NEW MOON IN ARIES – Take action and reframe any obstacles as opportunities to create something better (March 27, 2017)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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In the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 7:57 p.m. on Monday, March 27.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 8° of Aries.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 8° of Aries in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons always represent new beginnings and a chance to set new intentions or goals in the areas associated with the sign.  With an Aries New Moon, the concept of “goals” also includes taking action!  Aries is a fire sign and it’s in the cardinal modality.  Fire is about action; the cardinal modality is about action.  Get the idea?  We need to be physically active, but also will likely need to be active emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Why?  Because not only are the Sun and Moon in Aries, but so, too, are Venus, Mercury, and Uranus.  That’s 5 planets in Aries.  But then there’s also Saturn in Sagittarius, which is another fire sign.  Therefore, 6 out of 10 planets are telling us to get up and DO something!

The Aries energy is awesome if you want to get things done.  It provides us with increased energy, confidence, courage, and a willingness to take risks.  It does mean that we have the potential to become impatient, but a supportive sextile (60°) between Mars and Neptune during the time of the Aries New Moon will help us accept that action for action’s sake is often ineffective.  Neptune will remind us that taking a deep breath and tuning into our intuition will often get us better results in the long-run (e.g., trusting that we’ll know the “right” time to take action, being guided to the “right” action in a given situation).  If we can consciously pace ourselves, then we won’t run out of energy before the end of the race.

Additionally, a wonderful trine (120°) between Mars and Pluto means that we will have the energy to overcome any obstacle that we encounter.  Mercury is also trining (120°) Saturn, which means we will approach life in a serious way and take the time to make responsible choices.  Put all of this together with other aspects and it is likely that we’ll be looking for how we can create long-term stability (particularly in our finances and relationships) because we want to have a solid base from which to take future actions.

Right around the time of the Aries New Moon, Mercury will be conjunct (0°) Uranus.  This is urging us to think outside the box.  Our minds want stimulation, so this is a good time to start studying a new subject or to be exposed to different perspectives.  We may also find that unexpected information comes to light that could result in changes for ourselves, others, or society.  Combine this with all the Aries energy, and it’s supporting us to mentally explore our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual worlds in brave new ways.

Venus is still moving in retrograde, and it is closely conjunct (0°) the New Moon.  This means the inner examination of our core values is probably going to be in hyper-drive.  We will be more in touch than usual with our wants and desires.  As discussed in the astrological overview of 2017 and in the Moon Update on February 26, this retrograde phase is very important this year.  We need to determine if our values are aligned with our personal beliefs.  Because it’s occurring in Aries, it will likely require that we make courageous adjustments.  Self-care is highlighted, as is taking actions that will bring more of whatever we love into our lives.  We need to invest in ourselves and believe in our own capabilities, including our ability to take care of ourselves in all situations.  This also means believing that others have the same strength and ability to cope with whatever they encounter.  Yes, we can offer to help someone, but our greatest gift is believing that others are fully capable of taking care of themselves.

Jupiter will make its second square (90°) to Pluto on Thursday, March 30.  In the already volatile atmosphere of so much Aries energy, the days before and after this exact square could be supercharged.  Jupiter magnifies, and Pluto is about the use of power.  Squares represent often difficult turning points that clarify that something needs to change.  During this time, we all need to remember to use power and not force to go after what we want.  We will need to approach our interactions with others consciously, including making the effort to listen, understand, and find win-win solutions.  If used effectively, the power of Jupiter and Pluto can be very healing.

On Friday, March 31, Mercury moves out of Aries and into earthy Taurus.  However, after only a week in Taurus, Mercury will begin its next retrograde phase (beginning on April 9 – see next Moon Update for more on this).  Due to its retrograde motion, Mercury will back out of Taurus and return to Aries on April 20, which will provide us with another shot of mental activation.  But until it moves back into Aries, we have a 3-week period when we can more effectively work on practical issues.  The speed of our thoughts (and words) slows down, and we take a more careful and methodical approach to problem-solving.  Even our interactions with others will be qualitatively different because we are more willing to take the time to listen carefully and speak only after thinking things through.  The downside is that, unlike Mercury in Aries, we can be resistant to new ideas while Mercury is in Taurus.

Due to her retrograde period, Venus will move out of Aries and back into Pisces on Sunday, April 2, where it will remain until April 29.  After the very active energy of Venus retrograde in Aries, the month of April will provide us with an opportunity to catch our breath, move out of focusing on our needs and wants, and see how our better-aligned values can be applied to spiritual goals.  We want to examine how our personal gifts and talents could be applied to further the needs of the “whole.”  We may also find that our hearts open up and spill over with compassion toward others and toward ourselves.

Then on Wednesday, April 5, a big change will happen.  Saturn begins its annual 4-month retrograde phase, which will end on August 25.  Whenever Saturn moves in retrograde, we can feel like progress toward any desired goal(s) slows down.  Although this can be frustrating, it’s all part of the Divine Plan.  Every year, we need a time period when we slow down and take stock of where we are in relation to our goals.  It’s a time when we evaluate if we need to make adjustments so we have a solid foundation on which to build our dreams.  Due to all the recent Aries energy, we may have taken a lot of steps forward but skipped over some “endings” along the way.  It’s time to “clean up” and get our house in order.  Because Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius, we will likely feel a need to do some soul searching because we will be very aware of the potential consequences of our decisions.  We want to make the “right” choices . . . choices that are aligned with our personal philosophy of life.  This will likely involve being disciplined and patient.  But most importantly, we need to remember to reframe whatever occurs (e.g., things that slow us down, apparent obstacles) as beneficial and necessary for our long-term success.

Overall, this Aries New Moon is continuing the trend discussed in the last Moon Update.  It’s time to take the necessary actions to bring about needed changes in our lives.  Due to 5 out of 10 planets being in fiery Aries and having another planet in an additional cardinal sign, we have a unique opportunity to be courageous when it comes to pursuing our goals and dreams.  Luckily, aspects occurring at the time of the New Moon support us in slowing down the train enough to think through our actions so we don’t jump too quickly.  Action is supported, but only if it’s timely action.  And we should use this time productively because beginning in April, the brakes will be applied to some of that forward progress.  But until then remember, “The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move” (John Wooden).


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New Moon at 8° of Aries

  • Monday, March 27, 2017, 7:57 p.m. PDT
  • Monday, March 27, 2017, 10:57 p.m. EDT
  • Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 2:57 a.m. GMT

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