FULL MOON IN CANCER and the year 2013 according to astrology, metaphysics, and numerology (December 28, 2012)

This Full Moon on Friday, December 28, finds the Sun in Capricorn in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Cancer.  To further clarify how this Full Moon in Cancer will impact you on a personal level, locate 8° of Capricorn and 8° of Cancer in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most affected by this Full Moon’s presence.

This is a very potent Full Moon, which occurs right after what is now being referred to as “Ascension Day” (December 21, 2012).  And as is true with all New and Full Moons, the influence of this Full Moon will be felt for three days after the actual event, and that means it overlaps with New Year’s Eve and the beginning of 2013.  In this post, I will provide information on the Full Moon in Cancer and the very powerful astrological configurations occurring that are impacting this Full Moon and the days following it.  I will also share some metaphysical and numerological information about the year 2013.  As with the previous Moon Update, I will do my best to summarize a great deal of information, and my apologies to those who know that there is much more to each of these stories!

Full Moon & other astrological influences  

As with all Full Moons, the challenge is finding a balance between two seemingly opposite needs.  Both Cancer and Capricorn are seeking security; however, Cancer seeks safety through the inner world of feelings and close family, and Capricorn seeks security through the external world of duty and accomplishment.  Cancer is subjective, and Capricorn is objective.  To move adeptly between these two signs means to use the bright light and objectivity of the Capricorn Sun to address the unmet emotional needs of the Cancer Moon.  Another way to look at this is that the Cancer Moon provides you with the insights into your needs, and the Capricorn Sun provides the illumination and maturity to see and implement possible solutions.

However, this Full Moon in Cancer is being influenced by several very powerful astrological configurations.  We will focus on just two of these:  (a) a t-square and (b) a grand trine.

  • This Full Moon is part of a t-square (right triangle).  As is true of all Full Moons, the Sun and Moon are in opposition (180°), but this time they are both squaring (90°) the planet Uranus, forming a right triangle in the sky above us.  Additionally, Pluto adds power to this t-square by being conjunct (0°) the Sun.  The presence of Uranus and Pluto, which are going through a series of powerful squares to each other between 2012-2015 adds fuel to this Full Moon.  All t-squares demand attention.  They are saying “change is needed in order to move forward.”  Given this t-square involves the Full Moon, it is likely that the changes needed have to do with the security issues previously described.  The presence of Uranus may bring unexpected surprises, important insights, and even breakthroughs that help us find that balance between Cancer and Capricorn.  However, the presence of Pluto may require us to face some unresolved issues within our self (even some secrets).  We may also need to reclaim our power or change how we utilize our power and/or make fundamental changes in any areas impacted by the Full Moon and t-square.  Overall, this powerful configuration indicates that we are all ready for big changes in our partnerships, in our relationships to power, and even in our beliefs about the world that we live in.
  • Luckily, to help us successfully navigate this change, there is a wonderful grand trine present.  The Moon is trine (120°) Saturn, and the Moon and Saturn are both trining (120°) Neptune, which happens to be conjunct (0°) Chiron.  And given that the Moon is also in opposition (180°) to the Sun at this time, this grand trine is in a kite formation and is connected to the t-square described above.  This is a grand trine in water signs, which means that there is a positive flow of emotional energy connected to this New Moon and t-square.  Although the presence of Neptune usually causes our perception of our emotions to be a bit foggy or unclear, the presence of Saturn will guide our emotional exploration and expression in responsible ways . . . and even heal them due to the presence of Chiron.  This grand trine is providing us with the psychological ballast required to navigate the changes that may be happening in our relationships, our careers, or even the awakening of new levels of consciousness.  This harmonious configuration will help us make the deep changes needed for our growth, but only if we are willing to take advantage of this wonderful energy by doing the deep work indicated by the t-square described above.

Other aspects and planetary movements are adding power to this time in history:

  • On Wednesday, December 26, Saturn forms the first of three exact sextiles (60°) to Pluto.  This aspect was described in more detail in the last Moon Update (New Moon in Sagittarius).  This positive flow of energy will help stabilize the changes being implemented at this time, and it could help us resolve, or at least successfully navigate any rough waters surrounding us.  Overall, we are all being asked for greater accountability, integrity, and willingness to deal with “the real issues” in order to transform long-standing inequities in relationships, finance, and government.
  • On Sunday, December 30, the previously mentioned conjunction (0°) between the Sun and Pluto (see t-square above) becomes exact.  Addition by subtraction is key.  We are being given an opportunity to learn and to grow by letting go.  An “urge to purge” may be present as we close in on the end of 2012.
  • On Monday, December 31, Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn, which will provide pragmatism and intellectual order.  The “urge to purge” that was mentioned above is now being given the organization and productivity to really make it happen!  On this same day, a sextile (60°) between Mars and Uranus will ignite original methods that could lead to active implementation of original methods.  But we will very likely feel a need to act independently as we implement these creative ideas.
  • On Thursday, January 3, Mercury squares (90°) Uranus.  Interruptions, nervous energy, and words that shock people are some of its challenges, but it is a wonderful aspect for creative ideas.
  • The next day (Friday, January 4), we receive assistance in putting these ideas into action when a wonderful, high-powered trine (120°) occurs between Mars and Jupiter.  We will have a lot of energy now.  However, this is a fast-moving aspect, so we need to use the energy while it’s here.

