Life Scripts, Karma, and the Law of Attraction

Instructor:  Anne Reith, Ph.D.


Learn how life scripts, the Law of Karma, and the Law of Attraction actually work together in perfect harmony.

Anne has found that many people, including herself, have tried using the Law of Attraction (LOA) but have given up using it because it didn’t bring them what they wanted, at least not on a consistent basis.

After teaching about the LOA since 2004, Anne has learned a thing or two about this powerful and yet often frustrating Law.  She has learned how to make it work in her own life, and she wants to help you benefit from its use.

For many years, Anne struggled to make the LOA work for herself until she found a way to integrate the LOA with the concepts of life scripts and the Law of Karma.  Once that happened, other pieces of the puzzle began falling into place.  For example, did you know that our only job is to define WHAT we want and WHY we want it?  After we do that, it is up to “the fairies of the Universe” to determine the HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO.

However, the magic ingredient that draws WHAT we want into our lives isn’t our hard work.  It’s our emotions.  They are the magnet.  Granted, we can’t sit on the couch all the time and eat bon-bons.  We DO have to watch for signs from the Universe indicating our next step.  But it’s unlikely we will miss the signs.  Those Universal fairies usually make it pretty obvious if we use our emotions to guide our way.

This 2.5 hour class is designed to help you learn how to make the LOA work for you in often miraculous ways.  And perhaps most importantly, Anne will help you understand why the LOA doesn’t work all the time.  By learning this later piece of the puzzle, it will help you not give up on this powerful tool in manifesting what you want in your life.


Who Would Benefit from Attending This Law of Attraction Workshop?

  • Have you studied the Law of Attraction but are frustrated because it hasn’t helped improve some areas of your life?
  • Are you intrigued with the Law of Attraction and movies like The Secret but you aren’t sure what they really mean or how they can help you?
  • Have you studied the Law of Attraction and enjoyed many aspects of it, yet felt conflicted with the teaching that you are responsible for 100% of everything that comes in your life?
  • Do you wonder how life scripts and the Law of Karma interact with the Law of Attraction?
  • Do you want to learn how to improve your career situation, finances, relationships, emotional state . . . your life?


Objectives for the Law of Attraction Class

During this class, Anne will:

  • Explain the basic tenants of many different teachers of the Law of Attraction, including Abraham-Hicks, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, David Hawkins, Cheryl Richardson, and many others
  • Present her belief that the Law of Attraction is best understood when the Law of Karma and our life scripts are taken into consideration
  • Explain the valuable role that emotions play in the manifestation process
  • Address many of the challenges that are often encountered in applying these principles in day-to-day life
  • Teach you numerous easy-to-use manifestation tools that that you can begin using immediately to attract more of what you want into your life
  • Time permitting, Anne will provide a guided meditation designed to enhance your ability to manifest what you want


Registration Information for Law of Attraction Class

DATE The next date is currently being selected. Please be sure to join Anne’s Online Community in order to receive updates on this course. 

TIME:  7:00-9:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) (Click here for time zone converter)

PREREQUISITE:  None! (Beginning, intermediate, & advanced students are welcome!)

REGISTRATION:  Preregistration is required.  Contact us at or (714) 599-0017.

TUITION:  $30  (PayPal, credit card, or 1 previously purchased IMPART Voucher. Click here for details about IMPART Vouchers. No rollovers or refunds are offered for this class.)

  • SPECIAL DEAL: Tuition includes a FREE handout called 53 Law of Attraction Techniques. (Normally a $10 value.)

ZOOM: Preregistered students will be sent login information and the handout on the morning of the class.




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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.