Psychic Development Guided Meditation

Learn how to use guided meditation to increase your psychic development

Dr. Anne Reith’s Psychic Development: Guided Meditation is one, if not the most powerful tool you can have in your psychic toolbox!   Many students have touted this tool as the single most effective tool they use on a daily basis that supports them in connecting with Spirit with more ease, flow, and confidence.

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Click below to listen to Dr. Reith discuss different forms of guided meditation.

Dr. Reith’s Psychic Development: Guided Meditation will help you if . . .

  • You are relatively new to psychic development OR you are a long-time student who is looking for support in re-connecting with Spirit
  • You are new to meditation (or have struggled to meditate in the past)
  • You want to be guided through a process that will help you connect with those on the other side so you can receive accurate messages of guidance and support

Whether you are an advanced student or are relatively new to psychic development, this Psychic Development: Guided Meditation is a very effective tool for raising your energy to the level that is necessary to connect with Spirit.  Additionally, students have found that listening to this guided meditation helps them (a) clear their minds, (b) relax their bodies, and (c) open their chakras.

Contents of Psychic Development: Guided Meditation

  • Track #1:  Introduction to Meditation (19:32)
    • Anne explains the different types of meditation, why meditation is important when learning psychic arts, why meditation can be challenging for some people, and how to make meditation work for you.
  • Track #2:  Psychic Development: Guided Meditation (23:47)
    • Anne presents her very popular guided meditation, which she uses in all of her psychic development classes.  Using this meditation on a regular basis has been shown to increase your ability to connect with Spirit and receive accurate messages from those on the other side of the veil.

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.