FULL MOON IN TAURUS – Use the energy of Taurus to make changes in your life that Scorpio is bringing to your attention (October 27, 2015)

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 5:05 a.m. on Tuesday, October 27. With this Full Moon, the Moon in Taurus will be in opposition (180°) to the Sun in Scorpio. To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 4° of Taurus and 4° of Scorpio in your birth/natal chart. The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

All Full Moons ask us to find balance between the two signs involved. Taurus is all about responsibility, resourcefulness, reliability, patience, loyalty, and dealing with and enjoying what is on the surface of our lives (e.g., sensual pleasures, material possessions). Scorpio is all about intensity, passion, healing, transformation, and digging below the surface to find the answers to our questions. These seemingly opposite qualities, approaches, or areas of our lives are both important now. We need to find a way to address the needs of both signs at this time because each has important lessons to teach us.

Full Moons always ask us to use the extra light available to look into the shadows. And with Scorpio involved, healing is our primary focus, especially those issues that we are not consciously aware of. Scorpio is an intense sign. It pushes us to confront our fears, our addictions, and the shadow sides of our personality. It supports us in releasing what we have outgrown or what is oppressive or unsustainable (e.g., jobs, relationships, lifestyles). Scorpio teaches us that letting go and surrendering aren’t inherently painful. Often it’s holding on that causes suffering. Now is a good time to ask yourself, “What is dead or dying in my life?” and “What is crying to be born?”

The energy of Taurus, if used appropriately, will help us make the changes in our life that Scorpio is bringing to our attention. The spiritual task of Taurus is to develop one’s core values and live in alignment with them. This includes issues of self-worth and our attitudes toward money, security, and enjoyment. The presence of down-to-earth Taurean energy will help us to “take care of business,” while still remembering the importance of “coming up for air” when doing the deep, transformational work indicated by powerful Scorpio.

Always remember, though, that the shadow doesn’t just include our less desirable qualities. Our unconscious is a place where we hide any part of us that we want to deny or repress, including our power, our truth, and our Light. To identify what might be requiring our attention behind those closed doors, we can ask, “What is blocking me from moving forward right now?”, “Am I afraid of my own power?”, “Do I need to deal with issues around trust?”, or “Am I addicted to a person, place, or thing?” The door may appear to be locked, but the key that opens that door is awareness. As soon as we acknowledge and put light into the shadows, the healing begins.

This Full Moon is the third of three SuperMoons in a row, which is a rarity because SuperMoons usually only occur in twos. These back-to-back events over the past 4 weeks have placed unusually strong gravitational and electromagnetic pulls on the surface of the Earth, which includes our bodies and psyches. Although SuperMoons are times when there often is increased emotional volatility, they are also times when we have opportunities for larger than usual shifts in consciousness. By the time this third SuperMoon passes, some of us may not even recognize who we have become!

At the time of this Full Moon, Venus is in a close opposition (180°) to Chiron. If we have been struggling to love and value ourselves, Chiron’s influence could help us see that the solution is to recognize that we are all Divine beings of light and that only we can judge our own actions and choices. It is important now to recognize that we don’t need to prove anything to anyone else, and we don’t need to justify our desires or dreams. This opposition helps us understand that happiness comes from discovering who we are and not from pleasing others or trying to be perfect. The Moon is also sextile (60°) Neptune right now, which means we can use our spirituality to help us discover healthy sources of happiness.

For those reading this a few days in advance of the Full Moon, Sunday, October 25, has two very opposite energies competing for our attention. First, a joy-filled conjunction (0°) between Venus and Jupiter urges us to be of service to others, and, although our hearts are in the right place, we do need to be careful not to give more than we have. Second, an opposition (180°) between Mercury and Uranus later in the day could dim the light on our joy. We may feel stressed, anxious, or even argumentative. The most positive use of this energy is to think outside the box and allow intuitive insights to flow.

On Sunday, November 1, Mercury moves out of diplomatic Libra and into intense Scorpio, where it will remain until November 21. Conversations can be intense and probing for the next three weeks, but this energy can also help us clear up misunderstandings through increased perceptiveness. We are more willing than usual to look inside our psyches to see what is hidden there. At this time, we can easily access our unconscious motives, but our thinking can be so focused that it becomes obsessive. Our psychic or mediumship abilities can be enhanced at this time, but only if we are willing to face obstacles limiting their growth.

The next day (Monday, November 2), Venus and Mars will be conjunct (0°) in Virgo. Issues of love and attraction will be on our minds. And because they are both in Virgo, appreciation or acts of service can open the way to love and even passion. We want to cooperate, and Venus will help soften all contacts with others.

Tuesday, November 3, sees an opposition (180°) between Jupiter and Chiron, and this aspect will be influencing us for the next 2 weeks. We may feel like our faith has been challenged recently, or we could be feeling unable to access joy or optimism. We need to be conscious of any tendency to project our pain onto others in the form of judgments. But if we can acknowledge our wounds and balance that with optimism, then we can learn from our pain and move forward. Healing always comes from finding the “lesson” or personal meaning that is embedded in our suffering. A combination of practical skill development and soul healing will often lead to wholeness.

A sweet sextile (60°) between the Sun and Pluto on Thursday, November 5, helps us ground some of the wild and wired energy that has been swirling around us recently. We feel ready, willing, and able to manifest our deepest desires. We may be asked to assume a powerful role right now, and we have the drive to accomplish great things today. This is a good time to do research and handle financial situations (e.g., taxes, accounting, insurance). Some people even begin a new business under this transit.

On Friday, November 6, Mercury will trine (120°) Neptune, which may cause many to feel inclined to help those around us. It can also soften our defenses so we can have genuine conversations. Humility and compassion are emphasized, and we may be able to think of ways to creatively relieve our own suffering or the pain of others. This is a good day to engage in meditation, visualization, and prayer, any of which could produce powerful shifts in consciousness.

Then on Sunday, November 8, Venus leaves critical Virgo and returns to its home sign of Libra. It will remain in Libra until December 6. We desire equilibrium, harmony, and peace right now in all that we do, but especially within our relationships. Libra is an air sign, so there may be a feeling of cool detachment when dealing with others; however, we are also very willing to negotiate and compromise. The downside of Venus’s travels through Libra is that we may want to gloss over any problems, become codependent, and/or avoid unpleasantness of any kind. Being idealistic is okay, as long as we temper it with adequate amounts of realism. And if an issue is important to us, we need to remember to not give in to someone else just to keep the peace.

Overall, this Full Moon in Taurus is asking us to examine our motives to make sure that we are coming from a place of love and not fear. We are being called to look deeply into the shadows to see what needs to be transformed so we can live a happier, fuller life. The Sun just moved into the sign of Scorpio a few days before the Full Moon, so we’ll be influenced by the power, perceptiveness, and healing energy of Scorpio for several more weeks. By facing our fears, we can see huge leaps in our growth. But at the time of the Full Moon, we also have the grounding influence of Taurus, which can help us find solutions to concerns that involve possessions, money, and basic survival. The Taurus/Scorpio axis involves “what is mine” versus “what is ours,” but the sextile to Neptune can help us relax our ownership issues and see that there is more than enough to go around. So remember, “When you choose to see the events of your life as learning experiences, you automatically transform painful moments into enlightened ones” (Debbie Ford).


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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 4° of Taurus

  • Tuesday, October 27, 5:05 a.m. PDT
  • Tuesday, October 27, 8:05 a.m. EDT
  • Tuesday, October 27, 12:05 p.m. GMT

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