NEW MOON IN CANCER & SOLAR ECLIPSE – Change is coming . . . it’s just a matter of when, not if (July 12, 2018)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 7:47 p.m. on Thursday, July 12.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 21° of Cancer.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 21° of Cancer in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

Twice a year (i.e., about every 6 months), the Sun and Moon travel in a pattern that results in Solar and Lunar Eclipses.  I always like to think of an eclipse season as a time when our unconscious world is taken off line for a few hours, new software is installed, and then our system is rebooted.  As with new computer programs, each upgrade will result in changes.  Consequently, eclipses often herald a time of change in our lives, although the impact sometimes isn’t apparent until we look back six months from now when the next series of eclipses occur.  But endings and beginnings often correlate with an eclipse season.  Our growth accelerates, and we are given an opportunity to look at life in a new way.

Typically, there are two eclipses in each cycle, but occasionally there are three, as there are this time: (1) a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on Thursday, July 12, (2) a full lunar eclipse in Aquarius on Friday, July 27, and (3) a partial solar eclipse in Leo on Saturday, August 11.  Having three eclipses in a row just accelerates the need for growth, change, and forward progress.

All eclipses increase the effects of the specific New or Full Moon involved.  Each New Moon provides us with opportunities for new emotional starts and a time to set new intentions and goals in the areas associated with the sign involved.  This time, the sign is Cancer, which focuses on home, family, our past, nurturing, and our foundation.  One type of “home” is the one in which our soul is housed in during this lifetime . . . our physical body.  We need to remember to nurture and nourish ourselves first, and then we will have the energy to do this for others and for our community/society.  Cancer is very security minded, and our true sense of safety often comes when we feel secure within ourselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Once we learn how to soothe and nurture ourselves, then we stop being dependent on someone or something outside of ourselves.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, which means it addresses all of these issues with emotional energy (water) and intensity (cardinal).  Nothing is taken lightly when dealing with Cancer’s foci, and the eclipse just makes this more likely.  Chances are good that this will be a highly emotional time, which reinforces our need to be compassionate and loving with ourselves and with others.  Our challenge is to be very aware of how we react to others and how others are reacting to us.  With Mars in Aquarius continuing its square (90°) to Uranus in Taurus, this will further stir things up in our lives.  However, it also gives us the energy and courage (Mars) to do things differently (Uranus).  We need to use Aquarian objectivity and humanitarianism to see all sides of a situation and act from a place of unconditional love and unity.

This may be easier said than done due to an exact opposition (180°) between this Cancer New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn.  This will likely increase the potential for emotionality and sensitivity.  Pluto is about death/rebirth, healing, transformation, and our inner psyches.  It’s a passionate, intense energy that cannot be easily ignored.  Pluto’s involvement also increases the probability that this could be a time when something major changes in our lives, individually and/or societally.  Given the opposition to Cancer, these changes may come to us through our feelings, dreams, or intuition, and they may relate to our intimate/family relationships, how we nurture ourselves, and how we nurture others.

Pluto often means that what needs healing is housed in the shadowing realm of our unconscious.  Suppressed feelings may come to the surface.  It may be helpful to keep in mind that Cancer can also over personalize things, leading us to be too sensitive, using our crabby claws to defend ourselves (sometimes with detrimental consequences), or retreating inside our shell and withdrawing from the world.  We need to choose how we react.

Normally, Cancer tends to be cautious and prefers to hold onto the past.  However, the eclipse will help counter this tendency and allow us to consider new options that feed our souls at this point in our spiritual journey.  A rebirth of some kind is imminent.  Although surprises are possible, we probably have been feeling the “winds of change” for some time.  If we did the work of Jupiter retrograde, then we have reevaluated and possibly revamped our belief system in some way.  If we are ready to “go public” with our newly changed beliefs, then this could cause some upheaval in one or more areas of our lives, especially if those beliefs impact our home, family, the past, and foundational issues (i.e., Cancerian issues).

To assist us in navigating all this energy is a free-slowing grand trine, which is a configuration in which 3 planets are located 120° apart thereby forming an equilateral triangle in the sky above us.  All 3 of the current planets are in earth energies:  Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus.  Grand trines are very positive, and the earth energy will support us in maintaining our grounding in the midst of the emotional energy of Cancer, Pluto, and the Solar Eclipse.  We will likely benefit from spending time at home or going out in nature.  Given the planets involved, doing anything practical will be helpful, such as including taking care of finances or cleaning/organizing our homes.  The earth grand trine may also provide us with a willingness to try something new (Uranus) rather than giving into the usually cautious Cancer energy.  Additional help is provided by supportive trines (120°) between this Cancer New Moon and both Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  These aspects will provide us with a sense of faith that wonderful things are on the horizon and increased imagination regarding what is possible.

On Monday, July 9, which is 3 days before the New Moon, Venus moved out of dramatic Leo and into analytical, earthy Virgo, where it will remain until August 7.  Venus is very much focused on harmony and balance (it is the ruler of Libra for a reason), so this next month will likely bring an increased awareness that attention to detail (Virgo) will help us get what we desire (Venus).  Any expressions of love will likely entail practical actions, such as running an errand or helping sort out finances.  We may feel inclined to spend money on something that has entertainment value, but we will be particularly happy with our purchase if it can also be used for practical purposes.

Two days before the New Moon and Solar Eclipse (Tuesday, July 10), Jupiter stops its annual retrograde phase and begins moving direct again.  Although we may begin to feel more hopeful about the future, we may also feel a sense of urgency, like a woman in labor ready to push her baby out into the world.  We may feel ready to let go of something that no longer supports or interests us to make room for something new in our lives.  But keep in mind that with so many other planets still in retrograde, we may only be getting closer to being ready . . . not yet fully ready to push that baby out.  However, having Jupiter turn direct will definitely increase our optimism and hope!  It may just take a little more time to translate into actual change/action.

On Sunday, July 22, the Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo for its month-long stay.  The lower expression of the Sun in Leo is being overly dramatic and attention-seeking.  But as with all things astrological, the choice is always ours.  We could, instead, choose the high road and express ourselves from our hearts.  We each came here to express something unique during this exciting time in humanity’s evolution, so this would be a good month to explore how we can each creatively express who we are in a loving way, and possibly change the world in the process.  The next two eclipses will focus on just that, so we might as well start the process now.  Luckily, the Leo energy will give us confidence and courage to do so.

Overall, this Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse may be a time of major change in our lives and/or in society.  The eclipse season is like lighting a fuse on something that needs to be removed in order to make room for something new.  With the Cancer energy being involved in this first eclipse, this could be a very emotional time, and the focus of any changes may have to do with whatever we define as our home and family.  Jupiter going direct 2 days before the New Moon means we may be ready to take a stand regarding what we believe to be true for ourselves, even if those in our “family” don’t agree.  But with Pluto exactly opposing this New Moon, we have ample power to heal very deep-seated issues, even on a soul, Karmic, or past life level.  Although change can be scary, there are many indications that this change will lead to a positive outcome.  Holding on will only result in stagnation.  We don’t need to rush into any changes if we aren’t feeling ready.  Many planets are still in retrograde, and this New Moon is only the beginning of a 3-part eclipse cycle.  We should pace ourselves and understand that change is coming . . . it’s just a matter of when, not if.


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