NEW MOON IN ARIES – The baby is coming and the doctor is about to tell us to push (April 7, 2016)

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 4:23 a.m. on Thursday, April 7.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 19° of Aries.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 19° of Aries in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

New Moons always are significant, for they represent times when we have an opportunity for new beginnings and new emotional starts in the areas associated with the sign involved.  Due to the power involved in the sign of Aries (cardinal fire sign), the annual New Moon in Aries is often a time of powerful new beginnings.  However, this year it may feel like the Aries New Moon has consumed several cups of espresso.

At the time of the New Moon:

  • The Sun and Moon in Aries are conjunct (0°) Uranus in Aries, the planet of change!  Uranus rules electricity, so this will be an energy-charged New Moon.  Whenever Uranus is activated, change will happen, and it can come the easy way or the hard way.  If we are willing to change, then the adjustments we need to make will flow more easily.  However, if we resist or fear change, then we may experience unexpected surprises that seem to come “out of the blue” and leave us with our heads spinning.  Uranus’s influence will be to get us to a long-overdue breakthrough, but this may involve moving through a breakdown to get there.  Insights are possible now, but the time period right around the New Moon may not be the best time for taking action.
  • The Sun and Moon are squaring (90°) Pluto, the planet of transformation!  Pluto is all about power, and the square indicates that we will be feeling a need to make some changes in how power is being used by us and/or around us.  We may begin to see through illusions that have kept us from clearly seeing where force has been used instead of power, where we are being abused through the misuse of power, or where we have been abdicating our power in order to “keep the peace.”  Although disagreements are more likely now than usual, this is a time when it’s unlikely that we’ll find resolution to any conflicts.  Therefore, any confrontations should be avoided around the time of the New Moon because they may be premature or ill-advised.  Wait until any strong emotions have subsided, which will allow us to use the new information we’ve gained to our strategic advantage as opposed to using it as a weapon that might undermine our long-term needs and desires.
  • Uranus and Pluto, which made seven exact squares (90°) between 2012-2015, are still dancing on the edge of each others auras. While they aren’t as close to each other as they once were, they are both in aspect to the Aries New Moon, which means their square is being re-activated.  Their energies together are often described as revolutionary.  It may add a sense of restlessness and even rebelliousness to this New Moon by bringing into question whether the structures and system in our lives (and in our society) need to be altered to make way for a deeper understanding of oneness and unity.
  • This Aries New Moon is the second of six SuperMoons this year, which is when the Moon is nearest its approach to the Earth. This intensifies its pull on the Earth’s gravitational fields, including tides, tectonic plates, and our psyches.  SuperMoons always amp up the power of the New Moon, and this Aries New Moon is already ultra powerful.

Aries is a courageous sign, which will support us in making any needed changes.  And given that Mars is currently in Sagittarius, the changes that we make should move us toward being more aligned with our true values and what “the truth” is for us.  It is likely that many of us have reached a breaking point in at least one area of our life, and we have been tolerating something that needs to be faced.  But up until now, our fear has kept us from moving forward.  This New Moon in fiery Aries will give us the courage that we need to start taking positive steps forward.  When running away from a monster, we are terrified.  However, often when we stop, turn, and face the monster, we find that the monster will turn and run the other direction or dissolve into thin air.  What we imagine about the monster is often far worse than reality.

The two eclipses that occurred in March asked us to explore our intuitive and spiritual life.  The action being called for now may involve daily activity that supports our new spiritual awareness.  Although it was a very spiritual time, the March eclipses left many of us feeling like we were mired in the mud of the past . . . working through issues that we thought were handled but, in actuality, needed more healing.  If we did this necessary “prep work,” then we are ready for the changes coming in April and May.  And just a reminder that eclipses work in 6-month cycles, so the present changes will very likely be related to something that happening around September of 2015.

Many of us will feel ready for action, but Saturn is forming a wonderful trine (120°) with the Sun and Moon.  Saturn’s positive influence will help us slow down, take several deep breaths, see things more realistically, and support us in not taking any action until we “have all our ducks in a row.”  We will understand that we need to make strategic changes, examine what structures in our life need to be changed, and identify what we need to do to prepare for this change in a responsible and constructive way.  Although all this Aries energy says “Move now!,” Saturn reminds us that we want these changes to be stable and long-lasting, so most of us will intuitively know that preparation is key to success with our projects.

Also during the time of the New Moon, Mars (the ruler of Aries) is conjunct (0°) Saturn.  These two planets both square (90°) Jupiter and Neptune, both of which are in opposition (180°) to each other.  This forms a t-square (right triangle) in the sky above us.  T-squares are like a burr under a horse’s saddle.  It makes us want to do something . . . anything . . . to make the irritation go away.  And this t-square between Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune will be influencing us for several more months.  At the time of the New Moon, Mars is simply activating it further through its conjunct with Saturn.  Overall, the energy of the present t-square can be described as active (Aries), pragmatic (Saturn), visionary (Neptune), and expansive (Jupiter).  We are being asked to move through any confusion or uncertainty to a place of new maturity when it comes to dealing with the realities of life on planet Earth.  For right now, it’s OK to “dream big,” even if we don’t take action on those dreams immediately.

