FULL MOON IN LIBRA – A time of integration but how to cope with three cups of espresso (April 10, 2017)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 11:08 p.m. on Monday, April 10.  With this Full Moon, the Sun in Aries will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Libra.  To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 22° of Aries and 22° of Libra in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

All Full Moons challenge us to find a balance between the qualities of the two signs involved, which in this case are Aries and Libra.  We’ve been talking about and experiencing a great deal of Aries during the past few weeks.  This sign is about independence, energy, action, and confidence.  It’s counterpart across the astrological wheel is Libra, which is all about interdependence, cooperation, diplomacy, and harmony.  Both sides of this continuum are important during this Full Moon.  For example, we do need to take courageous actions, but our actions need to focus on finding win-win solutions.

But there is much more to this Full Moon than finding a balance between these two signs.  At the time of the Full Moon when the Sun and Moon are in opposition (180°), the Sun is conjunct (0°) Uranus, and the Moon is conjunct (0°) Jupiter.  Additionally, both ends of this continuum are squaring (90°) Pluto in Capricorn.  These aspects form what is called a t-square (i.e., right triangle) in the sky above us.  Whenever squares are involved, it’s time for change.  Often the changes initiated by a t-square aren’t comfortable or even welcomed, but we need to keep in mind that they are necessary for our growth during this lifetime.

With so many planets involved in this t-square, it would be laborious (and probably overwhelming) to describe each aspect in detail.  Consequently, I will give some bullet points about possible ways in which we can be impacted:

  • With the Sun conjunct (0°) Uranus, there will be a lot of energy flowing through us. We will likely feel more willing than usual to make necessary changes in our lives (Uranus), especially if these adjustments will lead to living a more authentic life (Sun).  Unexpected ideas may pop into our minds at the oddest moments, so keep a pad of paper or small recorder nearby to record these fleeting but important thoughts.  Releasing any nervous energy through physical exercise will be helpful.
  • Having the Moon conjoining (0°) Jupiter is going to intensify everything. Emotions (Moon) will be heightened (Jupiter), which can include both positive and negative feelings.  It can be a very prosperous time; however, with the influence of the t-square and Venus retrograde (see below), our abundance will likely come from looking inward to do some inner work.  But again, finding avenues for the release of any excess energy (this time emotional) will be helpful, such as journaling or talking with counselors or supportive others.
  • When the Sun is opposing (180°) Jupiter, we can be inclined to overindulge or go to excess. But this opposition can also provide courage to those who normally would hold back or feel more comfortable hiding in the shadows.  It also provides a lot of optimism, although we need to keep our enthusiasm within realistic bounds.
  • With the Moon opposing (180°) Uranus, something is likely to come up that jars us out of our usual routine. It is likely this event or insight will confront us with something that needs to change in our lives, especially our emotional life or daily routine.  Whenever Uranus energy is involved, the question is whether we flow with the change or resist the change.  The change is necessary, so we can do this the easy way or the hard way.  It will help to be as flexible as possible.
  • With the Sun/Uranus square (90°) to Pluto, we may suddenly understand what is motivating our behavior and how we have consciously or unconsciously been manipulating others. This insight could lead to major breakthroughs in our healing on any level . . . emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or even physically.
  • With the Moon/Jupiter square (90°) to Pluto, we won’t be able to ignore what’s going on. Our emotions are already heightened by Jupiter’s conjunct (0°) to the Moon, and the square to Pluto is yelling at us, “Hey, the way to healing is through transformation!”  Why?  Because the planet that squares (90°) the planets which are in opposition in a t-square is called “the focal planet.”  It provides guidance on a “way out” of the conflict between the opposition.  In this case, the focal planet is Pluto, which represents transformation, healing, rebirth/renewal, and our relationship with power.

Luckily, the benevolent planet Venus is very active in our lives during the entire month of April.  Being in Pisces means that Venus will help soften the experience of this Full Moon and t-square.  Venus is happy in Pisces, and we may feel more emotionally uplifted throughout April.  While Venus travels in Pisces, our love becomes all-encompassing, and we feel more affectionate, tender, and compassionate.  And if that weren’t enough, Chiron is conjunct (0°) Venus in Pisces at the time of the Full Moon.  This adds even further emphasis to the growing imperative that healing is essential.  Because this is occurring in Pisces, it means that healing will likely come through love, forgiveness, surrender, and trust.  It is telling us that we can heal so many issues if we are willing to open our hearts to ourselves and to others.

Also beneficial at this time is a trine (120°) between the Sun /Uranus conjunction and Saturn, which means Saturn is also sextile (60°) the Moon/Jupiter conjunction.  Additionally, a supportive trine (120°) is occurring between Mars and the focal planet of the t-square, Pluto.  All of these beneficial aspects help us take responsible actions and not go off “willy-nilly” just for the sake of change.  Although it may feel a bit like the rug is being pulled out from underneath us (due to Uranus’s influence in the t-square discussed above), Mars in grounded Taurus will help us find our balance and look for realistic changes that we can make in our own backyards rather than reaching too far outside our sphere of influence.  It will also help us work patiently toward our goals while doing what we can to create beauty and harmony in the environments in which we spend our time.

