FULL MOON IN ARIES – Change is likely happening & some comments about the proposed new Zodiac signs (October 15, 2016)

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonA BRIEF NOTE:  Several of you have asked for my “take” on the proposed idea that there are 13 zodiac signs instead of 12.  (Feel free to do a Google search if you wish to see a list of the proposed signs/dates and the proposed meaning of the 13th sign, which is called Ophiuchus.)  To my recollection, the idea of 13 zodiac signs first started circulating in the mid-1990’s, and the idea seems to resurface every few years.  It’s recently been introduced again.  The bottom line is that this is something being proposed by the astronomical community and not the astrological community.  Astrologers are not adopting the proposed change.  For those interested in learning more, one of my readers (Thank you Kristi Mead!) sent me a link to this blog post that I feel explains the astrological community’s view on this subject very well, including quotes from the well-known astrologer Jeff Jawer.  Although the post is dated back in 2011, it is still accurate.  So fear not!  You are still your same sign in the eyes of astrologers!

In the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 9:23 p.m. on Saturday, October 15.  With this Full Moon, the Sun in Libra will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Aries.  To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 24° of Libra and 24° of Aries in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

All Full Moons ask us to find a balance between the qualities of the two signs involved.  In this case, the signs are Aries and Libra.  Aries is about independence, autonomy, enthusiasm, and forging a new path.  Libra, on the other side of the astrological chart, is about interdependence, partnership, peace, and finding ways to get along using diplomacy.  While we need to come to our own conclusions (Aries), we also need to respect the rights of others to their own beliefs and opinions (Libra).

It should be noted that this Full Moon is a SuperMoon, which is when the Moon is nearest its approach to the Earth.  The Moon’s closer-than-normal proximity to the Earth’s surface intensifies its pull on Earth’s gravitational fields, including tides, tectonic plates, and our psyches.  Consequently, SuperMoons always magnify the power of the Full Moon.

During this Full Moon, the Moon is closely conjunct (0°) Uranus, which means Uranus is also in a close opposition (180°) to the Sun.  Uranus is not a planet that can be ignored.  As we’ve spoken about in previous Moon Updates, the message of Uranus is “change or be changed.”  It’s always our choice to work with the energy or choose not to.  Given both the strong influence of Uranus and several other aspects around the time of the Full Moon, we would all be well-advised to choose change this time.  “Resistance is futile,” as said by the Borg on Star Trek.  And why resist?  Even if we aren’t initially happy with what is happening, at a deeper level, we probably know that this change is needed.  In fact, the changes occurring now have likely been “in the works” for some time, and perhaps are even overdue.  So we need to do our best to reframe any sudden changes or surprises as Spirit’s way of guiding us in a new and better direction.  Yes, we may initially feel knocked off our center; but we will soon see the Divine Wisdom in what happened.  New beginnings are very possible, but we do need to remember that compromise may be needed due to the influence of the Libra Sun right now.  And if we used the very supportive energy of the last New Moon in Libra, then we are ready to take actions that will lead us toward reform, greater freedom, and increased independence.  Just be ready to “sit light in the saddle,” which means being prepared for unexpected changes as the horse moves forward on a path that is sometimes only clear to Spirit.

Taking action is strongly indicated by a conjunction (0°) between Mars and Pluto at the time of the Full Moon.  This powerful aspect can be explosive and even argumentative.  However, the more effective use of this energy is to focus on our goals and take indicated steps toward what we want.  It is likely that we are ready to go after something important, and the only warning is to be careful not to be too forceful.  We need to use power responsibly and resist any urge to use force to move toward what we desire.  If we can work collaboratively and gain the cooperation of others, this will help us meet all of our needs.  We also need to be careful not to overdo it or exhaust ourselves through compulsive actions or power struggles.  That would be a waste of the valuable energy provided by this aspect.  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  The influence of this aspect will actually become more powerful through Wednesday, October 19, and then slowly fade during the latter part of next week.  So we need to heed these warnings and use the energy wisely.)

Right around the Full Moon, Mercury in Libra will be in an exact square (90°) to Pluto in Capricorn.  This adds an element of mental gymnastics to the Full Moon.  In order to take appropriate action toward those changes and achieve that forward progress, we may need to adjust our thinking at a very deep level.  Powerful insights are possible, but we need to avoid becoming overly suspicious and/or forcing our ideas on others.  Use the energy of the Sun in Libra to keep an open mind by trying to see and then respecting all sides of a situation.  And we should enjoy any opportunities for deep, passionate communication about subjects that are important to us, because they will be particularly rewarding.

Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on Tuesday, October 18.  Venus will remain in Sag until November 13.  After spending several weeks in intense, passionate Scorpio, the shift to Sagittarius will feel lighter, more buoyant, and even adventuresome, particularly when it comes to romance, finances, and going after anything we desire.  While Venus is in Scorpio, we tend to focus on one person or situation.  Once in Sag, we may be attracted to many different people and/or experiences, all of which are designed by the Universe to expand our values, beliefs, and understanding of the world.  Truth, to the point of bluntness, is one of the hallmarks of Sagittarius; so we need to use some restraint when speaking with others in order for them to hear what we are saying and not react negatively.

