Professional Issues Course

Mastering Challenging Situations: How to Effectively Deal with Difficult People & Events

Instructor:  Anne Reith, Ph.D.


Come learn very effective methods for dealing with difficult situations involving clients, co-workers, family members, and friends.

This workshop is for anyone who works with people.  It is also for everyone who lives with or deals with other people.  So, this workshop is really for EVERYONE!

Within a supportive and caring environment, Anne will present a number of amazingly effective (and simple) techniques that can be used to deal with difficult situations that we all encounter, regardless of the environment in which we work. As a psychologist, she taught these skills to her clients and to various offices on university campuses.  She now wants to share this information with you!

During this jam-packed, 7-hour workshop, Anne will help you clarify how you want to work with others (and how you don’t), how to take care of yourself when we are in roles that require us to take care of others, and tricks for remaining detached when you encounter needy, angry, or resistant people. Specific information will be provided for dealing with someone who discloses child or elder abuse or those who indicate that they want to harm themselves or someone else.  This discussion will include clarifying your legal responsibilities within situations like this.

Anne will also discuss the typical differences between morals, ethics, and the law; and she will explore various common ethical dilemmas that we all have the potential to encounter and how to resolve them.


Workshop Objectives for Mastering Challenging Situations

  • Complete a questionnaire that will help you identify “how” you would like to (& how you would not like to) work with others
  • Explore legal & ethical issues inherent in psychic, mediumship, and healing work
  • Learn how to effectively deal with challenging clients (e.g., those who are needy, angry, suicidal)
  • Learn “The 5 Secrets to Effective Communication” & “The Disarming Technique”
  • Discuss the very important differences between “psychic” & “psychotic” behavior
  • Learn how to present difficult information in respectful and compassionate ways
  • Explore how to set appropriate boundaries, including issues of self-care (e.g., protection/clearing, avoiding burn out)
  • Review California Senate Bill-577 and other legal issues as it applies to those pursuing careers as energetic healers, psychics, or mediums


What is Included in the Mastering Challenging Situations Workshop

  • An extensive 50-page manual that includes a wide range of techniques and reference material
  • 7 hours of in-person instruction with ample time for questions
  • Questionnaire exploring how you want to work with people (and how you don’t)
  • Brainstorming exercises and small group discussion


How to Repeat the Mastering Challenging Situations Workshop for FREE

Students who have previously taken (i.e., paid for) this workshop with Anne are welcome to sit in for FREE.  We will need to confirm your attendance in our database.  Once confirmed, you must let us know that you plan to attend, and you will be responsible for bringing your manual with you.  (NOTE:  If you need a new manual, you can purchase for a minimal fee.)


Here’s What Students Are Saying About Anne’s Mastering Challenging Situations Workshop

The ‘A-ha’ moment for me was learning to come to grips with the inherent power of my position in this line of work.  I get uncomfortable with people putting me on a pedestal, but now I understand that my abilities are what set me apart from those I work with.  I truly have something to offer and that is what sets me apart.”  (L.M. Orange, California)  5 Stars

As always, I love and appreciate Anne’s level of professionalism.  Her depth of knowledge and wisdom always comes through in her classes.  I enjoy that she’s blended her experience as a psychologist and weaves it into the metaphysical realm.  Loved this class!!  So helpful.” (K.R. Carson, California)  5 Stars

A very comprehensive course that serves as a basic foundation for metaphysical practitioners.”  (A.P. Orange, California)  5 Stars


Mastering Challenging Situations Workshop Inquiry Form

If you are interested in taking this class, please fill out this form. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours to let you know if there is still room available in this course and explain how to get preregistered.


Registration Information for the Mastering Challenging Situations Workshop

DATE:  The next date is currently being selected. To provide input regarding the date of this and other IMPART classes, please be sure to join Anne’s Online Community.  In the meantime, please check Anne’s Calendar regularly.

TIME:  Noon-7:00 p.m.

PREREQUISITE None! (Beginning, intermediate, & advanced students are welcome!)


  • $140 if paid in full
  • Optional Payment Plans**
    • 2 payments of $75
    • 3 payments of $55

**Payment plans include an administration fee

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  • You may select the dates on which the payments are to be made.
  • Registration in the class is not confirmed until you have provided either (a) post-dated checks or (b) credit card authorization.
  • It is expected that all payments will be made before the class date.

REGISTRATION:  Preregistration is required for this course! To preregister, contact us at or call (714) 599-0017.

LOCATION:  Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center, 540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite 108, Santa Ana, CA



  1. Although everyone is encouraged to attend, this course is REQUIRED for all IMPART Certification students
  2. For more information about Anne’s classes, see FAQ’s About Classes & Workshops and Anne’s Calendar.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.