, a sextile (60°) between the Sun and Neptune will support us in finding the answers if we are receptive to spiritual guidance.

This reflective, forward-thinking trend continues on New Year’s Eve (Saturday, December 31).  However, it starts with a difficult inconjunct (150°) between Jupiter and Chiron.  We need to be careful to avoid thinking that solutions are impossible.  Instead, we need to look for ways to adjust to conflicting demands, find compromises, and focus on goals that move us toward what we believe to be true for ourselves.  Luckily, a conjunction (0°) between Mars and Neptune in spiritual Pisces later in the day will help us tap into Higher Wisdom that leads to viable solutions.

On Friday, January 6, the Sun and Pluto will form an exact conjunction (0°) in Capricorn.  This aspect will influence us for several days before and after the actual event, which provides a nice start to the new year.  We won’t be afraid to shine our light in areas where we feel passion and drive, especially if it helps us feel more control over our lives.  We may have the light (Sun) to see how positive transformations and healing (Pluto) can occur in our lives.  This could involve identifying what needs to be eliminated in our lives in order for personal transformations to be successful.  For some, this isn’t necessarily a time when we should share any of our ideas with others.  Instead, it might be best to explore what motivates us and come up with strategies for forward movement, when the time is right.

On Saturday, January 7, issues or relationships from the past may resurface due to a conjunction (0°) between Venus and the South Node (which means Venus is also in opposition [180°] to the North Node).  This is an opportunity to continue the work of forgiveness (of self or others) that started during the Capricorn New Moon.  We may need to deal with these issues directly and not use defense mechanisms such as avoidance or denial.  This is a time when we can see beauty even in human weaknesses, which helps in healing our relationships.

Then on Sunday, January 8, Mercury ends its retrograde motion and begins moving direct again.  Keep in mind that it sometimes takes a few days before we can see communication and technology snafus beginning to smooth out.  But if we have done the work of this retrograde period, we’ve been thinking very seriously about what is next for us, and we are getting ready to take action on those thoughts and ideas.  Many of us will begin taking action when Mars moves into Aries toward the end of January.  Until then, we should keep refining our plans so they have the best chance of success once implemented.

Overall, this New Moon in Capricorn is a complicated blend of many different energies.  Some of the themes that are present include (a) being open to changes that utilize an old structure but are approached in a new, innovative way, (b) accepting that changes and transformation may be needed in order for healing and growth to occur, and (c) tapping into the Divine for guidance and support.  For many people, 2016 has been a challenging year.  The time around the New Year is a good one for deciding what goals and intentions we want to set for 2017.  And changes are coming due to Uranus turning direct on December 29 and Mercury turning direct on January 8.  But actual external changes may not come right away.  Use the first part of the year to get ready for when Mars (the planet of action!) moves out of indecisive Pisces and into forward-moving Aries on January 29.  For now, the strong Capricorn energy will support us in completing any unfinished projects.  And as we move into 2017, remember, “Don’t try to overhaul your life overnight. Instead, focus on making one small change at a time.  Over time, those small things will add up to big transformation.  Don’t give up!” (~Unknown)

Major astrological events of 2017

Jupiter will be in relationship-oriented Libra until October 10, 2017.  This is a good time to maximize the benefits of working with others while still maintaining our own identity.  This doesn’t mean just romantic relationships; it influences partnerships of all kinds.  Therefore, collaborations of all kinds will be positively influenced as long as we take a balanced, diplomatic approach to joint efforts.

After October 10, Jupiter will move into Scorpio for a year-long stay.  This is a highly intuitive sign, which can serve us well as we make changes in any areas of our life that involve the joint use of resources.  We need to focus on going after our “heart’s desires.”  In order to achieve this, we shouldn’t be afraid to cut out anything that isn’t supporting our goals.  Whatever we engage in, we will do so passionately; and we may have an increased ability to heal ourselves and others.  Jupiter will form a trine (120°) to Neptune on December 2, which will end the year on a nice note.  If we can use our intuition and have faith, we can see substantial successes.

And because Saturn will remain in Sagittarius all year, all of our efforts will need to be true to our own personal ideals, values, and integrity.  Saturn will trine (120°) Uranus on May 19 and again on November 11.  This positive aspect will help us bring structure (Saturn) to our dreams and ideals (Uranus).  Breakthroughs are possible, especially if what we create forms a new stability that combines both tradition (Saturn) and innovation (Uranus).

Finally, Venus, the planet associated with relationships, beauty, self-worth, and finances, will go through a retrograde period between March 4 and April 15.  Because this will occur in the sign of Aries, it is very likely going to be a time when we all are looking inward to explore how we can more authentically express our personal needs and worth in the external world.  If we have been “making concessions” in one or more of these areas, this could be a wake-up call.  We will need to face facts if we haven’t been taking personal responsibility for our choices.

Numerology in the year 2017

For those interested in numerology, 2017 is a 1 Universal Year (i.e., 2017 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1).  Everyone on the planet is influenced by the energy of the Universal Year number, so it is a subtle, collective experience.  In numerology the influence of the Universal Year number is believed to fade during the last three months of the year.  So by January 1, 2017, many of us may have already started to experience the waning influence of the 9 Universal Year and are beginning to feel the energy of a 1 Universal Year.  Therefore, it would be a good idea to spend time around the New Year aligning ourselves (mentally & emotionally) with what we really want in all areas of our life (see below for more on why that’s important).

9 Universal Years are often compared to harvesting a crop that was planted 9 years earlier.  This includes harvesting what has been grown and tilling the soil in preparation for a new crop.  Knowledge and wisdom has been gained from the last 9 years of effort, which will be applied to the next crop so it is even healthier.  1 Universal Year are analogous to the planting of seeds.  The seeds won’t be fully grown until the next 9 Universal Year, but now we get to decide what we want to grow in that fertile soil.

And just to acknowledge the elephant located in many people’s living rooms, many of us are more than ready for this 9 Universal Year to be over.  As is often the case with 9 Universal Years, many have experienced one or more “endings that lead to new beginnings.”  In order to get to the new beginnings that often come during 1 Universal Year numbers, there needed to be a lot of closure, completion, and release.  Through this process, insights and wisdom are gained, but it often comes at a price.  People are often tired at the end of 9 Universal Years due to all the “cleaning up” that was being done.

But if we have used the 9 Universal Year wisely, we are ready for the beginning of a new 9-year cycle (2017-2025).  1 Universal Years set the pace for the next 9 years to follow.  It’s a time when we are laying foundations for new projects.  These new starts need to come from a heart-centered place . . . from our dreams and visions of what we want our life to become.  It’s a time of learning, growth, and creativity.  Often whatever intentions we set early in the year will create the tone and flow of the rest of the year . . . and for many years to come.  Choose wisely!

So it’s a fresh start, which is a breath of fresh air after the tumultuous 9 Universal Year just being completed.  However, 1 Universal Years are not without its challenges.  Because of all the new things coming into our lives, we have to stay adaptable and move with the changes.  We need to trust our instincts and follow our emotional guidance system to what is “right” for us, which may not be what others think is “right.”  This may require letting go of some goals that no longer serve us.  We may also need to move away from some people that do not support our new goals.  1 Universal Years are a time when we need to develop our inner “truth” and act with self-assurance.

Finally, it is important during 1 Universal Years to remember to “Focus on the journey, not the destination.  Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” (Greg Anderson)


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New Moon at 8° of Capricorn

  • Wednesday, December 28, 10:53 p.m. PST
  • Thursday, December 29, 1:53 a.m. EST
  • Thursday, December 29, 6:53 a.m. GMT

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