What is muscle testing (also known as applied kinesiology)?

Muscle testing (also known as “applied kinesiology”) is now being used within many alternative medicine fields to diagnose and determine a course of treatment.  It is believed that these techniques can provide feedback on the functional status of the body, as well as provide insights into mental and emotional states. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why use muscle testing […]

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets & The Rainbow Bridge

My sweet Yoda I write this post today with great sadness in my heart because I had to say a final goodbye to my sweet cat, Yoda.  Yoda came into my life over 16 years ago when I mentioned to a vet my readiness to adopt a cat.  He said they had one that would […]

Antidepressants (or anti-anxiety) medications and your psychic connection

I am often asked if taking prescription medications to treat depression (or anxiety) would interfere with psychic work or mediumship.  It is an understandable question given the large number of people taking prescription medications. Unfortunately, there are many (often divergent) opinions about this topic.  There are those in the metaphysical field who believe that taking […]