NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE IN GEMINI-Learning how to “sit light in the saddle” (June 1, 2011)

This month’s New Moon finds both the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 12° of Gemini.  To further clarify how this New Moon in Gemini will impact you on a personal level, locate 12° of Gemini in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be the most affected by this New Moon’s presence.  Specifically, this will tell you where in your life you are ready to take the blinders off and accept that there are many points of view . . . and where are you ready to see that when we change our mind, our world changes as well.

This New Moon begins a 4-week period in which major changes and crucial developments could occur on a personal, interpersonal, and/or societal level.  This New Moon is the first of 3 eclipses occurring during June and July.  All eclipses provide opportunities for huge shifts in consciousness.  They create breaks in the normal flow of cosmic energy because either the energy of the Moon or Sun is blocked or dimmed by the shadow of the Earth or Moon crossing in front of it.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, but when they occur with an eclipse, the potential for new beginnings is amped up.  And because of the eclipse, any new beginning will extend out for as much as 6 months rather than just the approximately 29 days until the next New Moon on July 1.

This week’s partial Solar Eclipse occurs in Gemini.  The Moon represents our inner life, feelings, and the past.  The Moon will pass in front of the Sun, which could delay plans and suppress Gemini’s typical desire for massive amounts of communication.  But this is not necessarily a bad thing.  This temporary dimming in the light will help us to look inward to explore what is important to us.  We will also find that we function more effectively when we concentrate on one issue at a time.

The Solar Eclipse occurring in Gemini sets the stage for new growth by shaking up old thought patterns and belief systems.  It’s a good time to do research, collect information, talk with people, and network.  It’s also a good time to clear out the clutter in your life, which will give you room and energy to take on the new projects that were initiated during the New Moon in Taurus last month.  Just keep in mind that the Solar Eclipse does mean that some of the “light” that would enable us to see things clearly will be blocked; therefore, we may have some missteps and false starts before we find the right road for advancing our interests.

At the time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, we will receive help through a harmonious trine (120°) between Saturn in Libra and this eclipse.  Saturn provides a stabilizing force that will help us navigate through choppy waters by discerning which activities and attitudes are essential and which need to be thrown overboard.  Saturn in Libra is also calling us to shift to a position of co-creation with all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Additionally, during the next few weeks, 4 planets will be changing direction, and several planets will be changing signs.  All of this could produce some substantial “changes in direction” within your life and in the “life” of society.

  • On Thursday, June 2, Mercury leaves the sign of Taurus and enters Gemini.  Mercury’s return to its airy home sign typically introduces new perspective and flexible thinking.
  • However, Mercury will only be in Gemini for two weeks.  It is the longer lasting and yet more subtle influence of Neptune beginning its annual 5-month retrograde phase on Thursday, June 2, that has a more far-reaching influence.  Neptune’s retrograde period will help all of us further dissolve any constructs that prevent us from recognizing our interconnectedness with all of creation.  You may also become more intuitive and receptive to possibilities and potentials than when Neptune is direct.  Listen to your “inner voice” during this time, but also work on grounding yourself regularly so you don’t experience psychic overload (e.g., drink water, go out in nature).  Also, don’t be afraid (the lower expression of Neptune) to explore your dreams deeply during this time.  This is a time to work through any fears and illusions so you are not plagued by them during Neptune direct.  To do this, you may need to avoid draining people and seek out the company of like-minded others who can give you support to use your intuition and pursue those dreams.
  • At the time it changes direction, Neptune also quickly will square (90°) Mercury.  This will provide additional fuel of our intuitive flames.  It will inhibit the use of our logical left brains and encourage the use of our intuitive right brains, at least for a few days.  So-called facts may fail to meet the test of reality, and imagination will soar.  Due to other factors present at this time, nerves could be frayed and words could cause wounds if not chosen carefully.  But those who are willing to embrace change might make a breakthrough at this time.
  • On Saturday, June 4, Jupiter moves into the fixed earth sign of Taurus, where it will remain for about one year (June 11, 2012).  It is unlikely you will see the impact of this new sign suddenly.  Instead, we will slowly shift our focus from discovery (Aries) to safety (Taurus).  We will likely be more interested in reducing complexity, eliminating abstractions, and attending to material concerns.  It’s time to ground all those new visions that were created while Jupiter was in Aries.  We will find ourselves making more honest assessments of where we stand economically and how to use all kinds of resources more judiciously.  Unfortunately, bringing ideas down to earth may inhibit us from considering unconventional approaches to new things, and Jupiter in Taurus can become too self-indulgent and even selfish.  But it is likely that many other astronomical happenings during this time will help us all curb this lower expression of Jupiter in earthy Taurus.
  • Then on Wednesday, June 8, Chiron begins its 5-month long retrograde phase.  Chiron is about self-healing.  Its retrograde motion will mean our healing work will involve reflecting, reviewing, and repairing, with the goal of facilitating the release of trauma and indoctrination that has held us in fear and separation.
  • Also on Wednesday, June 8, a sweet sextile (60°) between Jupiter and Neptune widens perspectives, increases faith, and prods us to pursue our dreams.  Inspiration is among its generous gifts, and the resultant boost in hope and enthusiasm could last up to two weeks.
  • On Thursday, June 9, Venus enters Gemini.  Little pleasures and passing conversations can be as satisfying now as deeper connections.  Similarly, bargain items can bring as much joy as costlier items.  For the next 3 weeks or so, you will likely enjoy a lot of different types of people, different types of conversations, and everything from 1-on-1 conversations to large social events.
  • Finally, Saturn has been moving in retrograde since January 25, 2011, but it will turn direct on Sunday, June 12, three days before the next eclipse on June 15.  During this retrograde phase, we have each, in our own way, been identifying how our own authority actually comes from within.  It has helped us explore how to best find a balance between external obligations and internal guidance.  With that new knowledge, we are ready to move forward when Saturn turns direct.  If we have done our inner work properly, we are ready to take on our new responsibilities . . . able to recognize that the buck really does “stop here” when it comes to expressing in the world our sense of purpose and life mission.

Overall, this New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini is going to be “a bumpy ride” for some of us.  With so many planets changing direction and changing signs in the days and weeks following this New Moon and the first of three eclipses, we all need to use the energy of Gemini to “sit light in the saddle,” as my grandmother Marian Reith Brown used to say.  For those who have ever ridden a horse, you know this means that using a light touch on the reins, controlling your movements in the saddle, and resisting the urge to control your horse too much will result in a much more enjoyable ride because you’ll be ready to adapt to whatever comes along.  These changes in your life are needed; they are designed to reveal and unseat old patterns in order to make room for new ones.  Move with them; don’t fight them.  Trust that smoother water is ahead; however, we need to get through these three eclipses in June and July before we can relax into our new ways of being and doing.


  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


  • New Moon at 12° of Gemini
  • Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 2:03 p.m. PDT
  • Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 5:03 p.m. EST
  • Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 9:03 p.m. GMT


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