NEW MOON IN CANCER – Take time to rest before the energy ramps up in July and August (June 28, 2022)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

In the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 7:52 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun conjunct (0°) at 7°22’ of Cancer.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 7°22’ of Cancer in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons always provide us with an opportunity for a new emotional start in the areas associated with the sign.  This time, we are focused on Cancer.  The higher expression of this sign includes being nurturing, sympathetic, family-oriented, and intuitive/psychic.  The lower expression can include being overly sensitive, emotional, dependent, or fearful.

The symbol associated with Cancer is the crab, and crabs have several qualities that help us understand the qualities of this sign.  One of the most obvious is that all crabs have claws.  They use these for both self-protection and protection of those they care about (e.g., their family).  For humans, Cancer provides a focus on protection, safety, and security, both for ourselves and for those we define as “family.”  If we are seen as a threat, then those claws can be used very effectively to keep us at a distance.  Additionally, as part of their defensive posture, crabs are known for carefully assessing any situation before proceeding forward.  They do this by moving side-to-side before deciding whether it’s safe to advance.  In human form, this cautiousness can be interpreted as hesitancy, indecisiveness, or even evasiveness; however, it’s actually just a way of being careful.

The planetary ruler of Cancer is the Moon, which means that this New Moon is in its home sign and, therefore, extra powerful.  Because the Moon is associated with our emotions, that means that all Cancer New Moons carry with it a lot of emotional energy.  We may feel more sensitive than usual, especially when it comes to perceived social hurts or threats.  The Cancer energy also means we can love deeply; but we can also be deeply fearful.  It’s interesting to note that both love and fear can fuel the need for protectiveness and caution.

During the annual Cancer New Moon, it is typically a good time of year to “pull inward,” and this year is no exception.  We may find that solitude is preferred, and this would be a good time to assess whether we are adequately nurturing ourselves and those we love.  Engaging in pampering activities, including cooking or any type of “nesting,” is often very enjoyable and feeds our need for “family.”

However, this Cancer New Moon is highly influenced by an exact square (90°) to Jupiter in Aries (i.e., an orb of only 0°04’).  Jupiter is associated with expansion, abundance, wisdom, ethics, and higher education.  However, this is also the planet that can go to excess.  In order to tap into the positive qualities of Jupiter, moderation is required.

Jupiter is located in Aries, which is a cardinal fire sign.  Both the cardinal modality and fire element want to move forward and start something new . . . now!  The square between the New Moon and Jupiter means that any action will involve some changes.  So, how might this manifest?  Unless we strive for moderation, Jupiter could prompt us to go too far in making a change, or we might overestimate our abilities.  We may feel restless or discontent with some aspect of our lives, especially our emotional lives, home, and/or family.  It could also be that we feel our beliefs, ethics, or morals are being challenged in some way.  On a more positive note, this New Moon-Jupiter square could be a catalyst for facing something within our family/close relationships that needs to change, and the adjustments we make leave us feeling safer and more secure.

Regardless of how this New Moon-Jupiter square manifests, I feel a need to again remind everyone that any Cancer New Moon can leave us feeling more sensitive than usual.  If being around others proves to be difficult, this might be a good time to lovingly set boundaries and take a “time out.”  Cancer does want to focus on family, but sometimes we need to be our own family and not rely on external sources of support.  As long as we don’t go to excess and burn any bridges in the process of setting those boundaries, then those who truly love us support our need to withdraw, and they will enjoy our company so much more when we are all in a better place emotionally.  The time around the New Moon is actually an excellent time for a “stay-cation.”  The exception to staying home would be if you travel to your “home” city or country.  But regardless of where you end up, we all need to focus on nurturing ourselves, especially if we are feeling extra sensitive.

Additional aspects impacting this Cancer New Moon include the following:

