FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN – Always do your best to reframe challenging events as re-routing opportunities (July 19, 2016)

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 3:56 p.m. on Tuesday, July 19.  With this Full Moon, the Sun in Cancer will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Capricorn.  To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 28° of Cancer and 28° of Capricorn in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

Compared to New Moons, there is more light available during a Full Moons.  The spotlight often is directed toward identifying how much progress we’ve made (or not made) on the intentions set at the time of last New Moon.  With this Full Moon, the Sun in Cancer is in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Capricorn.  As with all oppositions, the challenge is to look for imbalances between the two signs involved and make needed adjustments.  Cancer and Capricorn are very different signs in many ways.  Cancer’s focus is on the home, family, emotions, security, and our private/inner worlds.  Capricorn, on the other hand, is all about our vocation, structure, organization, and our public/outer worlds.

Both of these are important areas of our lives, and they actually are very intertwined and interdependent on each other.  For example, if we don’t have a solid foundation at “home” (however we define that), then we won’t have the energy to give to “the outer world.”  It is our inner development that permits and empowers our external acts.  But it’s also important that we take what we have learned in the public arena and go inward to process and assimilate new information, which make us stronger.  So these two signs work together, but they can become out of balance.  An important question to ask ourselves now is, “Do I need to make changes in order to have a better balance between my private and public worlds?”  An honest assessment could reveal that we may need to pull in and find new avenues for support and/or shore up any security issues so we can feel safe.  On the other end of the continuum, we may need to face that we’ve been hiding our Light from the world.

Luckily, the work involved in this Capricorn Full Moon is supported by a wonderful, free-flowing water grand trine (equilateral triangle) between the Sun, Mars, and Chiron.  We may find it easier than usual to do some inner, emotional healing (Chiron) due to the light provided by the Sun and the courage provided by Mars.  And Mars will give us ample energy to do this.  Luckily, the Moon is also involved through a sweet sextile (60°) to both Mars and Chiron, which will likely help us be more willing to take responsibility for our own issues and our healing process.  Even though we see our weaknesses (Chiron), the involvement of the Sun and Mars will help us feel confident and move forward productively.

At the time of the Full Moon, Mercury and Venus are conjunct (0°) in Leo, and they are trining (120°) Saturn.  This provides a lot of support for thinking through (Mercury) what we most desire (Venus) and then finding realistic and practical ways to get to where we want to go (Saturn).  Saturn’s influence always helps us take responsibility for what needs to happen, and some of us may even notice an increased sense of control over our lives.  It is important, though, to remember to not just use logic to solve problems but to also access our intuition, which is supported by a nice sextile (60°) between the Moon and Neptune.

However, this Full Moon isn’t without some punch!  The Sun and Moon are squaring (90°) Uranus.  Wherever Uranus goes, change follows.  We may experience unexpected events that prompt us to question how we define who we are (Sun) and/or how we relate to our daily life (Moon) . . . or both!  As is true with all Uranus transits, we can do this the easy way (adapting to changing conditions) or the hard way (resisting change).  This could also play out as a felt need to rebel against something, particularly if we recognize that we’ve become dependent on someone or something for our sense of security.  This could lead to some live-changing decisions.

On Friday, July 22, the Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo.  The Sun rules Leo, so this a month when we are often motivated to shine our light into the world in a creative way.  Leo the Lion is loving and appreciative, but he can also roar loudly if he wants attention or feels threatened.  Self-confidence tends to be heightened when the Sun is in Leo, and we may feel filled with vibrant energy.  Leo is at its best when it’s giving love from the heart and not from a need to be recognized.

Mercury forms a trine (120°) to Uranus on Wednesday, July 27.  This could be an electric day, filled with insights and possibly even some “light bulb moments.”  Our minds will be very active, so the only downside of this transit would be if we aren’t able to provide ourselves with any form of mental stimulation.  But for most of us, the day will be fast-paced and may even feel hectic.  Stay as flexible as you can because Uranus’s energy may add a few unexpected twists and turns, but in a positive way.

On Friday, July 29, Uranus begins its annual 5-month retrograde period.  The impact of this slow-moving planet in retrograde will be subtle, especially at first.  However, this is often the time of year when we experience an “awakening” in one or more areas of our lives.  Changes are occurring internally that will be expressed externally once Uranus begins moving direct again in December.  However, for some of us, Uranus retrograde means we feel more rebellious than usual.  We may want to break away from anything that we feel is inhibiting us from expressing our unique essence.  We may also experience an internal restlessness.  Seeking out new ideas will be beneficial, especially if these ideas help us leave behind anything that has been blocking our development.

The same day (Friday, July 29) Mercury will square (90°) Mars.  With Uranus turning retrograde today, we may feel the need for change.  However, I strongly recommend that you wait until tomorrow to tell people about any new or radical ideas you have.  A square between Mercury and Mars is often described as “contentious” and also as a time when our mouths can be used as weapons.  And given that Mercury is in Leo, we may unconsciously want to debate an issue out of a need to show off our knowledge in order to feed our ego.  The felt need to be “right” will be strong and could lead to major conflicts.  As the kids used to say, today is a good day to “take a chill pill.”  Listen more than you speak today and avoid reacting to what you hear.  Tomorrow will bring cooler heads on both sides of any discussion.

Finally, on Saturday, July 30, Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo.  Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so Mercury is a happy camper in this sign.  Normally, Mercury stays in a sign for about 3.5 weeks.  However, the next Mercury retrograde period is coming up (August 30-September 21), and this means that Mercury will remain in Virgo from July 30 through October 8.  This will give us a prolonged period of time to convert all those new discoveries that we made while Mercury was in Leo and figure out how to put them into practical use.  When Mercury is in Virgo, our minds become more discerning, and our thinking is often clearer.  However, there is also the potential to get lost in needless worry over details.  Therefore, it’s important to repeatedly remind ourselves to take a step back and see the big picture, especially if we find our minds obsessing over something.

Overall, this Capricorn Full Moon does seem to be providing a lot of support for going inward for a few days.  Many of us have recently undergone a lot of challenging events, and now is a good time to reflect on what has happened and integrate the meaning of these changes before we move back out in the public arena.  But several aspects and planetary changes over the next two weeks are supporting the possibility of some pretty radical and life-changing moments.  Remain open and receptive to synchronicities, and recognize that sometimes not getting what we think we want will lead us toward something even better.  We can see these events as catastrophes or as re-routing opportunities.  And the inner work supported at the time of this Capricorn Full Moon will help us take the high road toward acceptance, flowing, and change.  As Albert Einstein pointed out, “Outer change always begins with an inner change of attitude.”


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  • The Mountain Astrologer (magazine)
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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 28° of Capricorn

  • Monday, July 19, 3:56 p.m. PDT
  • Monday, July 19, 6:56 p.m. EDT
  • Monday, July 19, 10:56 p.m. GMT

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