Guided Meditations for Psychic Development

Why learn how to meditate?Guided Meditation Downloads

Learning how to meditate can be very beneficial when first learning how to connect with Spirit using psychic skills.  Why?  Because in order to “hear” what Spirit has to say, you have to learn how to (a) quiet the chatter going on in your own mind and (b) focus your mind on the often subtle messages that are being given to you by Spirit.  Learning both of these skills takes practice, and meditation will help you accomplish both of these goals.

Are you a “Meditation Drop Out”?

In the introduction to each of her audio recordings, Dr. Reith describes what she calls “meditation drop-outs.”  These are people who have often tried many different forms of meditation but have never been particularly successful.  In her audio recordings, Anne will explain, from a Psychologist’s perspective, why this happens.

To solve the problem, Anne encourages “meditation drop-outs” to move away from the “silent sitting” forms of meditation and to use guided meditations instead.  Over and over again, she has seen that this will help her students learn how to meditate, even if they don’t do it every day.  And some of them eventually “graduate” to “silent sitting” techniques.

Using a Guided Meditation Download for Psychic Development

Anne has produced two guided meditation audio recordings that are designed to help you develop your intuitive abilities and deepen your self-understanding.  Click on the link below to learn more about each product:



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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.