NEW MOON IN LIBRA-Changes can come by choice or by chance–which do you prefer?! (October 4, 2013)

Astrology New Moon Full MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 5:34 p.m. on Friday, October 4.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 12° of Libra.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 12° of Libra in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings and are optimal times to set new intentions in the areas associated with the sign in which the New Moon occurs.  This time, the New Moon is in the sign of Libra, which is a cardinal air sign.  Key words for Libra are balance, diplomacy, cooperation, harmony, and patience.

Libra’s energy is about finding balance between two seemingly opposite qualities, with the goal of reconciliation.  As a cardinal (action) air (mental) sign, we will be thinking a lot about these issues around the time of the New Moon.  But the New Moon in Libra isn’t just about thought; it’s about relationships.  Sometimes referred to as the “Relationship New Moon,” the Libra New Moon means that our focus is being drawn to where we need to create more peace and equilibrium in our lives, particularly in our relationships.  This is a good time to talk with partners (of all kinds) about your mutual goals and how you can create win-win situations through balance and compromise.

With any New Moon, the location of the sign’s ruler is important.  Venus is the ruler of Libra, and Venus is currently transiting through the sign of Scorpio.  Venus in Scorpio means that many of our relationships will have an intense and/or passionate quality to them.  Because Scorpio is a water sign, this is an emotional placement for already emotional Venus.  Our relationships are very important to us now, and we feel almost driven to explore the depths of connectedness.  However, we can also be feeling vulnerable about giving up our power to others, which can lead to a rollercoaster ride of (a) a desire for closeness and (b) a need to pull away due to our fear of losing control.

But this New Moon in Libra is also a precursor to a 6 to 8 week period of intense energy that will very likely involve making many changes in our lives.  If we look ahead, the Aries Full Moon on Friday, October 18, is a Lunar Eclipse.  Then the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday, November 3, is a Solar Eclipse, and it coincides with the 4th of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto (spanning 2012-2015).  For those sensitive to energy, you are probably already feeling the upcoming energy.  Eclipses are powerful times, but to coincide with the 4th of seven exact squares between change-or-be-changed Uranus and transformational Pluto . . . WOW!  And many astrologers (including this one) feel that when there are a series of aspects between two planets, the first ones involve preparation for the change, the center one is the time when change is usually at its height, and the latter ones involve finishing up the change (or being given “one last chance” to change).  Being that this upcoming square between Uranus and Pluto is the 4th of seven means that this is when we as individuals and as individuals within society truly are very likely to feel the urge to take action on the changes that have been percolating during the first three squares.

For many of us, this New Moon in Libra is likely to be a trigger for these powerful changes.  Why?  Because the New Moon (i.e., the Moon & Sun) closely opposes (180°) Uranus and squares (90°) Pluto.  It also widely squares (90°) Jupiter.  This forms a cardinal grand cross (2 oppositions and 4 squares between each end of the 2 oppositions).  The best way to navigate through a grand cross configuration is to think of it like a mobile over a baby’s crib:  All 4 ends need to be in balance or the mobile goes cattywhompus.  The 4 ends include:  (1) Uranus in Aries spurs us to be courageous and innovative; (2) Pluto in Capricorn summons us to be truthful and responsible in the use of our power; (3) Jupiter in Cancer spurs our understanding and respect for the feminine, feelings, and family; and (4) the Sun and Moon in Libra puts the spotlight on finding balance in all of our relationships.  All 4 must be given attention and energy during this time.

Even though we may have a rebellious streak right now, the New Moon in Libra is asking for us to use our rebellious nature to find new ways to create more balance in our lives and in our relationships of all kinds.  Whenever Uranus is involved, it is often wiser to initiate action rather than resist it.  We may feel a need to make critical decisions, and this may actually involve ending partnerships or changing relationship patterns.  Significant change appears to be inevitable now, and innovative ideas and personal breakthroughs are definitely possible.  If an interpersonal crisis occurs, do your very best to reframe it as a sign that imbalances are present that need radical readjustments.