So change is coming and change will require that we move out of our comfort zone.  We are going to need to look into new options or alternative solutions.  To do this, we may have to fight internally with years of training that tells us to behave or think in a certain way.  But as Dr. Phil would ask, “How’s that working for ya?!”  If we listen, our inner guidance will show us the way through the fear to the other side.  It may require a leap of faith, but we can do this!

Right before the New Moon (Tuesday, April 5), Venus leaves the watery sign of Pisces and enters fiery Aries, where it will remain until May 1.  We will begin to feel a desire for something new and different to come into our lives.  We may feel unusually excited about the future and ready for any challenge that leads to what we desire.  The only warning is that Venus in Aries can be impatient and can lack sensitivity regarding what is said or done due to its exuberant nature.  But overall, our desires will feel strong, and we may feel drawn toward activities that could lead to spontaneous adventures.

On Tuesday, April 12, a wonderful trine (120°) between Mars and Venus (both in fire signs) will feel like we are being propelled forward into action.  Venus will supply us with our heart’s desires, and Mars will give us the energy and the courage to go after those desires.  Romance is highlighted, as is an overall desire to enjoy life, seek out comfort or pleasure, and be stimulated in new and exciting ways.  Any activities that involve sensuality would be a great use of our time today.

Thursday, April 14, brings another supportive trine (120°), this time between Mercury and Jupiter in earth signs.  We may feel a renewed sense of optimism and hope.  Overall, we will all want to be cooperative, and we might even receive some interesting information or offers.  This is a good day for anything that involves writing, studying, teaching, or communication of any kind.

Although there will be a strong push (or pull) toward action that will be especially strong during the first part of April, the months of April and May are also months when retrograde planets will take center stage.  I personally enjoy most retrograde periods, and I strongly encourage all of us to veer away from those who portray retrograde phases of any planet as something to be feared.  We always have free will; we can choose to use the energy in a positive or not-so-positive way.  It’s important to remember that retrograde periods are important!  As long as we don’t block the process through fear or resistance, they are a time when we can integrate all the energy and changes that occurred while the planet was moving direct.  In other words, it’s simply a time when our attention turns inward for reflection and review, which will very likely focus on recent changes that have occurred in our external world.  We can “work with” this energy by spending some time every day going inward and tapping into the Divine.  Surprising insights and solutions may come to us when we create the space to decipher what the Universe is trying to tell us.

Jupiter has already been moving in retrograde since January, and Saturn began its annual retrograde phase on March 25.  Additionally, during this next two-week period:

  • On Sunday, April 17, Mars begins moving in retrograde, which only happens every two years and will last until June 29 (10 weeks). With Mars retrograde in Sagittarius, we are being asked to reexamine our personal beliefs and discover ways in which our actions can be more aligned with our values.  This may involve reevaluating actions that we’ve recently taken and reviewing our approach to life in general so it is more constructive.
  • Less than 24 hours later on Monday, April 18, Pluto begins its yearly retrograde period, which will continue for 5 months. Although it’s influence is subtle, we will find that as Pluto moves backwards through Capricorn, we will slowly begin to face what has been holding us back from owning our power.  This may involve recognizing an issue or situation that we need to face in order to move forward.  This is a time of year when many of us explore deep psychological issues that may be supporting feelings of powerlessness or inferiority, and it’s an excellent time of year to engage in any form of counseling/therapy.

NOTE:  Just a head’s up that on Thursday, April 28, Mercury will begin its second of three 3-week long retrograde phases during 2016.  This will mean we have a time period during early May when we have five planets in retrograde.  We will talk more about that in the next Moon Update.

Overall, this New Moon in Aries is providing a sense of urgency and courage to take a major leap of faith in at least one area of our life.  This New Moon is full of enthusiasm and positive energy.  Our challenge is to manage all this energy in a positive and productive way and to watch for any warning signs that we are being pulled into the shadow side of this New Moon, which could include impatience, impulsivity, and/or frustration.  Physical activity could be helpful to vent some of our excess energy.  This next 7-10 days may involve taking actions that support upcoming changes rather than making the actual change.  But change is coming, and many of us have been waiting for this for some time.  Similar to the contractions that a mother experiences before the birth of a baby, we have been preparing for this birth.  When the time comes to push, we have the support of all this Aries energy to push!  We must push for our own survival and for the survival of the baby that is to be born.  In addition to taking external actions, this will also involve pushing through our fears.  We need to remember that at certain times we don’t need to wait until we aren’t afraid.  Sometimes, “Courage is the willingness to act in spite of your fear” (Michael Hyatt).


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New Moon at 19° of Aries

  • Thursday, April 7, 4:23 a.m. PDT
  • Thursday, April 7, 7:23 a.m. EDT
  • Thursday, April 7, 11:23 a.m. GMT

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  • Jordan says:

    A very exciting time! Great to see that these coming days will be such a great time for new beginnings and change. Thanks so much for sharing this insight into what’s to come!

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