FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN & LUNAR ECLIPSE – Don’t waste the energy we are being given to restructure and reorganize! (July 4, 2020)

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.

In the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 9:44 p.m. on Saturday, July 4.  With this Full Moon, the Sun in Cancer will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Capricorn.  To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 14° of Cancer and 14° of Capricorn in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

With all Full Moons, we are being asked to evaluate whether or not we are effectively balancing two seemingly opposite ways of approaching our lives.  With this Capricorn Full Moon, we need to look at the balance between Cancer and Capricorn:

  • The Sun is in Cancer: The Sun represents our basic identity.  The higher expression of this sign includes being nurturing, sympathetic, and intuitive.  The lower expression, though, can include being overly emotional, sensitive, or even “crabby.”
  • The Moon is in Capricorn: The Moon represents our emotions and daily habits.  The higher expression of Cap includes being responsible, disciplined, and patient.  The lower expression can include being critical, overly conventional, or status-seeking. 

Our goal is to achieve a new or more effective balance between the two signs (and houses) involved, but we may have a bit of a struggle to achieve this balance because a Full Moon often means that the lower expression of each sign is more likely to be “tempting us” than the higher expression. 

But this Capricorn Full Moon is also the final of three back-to-back eclipses, which means it’s very important.  Eclipses always open doorways to our next evolutionary step.  With three eclipses back-to-back, this eclipse season has been extra significant.  I think we can all agree that the last month or so has seen events transpire that are changing the course of human history (e.g., pandemic, racial equality, social justice issues).  This type of radical change is typical with two eclipses.  This third one is telling us that the changes are likely to be a quantum leap forward for us, both individually and as a species. 

Although this may not be entirely clear except in retrospect, three back-to-back eclipses often unfold in a fairly predictable pattern.  The first one, which occurred on June 5, may have started with a shock that brought something important to our awareness.  The second eclipse on June 20 very likely solidified our understanding of what needed to change.  Now, with this third eclipse, we are very likely making the decisions and seeing the steps that will be necessary in order to move into this new level of growth and expansion in our lives.  However, change usually means that something must be left behind, and we will need to give ourselves the time and space to feel the sadness, disappointment, and other emotions that will come up due to this change(s).  But more and more, we will begin to feels the glowing embers of hope and even excitement. 

As we individually and collectively embark on this new adventure, we need to remember that astrology does not say that anything is destined to happen.  It’s all about possibilities and potentialities.  Astrology can tell us when the energy is more favorable, which is metaphorically giving us a green light.  On the other hand, astrology can also tell us when energies are not as favorable.  This is actually incredibly helpful.  It provides us with the information and guidance we need in order to handle these less-than-favorable influences. 

A reminder that the Law of Attraction can help draw us to what we want.  We just have to consciously choose to focus on what we want and not dwell on what we don’t want, don’t have, don’t need, etc.  For example, if we want less chaos or drama in our lives, we need to, instead, focus on wanting more peace. 

Given this Full Moon is occurring on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, it’s likely that what is being asked of us is to deal with our emotions, family, private life/home base, and even our habits (Cancer) in a more responsible, structured, and mature way (Capricorn).  There’s a lot of Capricorn energy right now.  On Wednesday, July 1, retrograde Saturn moves out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn (where it will remain until mid-December).  This means that the powerhouses of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all once again conjunct (0°) in Cap, with Jupiter and Pluto being very close together (only 0°19’ apart) at the time of the Full Moon.  All three planets are in retrograde, so this likely means we will be focusing on “re-” words related to Capricorn, like restructuring and reorganizing.  This earthy Cap energy will help us make grounded choices that will have long-lasting results.  Capricorn wants us to achieve something concrete, but it also enjoys organization.  This would be a great time to bring order to any area of our lives that feels chaotic or out of control. 

Luckily, Mars just moved into its home sign of Aries on Saturday, June 27, which means we will be feeling more energetic and motivated.  While in Aries, Mars will provide us with extra courage to make some of those changes that have been catalyzed by this series of eclipses.  Another positive influence is Mercury, which is conjunct (0°) the Sun.  The Sun will help to have extra light to think things through clearly (Mercury). 