  • Mercury is in a supportive trine (120°) to Saturn. This can help us to think and communicate clearly and responsibly.  It’s an excellent time to get organized or do work that requires either attention to detail, focus on the future, or both.  Our decision-making skills are strong, and tangible results are possible through our efforts.
  • Mercury is also in a sweet sextile (60°) to Chiron, which could mean that that communication leads to healing an area of our psyche that normally feels vulnerable. Words can be used to heal and comfort.
  • However, Mercury is also squaring (90°) Neptune, so we do need to be aware that our perceptions may be unrealistic or too idealistic. It is recommended that we not make any major decisions until a few days after the New Moon, at which time we will be able to gather more facts and evaluate them realistically.  Also, we may feel rather mentally “floaty” and find it hard to concentrate.
  • During the time of the New Moon, Mars continues to travel through its home sign of Aries. It is telling us to move forward, but Mars in Aries can be impulsive and take unnecessary risks.  Luckily, during the time of the New Moon, Mars will be in a very close sextile (60°) to Saturn (i.e., orb of 0°53’).  The ringed planet always tends to slow us down and demands that we be responsible and realistic.  The Mars-Saturn sextile often provides the discipline needed to take courageous, albeit patient steps forward.  In addition to the Mercury-Saturn trine described above, this Mars-Saturn sextile is also excellent for getting organized and seeing tangible results from our efforts.  Some of us may also feel an increased sense of direction and purpose.
  • Mars, though, is also in a square (90°) to Pluto. This aspect will be influencing us for several days before and after the exact square on Sunday, July 3.  This could cause us to feel more impulsive than usual, but hopefully the Mars-Saturn sextile described above will counterbalance this tendency and slows us down to a manageable speed.  If we don’t use the Mars-Saturn sextile effectively we may be driven by a need for immediate gratification, and we may not want to pay attention to the risks involved in our actions.  If we can slow down the impulsivity to a management level, then this aspect can also help us see any inherent weaknesses in plans, especially those that we initiated back in March 2022.  Although this may not be a pleasant realization, we need to reframe it as a gift that will help us ultimately attain whatever it is that we desire.
  • Although I usually don’t focus on asteroids (with the exception of Chiron), I do want to mention that during this same time period, Mars will be conjunct (0°) the asteroid Eris (exact on Monday, June 27). We will actually be feeling this influence for several days before and after the actual event (i.e., June 19-30).  I mention this Mars-Eris conjunction because it’s occurring right before to the Mars-Pluto square described above.  Eris is the asteroid that is most associated with conflict, frustration, and chaos.  Its role is to be a catalyst for change, and it does this by shaking things up.  When the energies of the Mars-Chiron conjunction and the Mars-Pluto square are combined, it means that anytime between June 19-July 4 could see us feeling a need to assert our personal power into the world around us.  The energies that we are dealing with both individually and globally may feel pretty “intense.”  Conflicts and even anger are possible, and this is especially true around the time of the New Moon due to all the watery, emotional energy associated with Cancer.  Mars does provide us with a good dose of courage to face whatever might happen.  However, we always need to remember that what happens around us may not be within our control, but how we react is up to each of us.
  • Venus is in an exact sextile (60°) to Jupiter (i.e., an orb of only 0°3’). Hopefully, this will help counterbalance the potentially volatile energy described above.  This supportive aspect occurs between the two planets that are considered to be the most beneficial and benevolent.  It provides us with energy that is uplifting and optimistic.  When working with others, we feel more cooperative, cheerful, and willing to take the needs of others into consideration.  Financial endeavors tend to go smoothly.  In our relationships, there is a sense of ease and flow, and we also may see a higher-purpose to our social interactions.  The only warning is that Jupiter could cause us to go too far in seeking out what we desire, which could result in over-indulging and eventual regrets.

As has been the case for some time, Saturn is still squaring (90°) the Nodal Axis.  With retrograde Saturn as the “focal planet” of this ongoing t-square, we are likely still in the process of reviewing our responsibilities and any structures in our lives to see what we can learn from the past that will help guide us into a new future.

However, by the end of June, Uranus joins this t-square by forming a close conjunction (0°) with the North Node.  The means Uranus is in an opposition (180°) to the South Node and also squares (90°) Saturn.  Given Uranus is a slow-moving planet, this configuration of planets and Nodes will be influencing us throughout the months of July and August.  Uranus is the planet associated with change, and t-squares also demand that change happens.  Although many of us have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of change happening in our lives, July and August may see an acceleration in the pace of those changes.  Due to the involvements of Uranus, we could see breakdowns that result in breakthroughs.  Additionally, given Uranus and the North Node are both located in Taurus, these changes may occur in areas like our finances, sense of security, values, and what brings us pleasure.  As I often have said, Uranus can bring surprising, unexpected, and unsettling shifts.  If we resist what is happening, then change will be forced upon us; therefore, it’s always best to flow with any unexpected twists and turns.  It’s important to remember that Uranus is designed to bring us more freedom and authenticity.

The day of the Cancer New Moon (i.e., Tuesday, June 28), Neptune begins its annual 5-month retrograde phase.  Actually, many of us may have been feeling the slowing down process over the past week or so.  When Neptune is moving direct, our vision of reality is often obscured by fog.  When moving in retrograde, I have found that the fog often lifts and our dreams and aspirations become clearer.  We may also feel more nostalgic, compassionate, and desirous of heart-centered connections.  Given the actual change from direct to retrograde occurs on the same day as the Cancer New Moon, this reinforces the fact that this may be a good day or two to stay home and focus on self-care and/or caring for those we love.

On Monday, July 4, Mars moves out of its home sign of Aries and into slower-moving Taurus.  It will remain there until August 20.  Even though changes may be happening during July and August, the good news is that the pace of our lives may feel like it’s slowed down during this 6+ week period.  Our energy will be very consistent.  We can become entrenched in our ways and stubborn, or we could be more passive than assertive.  But this is a wonderful time for any projects that require patience, determination, and a willingness to focus on long-term success.

The same day (Monday, July 4), Mercury leaves its home sign of Gemini and enters emotional Cancer, where it will remain until July 19.  During Mercury’s relatively short stay in Cancer, our thoughts will be colored by our emotions, but we may also have an increased capacity to use our minds to think through our feelings.  In general, though, objectivity is a bit more challenging when Mercury is in Cancer.  We become interested in how something impacts us personally.  Any decisions that we make during this time may be based more on our intuitive hunches than logic.

Overall, this Cancer New Moon could be a volatile time.  We actually might want to stay closer to “home and hearth,” or wherever we can feel safe and secure.  If we are feeling extra sensitive, this actually might be a good time to spend time alone rather than with others.  It is likely that July and August will bring even more changes into our lives, so the time around this Cancer New Moon should be spent hunkering down, attending to our emotions, and engaging in nurturing activities that fill our proverbial wells.  Starting in July, it will be very important for all of us to remember that we may not be able to control what happens around us, but we do have control over how we react to external events.  This awareness can help us maintain a sense of control and empowerment.  During this time, it will also be important to maintain our personal vibration by staying grounded, focusing on the positive, and believing with our whole heart that Spirit will provide the best possible outcome for all involved.


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Full Moon at 7°22’ of Cancer

  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 7:52 p.m. PDT
  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 10:52 p.m. EDT
  • Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 2:52 a.m. GMT

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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