On Thursday, October 20, Mercury will oppose (180°) Uranus.  We may feel agitated now, which could be from anxiety or from excitement . . . or perhaps both!  We may find ourselves mentally distracted, which can undermine efforts to communicate effectively.  Misunderstandings and even disagreements are possible, so it’s probably best to avoid any important conversations until the weekend.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Saturday, October 22.  Scorpio can be a dark and mysterious place . . . a place in which we are asked to look for those hidden parts of ourselves that have been repressed or abandoned, with the goal that they be integrated into our life fully (i.e., shadow selves, inner child).  We have a choice though!  We can spend this month hidden away or lost in our inner worlds, or we can use this energy to explore the richness of our psyches and engage in profound healing.  There are several symbols associated with the sign of Scorpio.  The lowest expression is the scorpion hiding below the surface ready to use its stinger to defend itself in a show of power.  The highest expression is the eagle soaring above the world to gain perspective.  There’s also the phoenix that rises from the ashes and emerges stronger than ever.  All aspects of this complex sign could come into play during the next month, and we need to remember it’s our free will choice that determines how we will express Scorpio’s energy when dealing with whatever happens in our lives.

Mercury joins the Sun in Scorpio on Monday, October 24, where it will remain until November 13.  Having both Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio will assist us in mentally exploring the land of our subconscious.  We can go down into the depths (i.e., the scorpion) and then take that information upward (i.e., the eagle), so we can be reborn (i.e., phoenix).  We may be able to see the truth clearly where previous issues were hidden or murky.  We want to understand things deeply, and our ability to focus mentally will increase during this time, sometimes to the point of obsession.

Tuesday, October 25, sees an exact square (90°) between Venus and Neptune.  This can definitely increase the sense of romance in intimate relationships, but it can also mean that love may be an illusion or money can be easily lost.  Reality may be hard to perceive because we tend to see what we hope to see.  If something seems “too good to be true,” it probably is.  Therefore, it is best to not make any major relational or financial decisions during this transit.

The next day (Wednesday, October 26), Venus sextiles (90°) Jupiter.  This is usually a nice aspect, but given any residual influence of the Venus-Neptune square from yesterday, this normally sweet sextile could cause us to see relationship or financial opportunities where none exist.  It may be a good time to investigate options, but wait until the end of this week before making any major decisions.  Instead, use this very nice energy to focus on cooperation with others and activities that increase our health and well-being.  We will likely feel optimistic and hopeful, and being with people we care about us will likely bring great joy.

Finally, Thursday, October 27, is a very astrologically active day:

  • The Sun will be in conjunction (0°) with Mercury. After the murkiness of the last few days, this transit will help us sort out what was reality and what was an illusion.  We will likely feel mentally sharp and able to communicate clearly.  We are able to shine the light of our true selves (Sun) into the world through our communication (Mercury).  Consequently, honest communication is supported; however, we do need to be careful that we don’t identify too strongly with our ideas and our words.
  • Venus will square (90°) the North Node. This can sometimes make it difficult to express our feelings, but it does push us to put into practice what we have recently learned about love and finances.  We may need to move away from what we once desired in order to be aligned with who we are now becoming.
  • A sextile (60°) occurs between Mars and Chiron. As is true with all sextiles, we need to consciously decide to use this energy and not let it simply slip through the cracks of our busy lives.  We might have an opportunity to take action related to healing, and this aspect provides us with the courage we need to do so.  Stronger than usual self-confidence will help us address problem areas in our lives, and we can work alone or with others to achieve what we want.

Overall, this Aries Full Moon is occurring during a month in which we should be focusing on taking responsible action that is based on organization, structure, and systems (Mars in Capricorn).  It’s a good time to create lists and plans.  Around the time of the Full Moon, we may start to take action toward expansion in at least one area of our lives, but it will need to be done in a practical way.  Mars will provide the energy we need, and Uranus will keep things moving and changing.  Adjustments will need to be made, and it will help if we can keep in mind that change is part of a healthy life.  During the last two weeks of October, we are being given a shot of courage that will allow us to be innovative, and Uranus may bring new ideas regarding how we can best achieve our goals.  And in honor of Louise Hay’s 90th birthday, I will include a quote from her about change: “Today I close the door on the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath, step through and start a new chapter in my life.”  May we all enjoy the beginnings of any new chapters!


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  • The Mountain Astrologer (magazine)
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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 24° of Aries

  • Saturday, October 15, 2016, at 9:23 p.m. PDT
  • Sunday, October 16, 2016, at 12:23 a.m. EDT
  • Sunday, October 16, 2016, at 4:23 a.m. GMT

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