FULL MOON IN ARIES-The most powerful Full Moon of the year! (September 29, 2012)

A Full Moon in Aries means that we are being asked to find balance between two signs with seemingly opposite qualities.  The challenge is not to value one over the other but to find the value in both signs.  The qualities of Aries include individualism, innocence, initiation, and independence.  The qualities of Libra include cooperation, harmony, diplomacy, and social relationships.  The focus of Aries is “Me,” and the focus of Libra is “We.”  Balance comes from recognizing the importance of individual parts that make up the whole; or, in other words, “the whole is greater than the sum of all parts.”

HOWEVER, as many of you have already been feeling, this is definitely not an ordinary Full Moon in Aries.  I have spoken to so many people during the past week who are going through MAJOR shifts in their lives, both externally (e.g., losing jobs, death of loved ones) and internally (e.g., major insights, emotional breakdowns leading to breakthroughs).  This is due to a large number of very powerful astrological aspects and planetary events that have super-charged this Full Moon and the weeks surrounding it in many different ways.

  • This is the most powerful Full Moon of the year because it is connected to the ongoing square (90°) between Uranus (the planet of change revolution) and Pluto (the planet of transformation and deep healing).  As with any Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition (180°) to each other.  But the Moon is also conjunct Uranus, and both the Sun and Moon are squaring (90°) Pluto.  This forms a very powerful astrological configuration called a T-Square (with very tight orbs).  And all of these planets are in cardinal signs, which heralds in new beginnings and new energy.  Overall, the wheels of change are turning, and this change can be revolutionary.  This energy is so great that it can topple governments, shake up corporations, and be the catalyst for major personal transformations.  On the one hand, this energy can evoke insecurities by washing away well-laid plans; but on the other hand, it can be seen as the inspiration for breakthroughs that will shape individual and collective visions of the future.  It is riskier now to stand still than it is to move ahead.  It is important now to make smart decisions regarding the concepts and values that are worth fighting for and which are best left behind.  Adapting to uncertain circumstances and avoiding overreaction will help all of us to ride out these storms in relative safety.  But we also need to understand that we are all going through this together, each in our own way, at our own level of awareness.  The more understanding and supportive we can be toward each other, the easier and faster the transition(s) will occur.
  • On Tuesday, October 2, Venus shifts into pragmatic Virgo where it will remain until the end of October.  To put it mildly, Venus doesn’t feel very comfortable in Virgo.  Why?  Because Virgo’s tendency is to analyze everything, and issues of love and desire (Venus) don’t like to be analyzed.  Relationships are likely to be under a microscope for the next 3 weeks or so.  But always remember that all transits through the signs have positive aspects; and with Venus in Virgo, this does help us to apply reason within our relationships.
  • However, any clarity provided by Venus in Virgo may take a few days to manifest because on Wednesday, October 3, Venus is in opposition (180°) to Neptune.  This can blur the boundaries in relationships of all kinds (e.g., relationships with people, money, substances, etc.).  The downside of this influence can be uncertainty if we try to romanticize our relationships or seek solutions from unreliable sources.  But the upside to Neptune’s presence at this time is to soften criticism to allow more compassionate interactions with others.
  • The very next day (Thursday, October 4), Jupiter begins its next 5-month retrograde period, which will last until January 29, 2013.  When Jupiter is moving backwards, our focus moves to inner awareness and inner growth.  It is a good time to look inward and ask yourself where you have not been honest with yourself.  You may think back to a time when you had a clearer perspective or you may connect with old relationships or take a long-overdue trip.  You may also decide to explore or finish a major project that involves learning/education (e.g., degree, certification, license), particularly if the field of study is philosophical or spiritual in nature.  Overall, this is a time when we become more deeply spiritual and/or philosophical.  Above all, it’s important that you do not look outside yourself for answers now; you can gather information from external sources, but look inward for your own truth.
  • On Friday, October 5,several important things happen:
