Runes 101: An Ancient Divination Tool with Modern Applications

Instructor:  Anne Reith, Ph.D.


Come learn about a highly effective divination tool!

Did you know that runes were Anne’s first divination tool?  She began using them in the early 1980’s, which is long before she ever thought of herself as a psychic!  And they continue to be her favorite tool.

When doing professional readings, Anne would always be sure to include runes.  Unlike tarot cards or angel cards, she finds that runes provide much greater insight into the psychological world of the client.  As a Psychologist, she loves this about runes!  For example, they can help the client understand how to best deal with present challenges?  Is it time to take action?  Is it time to wait?  Runes provide this information and so much more!

During this afternoon workshop, you will hear Anne explain how to best use many different types of divination tools for psychic readings (e.g., tarot, runes, angel cards).  Anne will share which tool she believes will provide the “best” answer when certain questions are being asked.

Your manual will provide you with interpretations of all 25 runes.  Of those, 16 can be interpreted in both the upright and reversed directions.  The manual also includes 11 different “rune spreads.”  After a guided meditation that is designed to connect you with a special “rune guide,” you will then practice doing readings for yourself and others.

Finally, for some people, the best part of this Runes 101 class is the “arts and crafts” aspect.  During the class, everyone will make a simple set of runes and a “rune mat.”  All materials will be provided.  You can take them home and start using them to receive incredibly deep and insightful readings about any topic!

NOTE:  See video below of Anne doing a psychic reading using runes.


Workshop Objectives for Runes 101

Topics that will be covered:

  • Learn the history and basic meanings of all 25 runes, including the meanings of the 16 runes that can be interpreted both upright and reversed
  • Discuss the selection, proper care, and cleansing of your runes
  • Learn how to use a “rune mat” and/or crystals to deepen your readings with yourself or others
  • Be introduced to 11 “rune spreads” and several additional advanced techniques that can be used with any type of runes (e.g., Celtic/Nordic, Germanic, Armenian)
  • Focus will be on using both the runes and your intuitive abilities to interpret runes during readings


What Is Included in the Runes 101 Workshop

  • 6 hours of in-person instruction with time for questions
  • A 37-page manual that includes clear explanations about how to use runes, interpretations of all 25 runes (upright and reversed), and directions for using a rune mat, crystals as part of a rune reading, 11 rune spreads, and several advanced techniques
  • During the class, you will make a simple set of runes and a “rune mat” (all materials provided)
  • Anne will provide brief readings for many of those attending the workshop
  • A guided meditation will be included that is designed to connect you with a specialized guide for learning about runes
  • Time is provided for practice readings with yourself and others


How to Repeat the Runes 101 Workshop for FREE

Students who have previously taken (i.e., paid for) this workshop with Anne are welcome to sit in for FREE.  We will need to confirm your attendance in our database.  Once confirmed, you must let us know that you plan to attend, and you will be responsible for bringing your manual with you.  (NOTE:  If you need a new manual, you can purchase one for a minimal fee.)


 Video of Dr. Anne Using Runes During a Psychic Reading




Runes 101 Workshop Inquiry Form

If you are interested in taking this class, please fill out this form. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours to let you know if there is still room available in this course and explain how to get preregistered.


Registration Information for the Rune 101 Workshop

DATEThe next date is currently being selected. To provide input regarding the date of this and other IMPART classes, please be sure to join Anne’s Online Community.  In the meantime, please check Anne’s Calendar regularly.

TIME:  Noon-6:00 p.m.

PREREQUISITE:  None! (Beginning, intermediate, & advanced students are welcome!)


  • $140
  • Optional Payment Plans**
    • 2 payments of $75
    • 3 payments of $55

**Payment plans include an administration fee

NOTE: Click here to learn more about IMPART Certification programs for Psychics, Mediums, and Healers.


  • You may select the dates on which the payments are to be made.
  • Registration in the class is not confirmed until you have provided either (a) post-dated checks or (b) credit card authorization.
  • It is expected that all payments will be made before the class date.

REGISTRATION:  Preregistration is required for this course!  To register, contact us at or call (714) 599-0017.

LOCATION:  Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center, 540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite 108, Santa Ana, CA



  1. If you have your own runes, please feel free to bring them with you.  However, extra sets will be available.  And you will be making your own set of runes during the class. 
  2. Students taking this Rune 101 class also enjoy taking Anne’s Tarot 101 workshop.
  3. For more information about Anne’s classes, see FAQ’s About Classes & Workshops and Anne’s Calendar.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.