NEW MOON IN CANCER-How to effectively use the rare water grand trine of 2013! (July 8, 2013)

In the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 12:15 a.m. on Monday, July 8.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 17° of Cancer.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 17° of Cancer in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most affected by this New Moon’s presence. 

Cancer is the sign most associated with feminine, maternal energy, which archetypically is associated with nourishment and protection.  When not used productively, Cancer’s energy can cause us to retreat into feeling overly protective or isolated.  This can result in overeating, overspending, and/or overworking.  When used in more productive ways, we are also being urged to expand our definitions of “family.”  We are being encouraged to remember that we are all children of the universe and that we belong to the family of humankind.  The energy of Cancer reminds us that everything in the material world is sacred, including our physical body and the Earth on which we live.  

As the first water sign, Cancer represents the development and monitoring of our emotions.  Feelings provide essential feedback.  If we listen to them, our “emotional guidance system” will help us sort out the “right” path from the “wrong” path.  If we ignore this precious feedback system, we often will miss out on vital information.    

At the time of this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition (180°) to Pluto and squaring (90°) Uranus, which forms an astrological configuration called a t-square (right triangle).  We may find that the Cancer New Moon increases our need for security.  However, the influence of Pluto and Uranus indicates that true security comes from breaking bad habits, letting go of old patterns, and diving more deeply into a new vision of the future. 

Additionally, the Sun and Moon are also conjunct (0°) retrograde Mercury and trine (120°) to the North Node and sextile (60°) the South Node.  These alignments provide several possible opportunities.  We may feel a need to withdraw on the day of the New Moon for deep and productive inner contemplation.  Or we may find that we can gain support from others, perhaps even someone from the past.  Or we could also find that initiating new projects is easier now, as long as we use the wisdom gained from past experience and use our feelings/intuition to guide the way.  However, the success of any plan started now depends on our strong emotional connection to it. 

Within one hour of the New Moon, Saturn ends its retrograde period and turns direct in Scorpio.  Whenever a planet switches direction, it appears to move very slowly and then hover around a specific degree for a few days or even a few weeks.  This time period is often a transitional period when we shift gears, but it also intensifies the energy of the planet involved.  Saturn symbolizes responsibility, leadership, and boundaries.  It is about setting healthy limits and defining our own authority.  With Saturn moving direct, we will slowly begin to feel ready to take steps forward based on whatever we have learned since it went retrograde on February 18.  Saturn in Scorpio urges us to look below the surface to identify root causes.  By doing so, we can make lasting changes, especially in our intimate relationships and shared finances.  And as it turns direct, Saturn will help us begin to make order out of any recent chaos. 

Then the day after the New Moon (Tuesday, July 9), an exact conjunction (0°) between the Sun and retrograde Mercury may produce deep insights into our needs and motivations.  Rethinking issues about identity and personal authority can provide fresh perspectives and facilitate clearer communication. 

Then on Saturday, July 13, Mars moves into the sign of Cancer.  Mars in Cancer is more concerned with guarding the home front than advancing into new territory.  There is also a tendency for anger to be turned inward during this 6-week stay in Cancer, and this may outwardly be expressed as grumpiness or crabbiness.  On a more positive note, Mars in Cancer can help us break ground, plant seeds for new projects, and nourish their growth with tenderness.  While Mars is in Cancer, our actions are best guided by our intuitive “knowingness” rather than rational logic.  Our personal desires and feelings will also play a paramount importance in our decisions. 

But the big event of this time period is a rare and powerful water grand trine.  Although it won’t be exact until July 17-19, we will be feeling its impact for the 2 weeks before and the 2 weeks after.  Grand trines are formed when three planets are equally distant from each other in the sky (trines = 120°), which forms an equilateral triangle.  Grand trine represents opportunities to accept and blend different energies with little effort and resistance.  They support our growth in wonderful ways!

The planets involved in this grand trine are Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces.  These are all water signs, and a water grand trine will increase our creativity, perceptiveness, intuition, and empathy.  There is always a chance for the lower expression of a planet or sign’s energy, and in this case the shadow side could be self-indulgence, inertia, or escapism.  But usually a grand trine’s energy is easy to express in a positive way.  This time, a blend of watery energy is creating a delicious soup that is spiritually rich. 

This water grand trine is occurring in the mid-point of the seven ongoing squares between Uranus and Pluto during 2012-2015.  On a personal and global level, it provides us with an oasis of wisdom and emotional awareness that reduces the friction of this intense period in human history.  It provides all of us with stability and cohesion in the midst of global change.  Jupiter brings expansion, broadens perspectives, and increases our access to wisdom.  Neptune brings dreams, intuition, and healing.  And Saturn provides the structure we need to see the steps and tools required to turn our dreams into reality.  This is a good time to take a step back from all the minor issues of our lives.  A time to see the forest and not the trees.  You can do this by periodically sitting in meditation, seeking solitude in nature, or quietly contemplating the meaning of your life. 

On Wednesday, July 17, Uranus begins its annual 5-month retrograde period.  Although the water grand trine occurring around the beginning of Uranus’s retrograde period will likely delay its impact, we may see a gradual slowing down of any innovations.  At this time, change will occur from the inside out.  We may have some powerful “a-ha” moments when we confront our own personal roadblocks.  We need to contemplate what “freedom” means for each of us and what might need to be “fixed” in our lives in order to get the freedom we desire.  External changes may not happen until Uranus goes direct again in mid-December, but it’s important now to do the inner work required to support those eventual shifts in our lives.  And just a side note:  For some people, the strange uniqueness of this outer planet may feel like it recedes into the background when moving in retrograde.  If this is true for you, then more realistic visions of the future may begin to appear.

Overall, this New Moon in Cancer is reminding all of us that we are here to grow as spiritual beings and that each of us has something unique to offer to the human “family.”  Take time now to reflect on your relationships . . . with family, friends, and the world.  Make a conscious decision to utilize the opportunities offered by this rare water grand trine that will be influencing us for the next month.  For example, allow the beneficial presence of Saturn to provide structure and stability to the expansion (Jupiter) of your dreams (Neptune).  And around the time of the next Full Moon (Monday, July 22), Mars will join this water grand trine and kick-start the energy in magical ways (we’ll talk about that in the next Moon Update!).  During this time, remember:  “If you want to know the truth on any subject, look to your feelings” (Neal Donald Walsch).


  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event. 


  • New Moon at 17° of Cancer
  • Monday, July 8, 2013, 12:15 a.m. PDT
  • Monday, July 8, 2013, 3:15 a.m. EST
  • Monday, July 8, 2013, 7:15 p.m. GMT


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