FULL MOON IN GEMINI – Fasten your seatbelts . . . it’s (probably) going to be a bumpy ride! (December 17, 2013)

Astrology New Moon Full MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone (PST), the Moon will be full at 1:28 a.m. on Tuesday, December 17.  With this Full Moon, the Sun in Sagittarius will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Gemini.  To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 26° of Sagittarius and 26° of Gemini in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

A Full Moon means that we need to find an effective balance between the needs and qualities of the two signs involved.  Gemini represents communication, flexibility, optimism, and learning.  Sagittarius represents being straightforward, generous, enthusiastic, adventurous, ethical, and fun.  In some ways these two signs complement each other.  However, they can get a little carried away at times with their exuberance, so it will be important to maintain balance in all areas of our lives at this time.

For example, all Full Moons always project light into the shadows or the “lower expression” of the signs involved.  The shadow side of Gemini is indecisiveness, a lack of empathy, impatience, or being too talkative.  The shadow side of Sagittarius can be overindulgence, arrogance, and being pushy or blunt.  At this time, we need to be impeccable with ourselves and others – no fudging, no white lies, no delusions or dogmatism.  However, we also need to find a balance between this goal and maintaining the light-hearted nature of both Gemini and Sag.

We may find our interest is drawn to a project involving writing, speaking or editing.  Or we may feel inspired to work on our website, blog, or social media project.  Due to the influence of Sagittarius, we may be interested in getting our written or spoken words (Gemini) out to an international audience (Sagittarius).  Another way in which this Full Moon in Gemini can manifest is in the form of debating concepts and ideas.  It is helpful to recognize that many valuable points of view can co-exist.  At this time, it is important to remember that sometimes open minds are worth more than open mouths.

However, this is not your typical Full Moon in Gemini.  It marks the beginning of a month-long period of major astrological events.  First, on the day of the Full Moon (Tuesday, December 17), Uranus ends its annual 5-month retrograde period and begins to move direct again. Whenever a planet changes direction, its energy intensifies.  While Uranus was moving in retrograde, many of us were thinking about what we wanted to change in our lives.  As it begins to move forward again, many of us will now feel ready to start implementing these changes.  Due to other astrological influences, it is likely that we will see radical changes in our lives in the weeks and months ahead.  Uranus represents the flexibility and freedom required to allow something new to emerge.  But with Uranus in Aries, we are being provided with an extra dose of courage, initiative, independence, and resourcefulness.  We need to be brave and think differently.  As with all Uranus energy, problems only occur when we resist inevitable change.  It is time to change or be changed.

The second major astrological event that begins with the Full Moon is complex.  A very powerful astrological configuration is forming.  It is called a grand cross (also known as a grand square), and it will peak around the time of the New Moon on January 1, 2014.  We will feel it for about a month.  All grand crosses involve:

  • At least 4 planets
  • 2 oppositions (180°)
  • 4 squares (90°)

So how will this impact us?  We have frequently discussed the ongoing series of squares (90°) between Uranus and Pluto (2012-2015).  Whenever a another planet joins a powerful aspect, we feel it!  Since August, the planet Jupiter has become involved in this Uranus-Pluto square by being in opposition (180°) to Pluto and squaring Uranus (90°).  And now Mars will join in this astrological configuration and create a grand cross by being in opposition (180°) to Uranus and squaring (90°) both Pluto and Jupiter.  To make it simple, just think of these 4 planets forming a perfect square in the sky above us, and Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are located in each corner of that square.  WHEW!

In general, when talking about how to navigate the demands of a grand cross, I always like to use the analogy of a mobile . . . you know, that device we hang over a baby’s crib?  A grand cross is like a mobile with 4 objects that are dangling at the ends of the two sticks.  If those objects are in perfect balance, the mobile can move in perfect harmony.  However, if one of the objects is too heavy or doesn’t weigh enough, then the mobile goes cattywhampus.

That’s what a grand cross is like.  Our goal is to find balance between 4 seemingly dissimilar energies and areas of our lives.  Oppositions (180°) always require balance and integration.  However, what makes a grand cross so important and so challenging are the 4 squares (90°).  Squares represent turning points.  So in order to find the balance required by the oppositions, we will need to change.  And sometimes that change will require the breakdown of longstanding patterns.  That type of change is often not easy!  This grand cross involves the following areas of our lives:  self-identity and independence (Aries), relationships and diplomacy (Libra), home life and security needs (Cancer), and work and responsibilities (Capricorn).  Additionally, all four of these astrological signs are cardinal signs, which means they represent new beginnings and the energy to take action on those new phases of development.

The bottom line is that change is in the air in a big way beginning in the middle of December and moving through the middle of January.  Overall, many of us will be feeling an internal pressure to make major internal and external changes.  We may feel scattered and drained due to the demands inherent in addressing so many differing needs.  And keep mind that this is not just influencing you; its impacting all of those around you, too.  Change will be happening on personal, relational, and societal levels.  Fasten your seatbelts . . .

