FULL MOON IN SCORPIO – It’s time to manifest! (May 10, 2017)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 2:42 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10.  With this Full Moon, the Sun in Taurus will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Scorpio.  To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 21° of Taurus and 21° of Scorpio in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

All Full Moons challenge us to find a balance between the qualities of the two signs involved, which in this case are Taurus and Scorpio.  Both are fixed signs, which means that they know how to focus their energy on what they want.  And what we want probably went through some major renovations while Venus was in retrograde earlier this year (i.e., March 4 through April 14).  As we discussed in the last Moon Update, the entire month of May is ideal for focusing our attention on whatever we now desire because Venus is now in “go-after-what-you-want” Aries.

But remember, it’s all about balance with a Full Moon, and this one is no exception.  Taurus’s focus is reliable, responsible, down-to-earth energy.  We want to manifest whatever will bring us joy and pleasure (e.g., physical surrounding, love, money).  Scorpio’s focus is on aligning our emotions with what we want and going after that with power and passion.  This is a winning combination if a healthy balance can be achieved.

Some astrologers (e.g., Kathy Rose) call the Scorpio Full Moon the “Manifesting Moon.”  This is an excellent time to manifest what we want!  However, it also means that we need to be careful to focus on what we want and to NOT focus on what we DON’T want.  As is true with the Law of Attraction, whatever we focus on right now is what we will draw into our lives, be that good, bad, or indifferent.

Therefore, we should all spend time around the Full Moon focusing on what we want to create more of in our life . . . more health, more wealth, more love, more anything!  A very powerful technique is to make lists of what we want and why we want it.  The items on our lists can describe in detail our heart’s desires, but be sure to use only positive words (e.g., the positively worded “I want to fit into a Size 12” versus the negatively-worded “I want to lose weight”).  And I always recommend that these “Lists of Ideals” include with the statement “or this or something better and for the highest and best good of all involved.”  We humans often limit what we think is possible, so we always want to leave the door open for Spirit to bring us something even better than our wildest dreams.  And after we have done this manifesting work, we need to let go . . . we need to trust that the “fairies of the Universe” will figure out the details of how, when, and who.

Keeping our thoughts positive is even more important because as of Wednesday, May 3, Mercury stopped its recent retrograde period and began moving direct again.  It always takes Mercury a few days to pick up speed, so it will be rarin’ to go by the time of the Full Moon a week later!  While in retrograde, we were rethinking and refining what we want, and now it’s time to see it come to fruition in some way.  This doesn’t mean we can just sit back and watch it unfold without taking action.  We need to do all the visualizing (as described in the last paragraph) and we need to take action.  For example, we can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket.  Therefore, when it’s time to act, we need to act!  It’s also important right now that we take full responsibility for our lives and not slip into blaming others or feeling like a victim.

On the day of the Full Moon (Wednesday, May 10), Mercury will finally make its exact conjunction (0°) with Uranus.  Although exact on Wednesday, this aspect has been impacting us for the last two weeks and will be present for the next two.  It means that we will not be at a loss for ideas!  And many of those thoughts will be original and focused on bringing more freedom and equality into our lives.  It’s a good time to question old beliefs or approaches, which may require letting go of the old and being willing to explore the new.  And given this conjunction is happening in Aries, we may feel pretty comfortable sharing those new ideas.  Just remember to be light-hearted and flexible with all of this because Mars is in Gemini this month.  This means that our energies may feel scattered, but it is also a playful, fun, curious energy.

Also at the time of the Full Moon, we are still under the influence of (a) the Sun’s supportive trine (120°) to Pluto and (b) the challenging square (90°) between Saturn and Chiron.  (Read more about both in the last Moon Update.)  Healing (Chiron) may require changes in our lives, including changes to the very foundations (Saturn) upon which we are accustomed to functioning (e.g., home/family/relationship, work/finances).  But the good news is that many of us are finally ready to shine a bright light (Sun) on the deep issues within our psyches that need to be healed (Pluto), both individually and as a society.  And a supportive trine (120°) between Mercury and Saturn will help us be reasonable and communicate responsibly as we sort everything out.

