Channeled Message-What Lightworkers need to know about Japan’s disaster and the conflict in Libya

Many of us who are Lightworkers can feel the energy of those impacted by the events in Japan and those impacted by recent events in Libya.  The losses have been devastating, and the fear of those both inside and outside the borders of Japan and Libya are very real.

Many of us have received emails and read blogs suggesting things we can all do to help those in Japan, some of which include:

  • Individual prayers & sending healing energy (e.g., Reiki)
  • Group meditations and prayer vigils
  • Imagining the nuclear reactors filled with cool water
  • Imagining the nuclear reactors bathed in icy blue light

In one of my Development Circles that occurred this week, a rather large number of us received suggestions from Spirit regarding how we Lightworkers can all help those going through difficult times.  After the Circle, Spirit continued to provide me with information that they asked me to share.  These suggestions can apply to what is happening in Japan or Libya, but they can also be applied to any situation in which we encounter an individual or group that is struggling.

Spirit began by explaining that we Lightworkers often feel “pulled” to help.  This pull comes either directly from those in need (e.g., requests for help) or simply through our compassionate desire to help.  Spirit then explained that many of us believe that in order to truly help, we need to join the person or group in their emotional state.  We feel “pulled” to join them in their fear, anger, despair, sadness, etc.

Spirit explained that this is a misperception.  They said that the best way that we Lightworkers can help anyone who is in pain is through maintaining our current vibrational space.  They urged us to not be pulled “down” into the chaos, pain, anguish, etc.  In order to truly help, they emphasized that we must maintain our higher vibrational state and thereby serve as an “anchor” or “beacon” for those in turmoil.

How do we do this?  Spirit made several suggestions:

  • Look for the lesson. Remember that with every event that occurs to an individual or to a group, there is a spiritual reason for it.  The greatest lessons often come from the most challenging events that we encounter during our lifetimes on Earth.  We may not understand what the lessons are as the events are occurring, but the lessons will become apparent in retrospect.
  • Remain as detached as possible. We are all human, and sometimes this goal is hard to achieve.  But do your best to observe what is happening rather than becoming entangled in it.  And if you do become entangled, then get back to your centered space as quickly as possible.
  • Provide compassionate support. It feels good to help!  A few ways you can help include saying kind words, taking compassionate action, smiling with a sincere heart, volunteering, making donations, and sending energy, prayers, and healing energy (e.g., Reiki).
  • Work with the Law of Attraction. If you focus on what you want to see happen, then the chances increase that you draw into your life what you are envisioning (e.g., a peaceful world).  One very simple tool that will quickly shift your point of focus comes from Abraham-Hicks:  (a) Identify your worries, fears, and concerns.  (b) Ask yourself, “What do I want?”
  • Limit your contact with the media. Although we should stay informed, the media’s sensationalism can be both addictive and deceptive.  In order to stay in a positive place and in order to effectively work with the Law of Attraction, stay informed but limit your exposure to written and broadcast media.
  • Maintain your connection to Spirit. Spirit emphasized that this is THE most important recommendation they can make to us, but recognize that this can be difficult in the face of unsettling events.  How do you do this?  They recommend two things:  (1) maintain a daily spiritual practice (e.g., prayer, meditation, reading uplifting material) and (2) spend time with like-minded others (e.g., attending lectures or classes).

I wish to send my personal blessings of love and compassion to all those who have been impacted directly or indirectly by the events occurring now.  I have complete faith that we are all learning what we need to learn and that all will be well!!!!