What will help now?  Remember to do what you can to be the eye in the middle of the hurricane.  This would be a good time to work hard on staying centered and focused, which may be helped through meditation and time in nature.  And don’t forget to reach out to like-minded, supportive others.  Again, the influence of this grand cross is just beginning now.  It will intensify as we approach the New Moon on January 1, and it will continue to influence us through mid-January.  Don’t take this one lightly!  We all need to learn how to be adaptable and flexible during these transformational times . . . both in our personal lives and in our society around us.

If that wasn’t enough, the solstice occurs on Saturday, December 21, just four days after the Gemini Full Moon.  Solstices are seen by many as a major day of change.  The Capricorn solstice is when the Sun leaves fun-loving, light-hearted Sag and moves into the heavier, more responsible, hard-working energy of Capricorn.  Some will feel like this energy shift will drain you of your passion.  However, it will help us through this period of change, and it is an important step on our path.  The Sun in Capricorn brings patience, planning, and hard work.  It also provides us with the discipline to put big plans into motion and “stay the course” when the going gets tough.  It will bring the commitment we need to make our Sagittarian dreams come true.

On the same day (Saturday, December 21), Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn, which adds weight to the serious feeling of the Capricorn solstice.  All retrograde periods provide opportunities to deal with unfinished business and realign with our soul’s intentions in the areas associated with the planet.  Venus retrograde is asking us to re-evaluate, reconcile, or redefine our desires, values, and objectives in our relationships, work, finances, and in life.  Good questions to ask yourself between now and when Venus begins moving direct again on January 31:  What do you love?  What do you need?  What’s missing in your life?  What is truly worthy of your time, energy, and resources?  Are you making a living or making a life?

On Tuesday, December 24, Mercury joins the Sun in Capricorn.  For the next few weeks, we will move from focusing on principle (Sagittarius) to pragmatism (Capricorn).  This will help us ground recent ideas in reality and provide us with the mental discipline to discern between viable concepts and unrealistic ones.  A sweet sextile (60°) between the Sun and Neptune that same day will luckily provide a softer energy of forgiveness, spirituality, and compassion.

But hold onto your hats . . . on Wednesday, December 25, an opposition (180°) between potentially aggressive Mars and rebellious Uranus could lead to fireworks at social gatherings.  This is not great timing for those who are celebrating Christmas Day with family and friends!  Each of us will be fighting for freedom, which is often frowned upon at this time of year.  Rifts could result if we are feeling forced to follow others rules.  Tension will be reduced if we can be as flexible as possible and are willing to break with tradition.  If we can do this, exciting discoveries are possible.  However, to be truly honest, given all the intense energy going on right now (e.g., see above about Uranus direct and the grand cross), a breakdown (or two) may be required before a breakthrough is reached.  It will help if you can keep in mind that this is a time of profound transformation in humanity’s history and in our own personal spiritual journey.  We can either help each other through this or we can go it alone, which may lead to feeling alienated and lonely.  The road is much easier traveled with supportive friends.

During the last few days of 2013, we will experience a series of aspects that could feel a bit like a mental and social whirlwind:

  • On Saturday, December 28, a conjunction (0°) between the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn generally helps us think more clearly, be honest with ourselves, and be more self-aware.  This is excellent for maturely addressing any upsetting emotional issues.
  • However, the very next day (Sunday, December 29), both the Sun and Mercury square (90°) Uranus, which will lead to some thinking that may seem downright weird!  Bizarre thoughts or impulsive words could shake up relationships, but these could actually lead to new possibilities or totally new perspectives that can resolve old issues.
  • Then on Monday, December 30, a square (90°) between Mars and Pluto will amplify the intellectual intensity of these waning days of 2013.  This square is potent, passionate, and intense.  Power struggles are more likely than usual today, but they can be resolved if we can focus on key items instead of being sidetracked by people who require more energy than they give back.  Eliminating inefficient activities makes it possible to master the toughest tasks.
  • While providing us with laser-like perceptiveness, the next day (Tuesday, December 31) Mercury will conjoin (0°) Pluto and then square (90°) Mars.  This could lead to negative thinking or frustration over details, but we will also be mentally perceptive.  Our conversations will focus on “deep” issues today.  It’s important to remember that when we identify a flaw, we should focus on fixing it.

This Full Moon in Gemini marks a very powerful time in humanity’s history.  We are being asked to be open to often major changes that will usher in new levels of consciousness and awareness, both individually and as a whole.  To resist these changes will be difficult.  Learning how to adapt and move fluidly through the changes will provide greater ease.  As stated by John Lily, “Our only security is our ability to change.”


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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


  • Full Moon at 26° of Gemini
  • Tuesday, November 17, 2013, at 1:28 a.m. PST
  • Tuesday, November 17, 2013, at 4:28 a.m. EST
  • Tuesday, November 17, 2013, at 9:28 a.m. GMT