NEW MOON IN CANCER-Emotions, patience, and flowing with the changes (July 18, 2012)

This month’s New Moon, which is at its peak on Wednesday, July 18 (PST), finds both the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 27° of Cancer.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 27° of Cancer in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most affected by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons represent a time of new beginnings and new emotional starts in the sign (and house) involved.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the Moon is comfortable in its home sign of Cancer.  This makes the Moon’s energy easy to express, including both the lower and higher aspects.  The lower expression of Cancer’s energy includes being overly emotional (even moody), overly protective, dependent, and even fearful.  The higher expression of Cancer’s energy is nurturing, sympathetic, family-oriented, and intuitive.  New Moons in Cancer are an excellent time to focus on and nurture your family, in whatever way you define your family.  And this can include nurturing your inner child!

Cancer is a water sign, and all water signs have to do with emotions.  Therefore, our emotional reactions during a New Moon in Cancer may grow stronger.  More and more, people are recognizing the importance of emotions.  When recognized for what they truly are, our feelings are like our spiritual GPS system.  When we are feeling good, then we can be reassured that we are on track.  When we aren’t feeling good, this is Spirit’s way of saying we are headed in the wrong direction and need to “course correct.”  The New Moon in Cancer provides us with the support we need to start using our spiritual GPS system more effectively.

And given the repeated presence of Mars (the Warrior planet) at the time of this New Moon (see below), those “course corrections” may be doubly important in order to avoid emotional blowups and confrontations.  Various astrological aspects to Mars make this a time when things could get out of control (and especially the emotions associated with the Cancer New Moon).  Yet, it is important to remember that these aspects can also be very useful in that they support purging any energy from our lives that is holding us back from the next part of our journey during this lifetime.

Other important aspects at the time of this New Moon create support for us in doing that purging and doing it in responsible ways.  For example, many of us may find that we are guided to develop a clearer sense of purpose, discipline, and the commitment needed to deal with any external blocks that we encounter now.  We also are being provided with the tools we need to break through any internal resistance that we may be feeling about moving forward.

This New Moon in Cancer is occurring in the shadow of a very strong astrological configuration involving Mars, Uranus, and Pluto.  Mars is now exactly opposite (180°) Uranus, and both of these planets are squaring (90°) Pluto.  This forms a powerful T-Square configuration (i.e., a right triangle), and the planets involved are demanding change in our lives and in our societies.  The energy of this T-Square will be hard to avoid.  Many over the last week or so have experienced an increase in our level of stress.  Even though it’s been busy, for many it has also been a very productive time.  Those who will have the hardest time dealing with this configuration are those who resist the changes required.  The key is to recognize what needs to be changed and then take steps, no matter how small, to bring on that change.

With Mars in opposition (180°) to Uranus, this is fueling our desire for personal freedom.  The only risk is that this opposition can bring out a desire for domination.  However, Saturn in Libra is squaring (90°) both the Sun and the Moon in Cancer.  This will very likely counter the possibility of the lower expression of the Mars-Uranus opposition (i.e., domination) by bringing in the desire for the responsible use of power through non-violence and cooperation.  However, during this time it will be important for all of us to consciously make the choice to be mindful of every thought, word, and action.  Think carefully before making any major pronouncements.  We all need to remember that what we say or do can either wound or heal, and our goal should be to serve as an instrument of healing in all that we do.

Luckily, Mars in peace-loving Libra means that we will all feel an inherent desire for balance, fairness, peace, and partnership.  Saturn in Libra makes us aware of the wisdom and strength that comes from achieving balance in all things.  The presence of Saturn in Libra at the time of this New Moon also reminds us that the seeds of new ideas that are planted now need to be watered with objective thinking.

In the days before this New Moon in Cancer, two planets went retrograde:

  • On Thursday, July 12, Uranus began its backward motion.  This is a very slow moving planet, so it will be 5 months before we regain our forward motion (December 13).  When moving direct, Uranus’s rebellious energy is often focused outward; but when moving in retrograde, we begin to seek freedom from our own internal, psychological limits.  Consequently, the next 5 months provide a good time period to engage in activities that explore your inner psyche and that support making changes in existing psychological structures that are blocking your progress.  It’s also best to use this time to consolidate any recent changes you’ve made and re-examine and re-work any recent brilliant ideas that you’ve had so they will be stronger when direct motion resumes later this year.
  • Then on Saturday, July 14, Mercury began its second retrograde phase of 2012.  During the next three weeks, it’s a good idea to double-check all our facts and even triple-check them if they involve important documents or decisions.  But this is also a good time to focus on any “re” words . . . revising, reconsidering, revamping, recalculating, etc.  And it is an excellent time to finish tasks (rather than start new ones).  Because Mercury is retrograde in Leo, this may also be a time when we re-examine our self image to see how we need to integrate past, present, and future images of ourselves.  Other Leo areas that may need to be re-examined include how we view ourselves in regard to leadership and creative endeavors.

But there is good news ahead!  The weekend of July 21 & 22 looks to be a fun time!  On Saturday, July 21, there is a sextile (60°) between Jupiter and Uranus.  This should cause our lives to bubble with brightness and could ignite original perspectives.  A good key phrase for this day is “enthusiastic innovations”!  Then on Sunday, July 22, the Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo, which will bring a sense of playfulness and spur creative self-expression.  This will amplify all those visionary ideas from yesterday.  Any risk of the lower expression of Leo’s energy (e.g., over-optimism, inflated self-importance) is tempered on Sunday by a sweet sextile (60°) between Mercury and Mars.

In sum, this New Moon in Cancer is an incredibly busy time astrologically.  The emotional emphasis around the time of the New Moon should be used to help us learn how to better use our emotions to guide us toward what we want to move toward and what we need to move away from.  The many other astrological aspects present at this time urge us to look inward for the obstacles to our progress and then make necessary changes in responsible ways with the goals of collaboration and balance in all things.  And finally, as with all Mercury retrograde periods, be patient with yourself and with others when it comes to how words are used.  Remember, “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish” (John Quincy Adams).


  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


  • New Moon at 27° of Cancer
  • Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 9:25 p.m. PDT
  • Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 12:25 a.m. EST
  • Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 4:25 a.m. GMT


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