However, it should be mentioned that at the time of the Full Moon, Venus will square (90°) Saturn.  Again, squares usually help us see where change is needed, and this one may provide a “wake up call” for some people regarding relationships or finances.  It’s hard to accept that our hopes and dreams may not translate into “reality” regarding someone’s or something’s potential.  But facing “the truth” permits us to move forward and not get stuck in false hopes.

The day before the Full Moon (Sunday, April 9) is when Mercury begins its next retrograde period.  Our reevaluation of recent decisions will show us if those decisions were “right” or whether they need to be modified once Mercury begins moving direct again on Wednesday, May 3.  Until then, remember that Mercury’s retrograde phases are important.  They provide us with times when we all turn inward to reevaluate, reassess, and revamp whatever we have recently been thinking about.  These time periods provide for greater success in the future.  However, the inward focus that everyone is experiencing means that communication snafus become more likely.  We may also find that electrical/electronic equipment, travel plans, and contracts become more challenging.  This can usually be overcome by applying ample amounts of patience and double/triple checking everything that is written or spoken.

On Saturday, April 15, Venus will begin moving direct again.  Her retrograde phase began back on March 4.  If we have done the work of the retrograde phase, we are ready to make choices that are more self-loving and more congruent with our needs and desires.  We may also have reassessed our relationships not only with certain people in our lives but also with our material positions and/or our relationship to money.  We have been asking whether or not many aspects of our lives are beneficial or detrimental.  It’s likely been a time of major soul-searching that will help us make healthier choices that are aligned with our true values.  Additionally, we may feel ready to open our hearts again to the outside world, while feeling more spiritually connected, peaceful, and trusting in Divine Order and Divine Timing.

Saturn just turned retrograde on Wednesday, April 5 (see last Moon Update), and many people that I’m talking to are reporting that they are experiencing the impact of this change in direction.  Beginning on Thursday, April 20, Pluto begins its annual 5-month retrograde phase.  Pluto is a very slow moving object in our sky, which means that its influence is often subtle.  That doesn’t mean it’s not important!  Pluto is all about power, and the internal changes and healing that occur while Pluto is in retrograde are often transformative.  But overall, these changes often feel like they “creep up on us,” and we only recognize the transformations when we look at this time period in retrospect.  It’s a time when we often find ourselves willing to do some deep healing work, and we also may become very conscious of how we are using our power . . . for good or not-so-good.  And given Pluto is now located in Capricorn, we will likely be exploring our inner motivations to see if we are acting from a place of integrity that will support us in achieving the goals that will become important once Pluto begins moving direct again on September 28.

And if all this planetary change in direction wasn’t enough, Mars joins the dance on Friday, April 21.  It moves out of grounded Taurus and into social Gemini, where it will remain until June 5.  Mars, the planet of movement, doesn’t necessarily like being in Taurus’s grounded, slow-moving energy.  Therefore, having Mars move into mentally and socially active Gemini may feel like a breath of fresh air!  The problem is that we need to be careful when Mars is in Gemini.  Our minds will become very active, and we may not always stop to think through what we say or do.  We also may have a difficult time focusing our attention on one issue for very long before something more interesting comes along.  But this can be a fun and a social time if we remember to be flexible and adaptable.

Overall, this Full Moon and the t-square discussed above is a time when many ideas will likely come together and breakthroughs are possible.  The entire month of April is a time of integration that is supported by having any of three or four planets in retrograde at any given point in time (i.e., Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto).  This retrograde motion means that we will all benefit greatly by doing a lot of reviewing, reevaluating . . . any re-words.  It’s also important to keep in mind that Full Moons typically pull out the shadow side of the signs involved, including any signs aspecting the Sun and the Moon.  Therefore, we need to be careful and focus on being assertive and not aggressive (Aries), interdependent and not codependent (Libra), and realistic and not a “Debby Downer” (Capricorn).  The influence of so many beneficial aspects to the t-square will be very helpful and provide much-needed grounding and balance.  However, for some people the time around the Full Moon could feel like a cup (or three cups!) of espresso.  We will need to consciously use techniques to calm our bodies, minds, and emotions.  But don’t forget that with Venus in Pisces, this can be a time filled with a great deal of the positive, loving energy, if we consciously choose to access it.  So remember, “The main factor with change is to be gentle with yourself . . . small steps consistently taken” (Temple Hayes).


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  • Anne Reith, Ph.D. (AnneReith.com)
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  • The Mountain Astrologer (magazine)
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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 22° of Libra

  • Monday, April 10, 2017, 11:08 p.m. PDT
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 2:08 a.m. EDT
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 6:08 a.m. GMT

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