However, Mercury is in a square (90°) to Mars at the time of this Full Moon (exact on Wednesday, July 8), so we may feel impatient or even irritable and cranky, especially if we aren’t able to move forward with our new ideas.  Be reassured that any delays will likely not last long, but during the interim, it is important to avoid disagreements right now because we might say something the wrong way.  Words can be used as weapons during this transit of Mercury and Mars.  It doesn’t help that Mercury is in an opposition (180°) to the Moon, so our emotions may be more involved than we would like.  This Mercury-Moon opposition also indicates that our heart (Moon) may need some time to catch up with these new ideas (Mercury).  The Cancer energy reminds us that our inner child needs to feel safe before it will comfortably let us move forward.  If we go to fast, that little boy or girl may start acting out (e.g., anxiety, depression, anger).  

Luckily, the Moon will be in a supportive trine (120°) to Uranus.  As the planet most associated with change, Uranus can help us emotionally adjust more quickly than we might usually.  Additionally, the Sun and Mercury are both in sweet sextiles (60°) to Uranus, which will strengthen our intuitive abilities, help us see things differently, and might even clear a mental block.  The presence of Uranus is also telling us that we should all remain open to the unexpected because it might lead us down a previously unseen path that might be magical. 

Luckily, we are being gifted with the time most of us will need to let our head and heart get into alignment.  Mercury is still in retrograde in Cancer until Saturday, July 11, so we might want to just be making plans right now rather than taking actions, especially if we might need to sign contracts or legal paperwork.  Because there is a total of five planets in retrograde at the time of the Full Moon and due to the involvement of Cancer energy, this is a good time to pull in, take time to adjust, and review whether we are taking care of ourselves and our family in a nurturing way. 

However, the time is coming when we will be given that proverbial green light, and Mars in Aries will provide us with the energy we need to move forward toward this new future.  Whenever we are ready to take steps forward, we need to be sure to focus that Mars in Aries energy and not waste it.  It can be an amazing gift; however, we also need to avoid the lower expression of Aries energy, which can be angry or aggressive.  This is less likely to occur during July than during August through December when Mars will make several challenging aspects to other planets.  For now, use July as a “trial run” on using the energy constructively and also managing any frustration you might feel.  If that energy can be used to create something concrete, that’s even better due to the strong influence of Capricorn through the end of this year. 

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun is in a square (90°) to the wounded healer Chiron, which may make us feel a bit unsure of ourselves or fear being seen as different.  We could also be questioning our life’s mission.  It’s more likely that we will experience self-doubt if we follow the lead of others in a direction that does not match our inner needs and desires.  If in doubt, we need to remember all the reasons that we made the initial decision, talk to supportive others, and don’t forget to ask for support and confirmation from the Divine.

On Saturday, July 11, Chiron will begin its next retrograde phase, which will continue into December.  During this time, we may not feel as secure as we usually do, but this is meant to help us unearth the wounds that need to be healed as we move toward the new future that we are ready to create.  On the same day, Mercury will begin moving direct again, which will help us talk through any fears that come up.  It may take a few days for Mercury to pick up speed, but we should find that our thoughts and communication become clearer.  

Finally, on Tuesday, July 14, the Sun will make an exact opposition (180°) to Jupiter, which could have us feeling torn between conflicting desires.  For a few days before and after these actual events, we all need to avoid overdoing anything, including overestimating our capabilities.  But this could be a time when we experience the culmination of a project.  A conjunction (0°) on the same day between Mars and Chiron may help us see where our pain is interfering with our ability to feel confident and independent.  The presence of Mars can help us courageously move in the direction of healing inner wounds. 

Overall, this Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is helping us take some final steps toward an evolutionary change of some kind.  Given the strong Capricorn focus right now, it’s likely this change (or changes) will involve alternations to a structure of some kind that may have some connection to the past (Capricorn) or to family (Cancer).  It’s time to move forward, but first you need to clean house or, as the saying goes, “cut bait.”  Something needs to be eliminated, but we should also remember to retain what does still serve us.  What we need to let go of could be something small or large, but it will definitely be something significant.  The Cancer Sun, though, is reminding us that it’s OK to pull into our home base and nurture ourselves for a little while before we bring these changes out into the world.  Cancer tells us that if we can tap into our emotional and/or intuitive wisdom, then this will guide us through those structural changes while feeling as secure and safe as possible. 


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  • Anne Reith, Ph.D. (AnneReith.com)
  • For information about Dr. Reith’s downloadable eBooks and meditations, feel free to visit her online Store


  • The Mountain Astrologer (magazine)
  • Various online sources (e.g., www.cafeastrology.com)


  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 14° of Capricorn

  • Saturday, July 4, 2020, 9:44 p.m. PDT
  • Sunday, July 5, 2020, 12:44 a.m. EDT
  • Sunday, July 5, 2020, 4:44 a.m. GMT

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