  1. Mercury conjoins (0°) Saturn in the last degree of Libra in the early morning hours.  As we awaken and go through our mornings, we may find that our minds focus on what’s essential, and we may have moments of sudden clarity.  Some people may have regrets for tasks not yet completed, but logical thinking and communication are helpful for putting things in perspective.
  2. Later in the day, Mercury moves into Scorpio, where it will remain until October 30.  Our thoughts and communication will become much more intense now.  We tend to probe, observe, and focus our thoughts on core issues.  We want to uncover what has been hidden, and we take no prisoners in the process of exploring the deepest and darkest corners of our psyches and the psyches of others.  It is important now to remember that not everyone appreciates having their tender underbellies exposed, so proceed with compassion and only share your theories if you are asked.
  3. And then Saturn leaves Libra where it has been hanging out for the last 2.5 years (since October 29, 2009).  It now begins its once-every-29 years-passage through Scorpio, where it will remain until December 23, 2014.  Saturn in Scorpio encourages and supports us to heal old trauma and deal with our shadow side (i.e., that part of us that we reject and feel is unacceptable).  It provides us with an added level of focus and commitment.  For some, this may mean facing the realities of financial issues, relationship problems, or other “big issues” that have been ignored during Saturn’s passage through conflict –aversive Libra.  Although some people may get stuck in negative thinking, a more productive use of this energy is to come up with usable solutions to our problems.  Saturn in Scorpio does have a tendency to suppress emotions, and we all need to avoid crippling ourselves with the long-term effects of denying our feelings.  Taking responsibility for our deepest desires can turn fear into fulfillment.
  • The next day, Saturday, October 6, Mars moves into visionary Sagittarius, where it will remain until November 18.  When Mars moves into the most expansive of the signs (Sag) after being in one of the most restrictive (Scorpio), there is often a felt need to “PAR-TEEEEE!”  As with all transits, there are higher and lower expressions of this energy.  The higher expression is to use the active, energizing energy of Mars to fuel your desires, your dreams, and the exploration of your spiritual values and beliefs.  It is also an excellent time for athletic endeavors and physical activities.  Just don’t overdue because the lower expression of Mars in Sagittarius is too much . . . too much speed when driving, too much expression of emotion, too much spending . . . just too much of anything!  So be prepared to say “No” to your inner child (or inner race car driver) so you can use this extra boost of energy productively.
  • Soon after Mars moves into Sagittarius, Mars squares (90°) Neptune on Sunday, October 7.  We may find that we have an urge to move forward into unfamiliar territory, and that territory may involve spiritual beliefs or philosophies.
  • Then on Wednesday, October 10, we will experience the first of three very beneficial and very important trines (120°) between Saturn and Neptune.  This is a special aspect that will influence us for about a week before and a week after the actual event.  It can support us in creating a bridge between the real and the ideal, so we can manifest our dreams by giving them form and structure.  Faith, imagination, discipline, and duty combine to soften authority with compassion and reveal the concrete steps needed to bring a little piece of heaven down to earth.  These two planets will meet up again on June 11 and July 19, 2013.  But this first meeting may provide us with some sneak into how this combination of material and spiritual energy will manifest on the Earth plane.  The next two meetings in 2013 will help flesh out the dream and bring it into reality.

In sum, the week before and week after this Full Moon is a very powerful time that will be remembered by many for some time to come.  This is the most powerful Full Moon of the year due to its connection with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, the above mentioned astrological aspects (actually too many to include all in this post), and the large number of planets changing signs, including Saturn moving into Scorpio.  Radical changes are to be expected on a personal and societal level.  We must move forward.  There is no turning back and no staying the same.  And the upcoming first of three trines between Saturn and Neptune will support us in creating a new reality that melds the material and spiritual worlds.  How awesome is that?!  And remember, “It all starts with the first step.  Are you willing to change?” (Louise Hay).

REMINDER:  New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.

Full Moon at 8° of Aries
Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 8:20 p.m. PDT
Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 11:20 p.m. EST
Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 3:20 a.m. GMT

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