Over the next few months, it is likely that more and more people will be feeling called to use their gifts to serve their community or humanity in some way.  This is because the Moon’s Nodes will change signs on Tuesday, May 9.  The Nodes are not actual objects in space but are, instead, points where the orbits of the Sun, Moon, and Earth overlap.  The North Node moves into the sign of Leo, while the South Node moves into Aquarius.  Over the next 18 months, the activation of this Leo-Aquarius axis means that many will feel a call to use our unique gifts to serve.  Leo provides the confidence to do this, and Aquarius urges us to recognize that we are all one and need to work together.  And with the North Node being in Leo, this is telling us that it is time to step into a new leadership role in some way.

On Tuesday, May 16, Mercury will move into Taurus, where it will remain until June 7.  After so much fiery Aries energy over the last month or so, this move into grounded Taurus will probably feel like taking a trip to the mental spa.  And just like going to a spa, for some, the slower pace of our thought will be hard to adjust to, at least at first.  But for others, it will immediately feel like heaven-on-earth.  During the time period when Mercury is in Taurus, our slower thought processes will support us in figuring out how to take practical steps toward all those new ideas that have been coming to us over the past few weeks.  There have likely been a LOT of ideas swirling around us, so part of our task is to sort out which ideas are worth keeping and which are better left behind (at least for now).  When Mercury is in practical, grounded Taurus, we understand that resources are finite and that prioritizing is necessary in order to successfully accomplish our most important goals.

Then on Thursday, May 18, Saturn makes its second of three trines (120°) to Uranus.  (The first occurred back in December 2016, and the final trine will occur on November 11, 2017.)  This is one of the few times when these often diametrically opposed planets work together in harmony.  For example, Uranus is often unpredictable, but Saturn stabilizes the energy and allows any necessary changes to be made in more controllable ways.  But Uranus is equally as helpful.  Saturn is often rigid and prefers to do things “the old-fashioned way.”  The energy of Uranus will loosen Saturn’s need for control and bring in options that will lead to greater freedom and uniqueness.

Finally, the Sun moves out of Taurus and into Gemini on Saturday, May 20.  During the next month, we will seek out social and intellectual opportunities.  We may crave more variety and diversity in many areas our lives.  We also need to be ready to provide ourselves with new learning opportunities if we develop an insatiable curiosity to learn something new and different.  This month tends to be more social and fun compared to other months, but it can also leave us feeling scattered or cause us to be more unreliable or unpredictable.

Overall, we have a wonderful opportunity at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon to work toward manifesting whatever we are longing for.  We need to use our emotions and power to passionately focus our energy (Scorpio) on whatever will bring us the greatest satisfaction, joy, and happiness (Taurus).  Our focus should be on finding a good balance been mentally pruning and cultivating our thoughts (e.g., Law of Attraction) and taking timely, Divinely-inspired action.  We don’t need to force anything to manifest.  Instead, we need to learn to trust that the Universe will arrange all the details.  Our job is to focus on what we want and let go of any thoughts that say something isn’t possible, reasonable, etc.  We also need to learn to trust that when the time is right to take action, Universal forces will let us know it’s time.  We just need to watch for the signs and “go” when the light turns green.  And given that the North and South Nodes are changing signs on the day of the Full Moon, it’s likely that part of our desires will be to find ways to use our unique gifts to serve a great good (e.g., family, community, society).  It may be helpful to remember the words of Pablo Picasso: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”


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  • Anne Reith, Ph.D. (AnneReith.com)
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  • The Mountain Astrologer (magazine)
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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 21° of Scorpio

  • Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 2:42 p.m. PDT
  • Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 5:42 p.m. EDT
  • Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 9:42 p.m. GMT

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