How to evaluate messages and theories about the COVID-19 pandemic (or any event)



The following blog post includes (a) a channeled message from the Council of 12 (through Anne) and a link to an interview with Sonia Choquette.

The channeled message came through me (Anne) on Friday evening, April 24, 2020, which was toward the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was from my Council of 12, which is a group of angels and guides that support my work as a spiritual teacher.


Channeled Message from the Council of 12


There are so many theories floating around right now about where this COVID-19 pandemic began, why this pandemic is happening, what will happen as a result of this pandemic, etc.  We are not here to provide you with answers.  We are speaking through Anne because we want to give you guidance about how to evaluate these messages. 

Yes, there is Divine Order to what his happening right now on your Earth plane, and there are quite a few reasons for this pandemic.  Rest assured that the reasons will become clear as time passes. 

What we are here to explain is that you do not need us to tell you which messages are accurate and which are not.  Only you will know which messages are meant for you and which are not.  Different people need different messages in order to learn the lessons that they are ready to learn at this point in time. 

Here is a good “Rule of Thumb” that you might consider using when evaluating messages/theories.  This is aligned with many of the teachers of the Law of Attraction and many metaphysical philosophies: 

If a message makes you feel uplifted, empowered, and hopeful, then this is a message that will be helpful to you.  If, on the other hand, a message leaves you feeling uncomfortable, disempowered, angry, or hopeless, then this is very likely a message that isn’t aligned with what you need right now. 

You have a wonderful tool for discerning what is “right” for you and what is not.  It’s your emotions.  How you feel when you hear or think about any topic is God/Source/Spirit’s way of saying “Come this way” or “Don’t go that way.”  Pay attention to your feelings!  They will often show you “the way” that is right FOR YOU. 

We also want to reinforce how important it is right now for all Lightworkers to maintain their vibration at the highest possible level.  This enables you to beam your Light out into the world.  You have all chosen to be here to serve as lighthouses for those who are feeling lost.  Some will be ready to see your Light.  For those, you will serve as a beacon that will help them “find their way to the Light.”  Others are not ready yet, and you can feel secure in letting them go their own path. 

We understand that it takes effort to maintain your Light in the face of what is happening right now.  But this is why you are here at this time in humanity’s history.  This is part of your life purpose.  Use the skills you have learned to maintain your vibration/Light.  Listen to the Divine Guidance being sent to you.  And finally, trust in Divine Order and Divine Timing.  

We leave you with peace and love in our hearts.


Additional Messages from Anne & a Link to an Interview with Sonia Choquette

This message started coming to me after I listened to an interview recommended by a student.  Here’s the link to an interview with Sonia ChoquetteSonia explains the role of Lightworkers beautifully . . . much better than I could!  She summarizes so many of the messages that I’ve been receiving from my guides, and I personally find her messages encouraging and empowering for Lightworkers. 

We at IMPART hope you’ll take a moment to listen.  But as directed above by the Council of 12, if Sonia’s message doesn’t resonate with you, let it go and keep searching for the messages that feel right to you.

A final reminder:  I encourage everyone to remember that “the dark” wants you and those around you to be frightened.  Darkness feeds on the very low vibration of fear.  Also remember that when something frightens you, your vibration will lower, which dims your Light.  The messages from the Council of 12 provide you with the guidance you need:  The messages you need to hear will uplift you.  But do keep in mind that what might be uplifting to you might be scary to others.  Share cautiously and respect the boundaries and beliefs of those around you. 

Keep your Light shining bright!


NOTE:  If you are feeling a need for additional support, here are some additional resources available on my website.  The last bullet point is a link to another channeled message from my Council of 12.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.