Full Moon in Libra-Focusing Our Attention on Relationships (April 17-18, 2011)

This Full Moon finds the Sun in Aries in opposition (180º) to the Moon in Libra.  If you have your Natal/Birth chart, then locate 27º44’ of Aries and 27º44’of Libra.  The issues associated with the houses involved will provide you with insights into how this Full Moon will impact you personally.

With the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries, we are being asked to find a balance between self (Aries) and other (Libra).  This axis pushes relationship issues (of all kinds) into the foreground.  We will be asked to find a balance between the contrasting needs of self-interest and independence (Aries) and partnering, compromise, and accommodating others (Libra).  We are being shown where we need to restore balance between the masculine (Aries) and the feminine (Libra). And as with any Full Moon, solutions are found in finding balance between these two extremes.

The Libra Moon means that we will feel sociable, and we will feel drawn to seek harmony over the weekend.  However, this balance will be tested by a series of tense aspects to the Libra Moon (i.e., Moon opposition Uranus, Moon square Pluto).  We may find that hurt feelings are more common than usual, and we may discover that our assumptions about others could be inaccurate.  The upside of these aspects is that we may find that when we include others in our plans, we receive the support and encouragement we need from previously recognized helpful alliances.  And for those with the courage to speak up, they may find that the truth, when shared with those we love in a healthy way, can set us free.

This Full Moon is the 3rd of three SuperMoons that occur in a row.  This is when the Moon makes its closest approach to Earth (perigee) and the Moon is in line with the Sun and Earth (syzygy).  This generates stronger than usual tugs on the Earth’s oceans, tectonic plates, and energy grids of all kinds, including your own personal energy system and emotions.

The SuperMoon adds emphasis and importance to the issues associated with the Full Moon.  A Full Moon is always about finding balance between two diametrically opposed issues, but various aspects and planetary movements will make this a time when even more of us than usual  feel pulled in two directions at once:

  • On Monday, April 18, the day after the Full Moon, Mars forms an exact opposition (180º) to Saturn.  Mars, in its impatient home sign of Aries, is not comfortable with compromise and prefers short-term over long-term strategies.  Yet, Saturn in Libra reminds us that there is often a price to be paid for selfish or impulsive behavior or words.  This powerful opposition can be useful if we can proceed with caution and a clear sense of where we are going.  If anger rises, it’s best to take the time to identify the real source of the frustration instead of blaming others for our feelings.
  • On Tuesday, April 19, Mars will be conjunct (0º) Mercury, which can inflame our words with passion.  This is a great aspect if you are a motivational speaker, but it can be problematic if you are seeking compromise and peace.  Do your best to listen more than speak, and be as patient as possible if people are pushing ahead of you in line or cutting you off in traffic.  The best way to take advantage of this aspect without causing conflict is to focus on thinking quickly but acting slowly.
  • On Wednesday, April 20, many of us may truly feel like we are being given mixed messages by the cosmos.  The Sun enters the fixed Earth sign of Taurus, which will shift the gears of change into low gear.  Many of us will feel an effortless sense of well-being.  And at this time, kindness and creativity are being supplemented by an aspect that provides faith and imagination (i.e., Sun sextile Neptune).  But hours later, Taurus’s ruling planet, Venus, moves into spontaneous, action-loving Aries.  We are seemingly being told to speed up the process of pursuing pleasure.  We may feel insecure in our relationships and have doubt about our self-worth.  But the upside of Venus in Aries is that we will feel pushed to make new connections and seek out innovative forms of fun.  New experiences and relationships may be especially alluring, but the consciousness of the sensual Taurus Sun indicates that these new things are best taken in slowly, to maximize pleasure and profitability.
  • On Friday, April 22, Venus will conjunct (0º) Uranus, sparking urges for autonomy, novelty, and innovation.  This can upset alliances and social plans, but it also invites romantic escapades and offers a revival of existing love for those who are willing to enjoy amour in new and different ways.

And finally . . . drum roll please . . . we may all hear a collective sigh of relief on Saturday, April 23, when Mercury stops its backward motion and begins moving direct once again.  For many, this has been a doozy of a retrograde period, with the first week or so (March 30-April 9) being the most intense.  It will take a few weeks for the Messenger Planet to get back up to full speed, but most of us will feel a freeing up of communication, and we may find that the information we need to move forward suddenly becomes available.  Additionally, those inexplicable snags in our travel plans and/or with our technology may suddenly become less prominent.

This Full Moon focuses our attention on our relationships and asks us to redefine how we express our masculine and feminine sides.  We will each need to find a balance between our need for individualism and togetherness.  Various aspects will be competing for attention during this time, but the best rule of thumb is to think quickly and act slowly.  And yes, you may certainly want to celebrate when Mercury turns direction on April 23, which will help us work out any relationship issues that were stirred up during the days around the Full Moon (i.e., April 17-18).  And within those relationships remember, “Two halves do not make a whole when it comes to a healthy relationship: it takes two wholes” (Patricia Fry).

REMINDER:  New Moons & Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


This is a Full Moon at 27º44′ of Libra
Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 7:45 p.m. PDT
Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 10:45 p.m. EST
Monday, April 18, 2011 at 2:45 a.m. GMT

Information taken from:

  • Anne’s interpretations
  • The Mountain Astrologer (magazine)