And if all of this wasn’t impetus enough for change, just a few hours after the peak of the New Moon, there is an inconjunct (150°) between Saturn and Uranus.  Inconjuncts require adjustment.  And given Uranus is once again involved, it is best to make changes by choice rather than by chance.  Given this occurs within hours of the New Moon in Libra, relationships may be shaken by surprises.  However, we may also have doors open to new relationships and/or possibilities within our existing relationships.  We may be required to act both responsibly (Saturn) and boldly (Uranus).  Being “on the edge” is rarely comfortable, but it’s a dynamic place from which great adventures can begin.  We are being asked to face our fears, think outside the box, and perhaps even take an empty-handed leap into the void (and to trust that Spirit has a net there ready to catch us).  During this time, we are being urged to learn how to shift gracefully between being in control and feeling out of control.

A perceptive sextile (60°) between Mercury and Pluto on Sunday, October 6, will provide us with greater insight and psychological understanding than usual.  We can look beyond the surface to see what is going on in the depths of a situation or even our psyches.  Decision-making will be more strategic now, and you may have conversations that are revealing and possibly even healing.

On Monday, October 7, Venus moves into optimistic Sagittarius, where it will remain until November 6.  Sagittarius is a fire sign, so Venus in Sag can have its intense moments.  However, unlike when it was moving through intimate Scorpio, Venus in Sag is more concerned about universal love.  We may want to explore new types of relationships and expand our social network.  Given the influence of Sag, there is a chance that we can get lost in a haze of unfounded hope; however, Venus in Sag is also concerned with the love of truth, which will likely steer our ship back toward the shores of reality.

Then on Tuesday, October 8, Mercury conjoins (0°) Saturn.  Our thoughts and words take on a serious, realistic, pragmatic tone now, and our ability to concentrate and focus is greatly enhanced.  For those who think, plan, and speak carefully, this can be a very helpful influence.  We may be able to resolve difficult issues due to our persistence and willingness to face the facts.  Those who write, speak, or do research for a living may see a new project start now.  Regardless, we will all want to see tangible results from our efforts around this time.

A square (90°) between Venus and Neptune on Wednesday, October 9, may cause us to be unsure or unclear about what we desire.  Be careful now because you may see what you want to see in your relationships.  Neptune can make things a bit “foggy,” so it’s best to avoid making any commitments or large purchases.

Just when it may feel like the astrological winds of change are calming down, starting on Friday, October 11 and continuing through Saturday, October 12, another cardinal grand cross is formed with the Sun squares (90°) Jupiter and Pluto and opposes (180°) Uranus.  As was discussed above, grand crosses require learning how to balance all of the energies involved, but this grand cross is also ramping up the pressure as we approach the exact square between Uranus and Pluto on November 1.  The lower expression of this grand cross could result in inflated egos or cause emotional implosion or explosion.  The higher expression is increased ambition and the energy to tackle tough tasks.  As with all astrological events, it is up to us to use our free will to choose how we want to express the energies involved.

Right before the Aries Full Moon on October 18, Mars moves into earthy Virgo on Tuesday, October 15, where it will remain until December 8.  Our actions will become very practical and pragmatic.  This will likely be a very productive, busy time.  Some will feel a need to serve others, while others will feel a need to take action to make changes in their immediate work environment or health regimes.  The risk with this placement is taking on too much and burning out, so be a little careful.  Take time to take care of your body, particularly if you find you are feeling nervous or over-stimulated.

Overall, this New Moon in Libra is asking us to explore how we can bring more balance into our lives and more love into our world.  We are also being challenged to start seeing things differently when it comes to our relationship to the responsible use of power in our lives and in our societies.  During the next few weeks, it is likely we will see many changes in our lives, both locally and globally.  But as with all astrological events, this too shall pass.  The question now is whether you will be using this energy to make changes that set you further on your spiritual path or set you back.  As stated by Mahatma Gandhi, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.”


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New Moon at 12° of Libra

  • Friday, October 4, 2013, 5:34 p.m. PDT
  • Friday, October 4, 2013, 8:34 p.m. EST
  • Saturday, October 5, 2013, 12:34 a.m. GMT


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