Metaphysical & astrological take on the Ascension Day

Yes, we made it past December 21, 2012, and we are all still here!  But are we the same?  It is believed that humanity has just completed one phase in its evolution, and we are now beginning something new.  Some believe that the energy that came onto the Earth plane from deep within our solar system during the “galactic alignment” has changed us . . . perhaps even changing our DNA so we are to access realms beyond the physical level.  This ability is readily available to those who choose to pursue it, making it easier to download greater truth and new options.  Not everyone is ready (or interested), but those of us who have chosen to “ascend” to this new level of consciousness will help others evolve quickly if/when they are ready.  (For more on the “galactic alignment,” please see my New Moon in Sagittarius update.)

Both metaphysically and astrologically, it is believed that we are moving into a time when we realize that “we are all one,” that love is all there is, and that unity-consciousness is required for our survival as a species.  However, this will likely require more upheaval and chaos as the old “systems” are brought out of the shadows and into the Light.  In addition to the impact on our personal lives, some of the societal areas most often mentioned are financial institutions and political systems, both of which will require more “revamping.”  Always remember to look past the chaos and to see that there is order in the chaos as old structures fall away and new structures emerge.

Finally, this is also believed to be a time when we are accepting our roles as conscious, responsible creators.  The Law of Attraction is alive and well, and we can benefit greatly by understanding that we are, to a large extent, the actors, directors, and screenwriters of our own reality.  Whether we are aware of it or not, our thoughts create much of our reality.  Therefore, it is imperative to monitor your thoughts.  Keep your mind focused on what you want to see, feel, and experience!

NOTE:  For those interested in (a) learning how to better utilize the Law of Attraction and (b) receiving support in keeping your thoughts positive, Mary and I are beginning a new round of Mastering the Law of Attraction Processes classes on Wednesday, January 9.

Numerology on the year 2013

For those interested in numerology, I thought I’d mention that this year is a 6 Universal Year (i.e., 2013 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6).  6 Years are known for being focused on “home and hearth,” and its energy is directed to small, closely-knit groups (e.g., family, friends, community).  It’s the most loving, compassionate, humane, responsible, and affectionate number.

All numbers have positive and not so positive expressions, and 6 Years can result in certain people being overly protective and tending to “meddle” in other people’s affairs under the guise of “caring.”  During 6 Years, it’s important to (a) take your time making decisions and (b) to think before you speak or act.  Patience (which I call “The P Word”) is important this year, and developing this skill will reap benefits.

Last year (a 5 Year) was likely a very active year, filled with surprises and transformations.  This 6 Year, it is important to continue the work and projects that were begun last year, or to implement the ideas that you came up with last year but didn’t get a chance to finish.  Overall, this is a good year to finish things, especially in business or your career, because next year (2014 is a 7 Year) will likely be more of a spiritual, inner-focused year.

NOTE:  Calculating your Personal Year Number can provide interesting insights for utilizing this 6 Year’s energy.  I will be teaching a class on Numerology and teaching you how to calculate your Personal Year Number on Thursday, March 7.


This Full Moon in Cancer and related events provide us with a powerful time for change.  We are being asked to consciously and courageously recreate the future, both personally and as a society.  We need to find healthy ways to manage the transformational processes that are rocking the world.  Retreat is not an option.  The future is coming.  Stripping down our needs to the bare essentials, though, equips us for journeys beyond our routine lives.  This is another opportunity to become creative midwives to a brave new world, rather than victims tossed aside by it.

As said so beautifully by Leslie Temple-Thurston:  “We are on the brink of the divine life.  You are being invited to make yourself ready and jump.  This is a once-in-26,000-years opportunity.  It’s worth pulling out all the stops.  Be very discerning about how you spend your time.  Quiet down everything in your life.  Practice complete integrity, not compromising the truth at all.  Clean out your shadow.  Pray and meditate a lot.  Seek out beauty.  Forgive yourself; forgive others.  There is no situation where you wouldn’t choose love.  Just choose love.  That is what you need to get through the doorway.”

REMINDER:  New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.

Full Moon at 8° of Cancer
Friday, December 28, 2012 at 2:23 a.m. PDT
Friday, December 28, 2012 at 5:23 a.m. EST
Friday, December 28, 2012 at 10:23 a.m. GMT

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